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Elven Slaves (エルヤーの奴隷) are a trio of elven women, formerly enslaved to Erya Uzruth within his Worker Group, Tenmu, until his demise when he invaded Nazarick. They now serve the 6th Floor Guardians, Aura and Mare.


The three elves were captured and enslaved by the Slane Theocracy in their youths, having learned support type magics to help whoever would be their master. They were subsequently broken on a mental and spiritual level, then later sold to Erya Uzruth. Under their new master, the elves served as the cruel man's personal harem and also his magical support team in Tenmu.[1]


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Abuse Under Erya

Those elves participated in the joint investigation of the mysterious tomb near Carne Village. Since Erya had to create a rapport with the other workers and encountering Momon, he was on his 'best' behavior. Thus he refrained from bedding with the three elves, so as not to cause a scene. However, after the workers split up, he used the elven ranger as a lure to find traps.

The Elves Free of the Master

The ranger managed to remain unharmed during the journey and reported to Erya about there being noise up ahead. They encountered Hamsuke and the lizardmen. The elves stood at the sidelines providing buffs for their master as he clashed with Hamsuke. However, Erya was clearly at a disadvantage to the monster, to the point both his arms were sliced off. When he ordered them to use healing magic, they stood idly by whilst relishing in his suffering. As he succumbed to dread, it was after Hamsuke beheaded Erya, the elves began kicking the corpse, before collapsing to the ground.[2]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Because they did not willingly trespass into Nazarick, Ainz spared the elves and allowed them to stay with Aura and Mare, hoping that interacting with other elves will help in the duo's mental development. The trio has become absolutely loyal to the two dark elves, even going as far as to dress them. While Aura and Mare find them to be a bit annoying, Ainz ordered them not to kill the former slaves.[3]


Elven Magical Support

Due to their conditioning, the three elves, despite possessing abilities of each a ranger, cleric and druid, were at the mercy of Erya.[4] They were mentally broken after being enslaved and were frequently abused and raped by the human. The elves only possessed the bare minimum of equipment, their clothes were made from the plainest fabrics available, without any defensive capabilities.[5]

Only in the Web Novel, the maid attire that the Elven Slaves are wearing were given by the Head Maid Pestonya and was the same as the clothes the regular Homunculus Maids wore. It was made of first-class clothing, but the defense ability such maid garments compared to the battle maid attire of Pleiades were lacking. It was at best enchanted to be around at the same as a set of mithril full plate mail.


  • In the Web Novel, the three elven slaves from Tenmu had their ears fully restored by Pestonya's magic and they became Aura's personal maids.[6]
  • Note the pink-haired elf is the ranger, the blue-haired elf is the cleric, and the yellow-haired elf is the druid.
  • Since the Elf Country has women fighting on the front lines during the war, these three could be hinted to be POWs captured by the Theocracy.
  • According to the author Maruyama, at some point in the future, he planned to write an unpublished erotic story between Mare and the three elven slaves. The conclusion will end with Ainz weeping from the loss.[7]
  • In Mass for the Dead, like their mainstream counterparts they survive after their master's death. When Erya was hired by Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix to act as an auxiliary to fight Chaos Beasts at E-Rantel, he fell into a hidden trap planted by the emperor to kill the workers and the Chaos Beasts in a pit of acid. The elves managed to escape falling in the pit and watched Erya be dissolved by the acid from the edge.[8]


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