Elf Country (エルフの国) is a nation of the New World that is home to the elves with the Elven Capital seated at the Crescent Lake in the Great Southern Forest neighboring the Slane Theocracy.



The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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During a meeting with the highest ranking officials in the Slane Theocracy, it was revealed that the human-centric nation is currently engaged in a war with the Elf Country. The war has thus prevented the Theocracy from directly engaging with the arising Sorcerer Kingdom. It seems the Council are fighting on the behalf of a certain girl in retribution for her mother's murder.




Military Strength

The Elf Country has a strong enough military to fight off the Slane Theocracy's, which is known to be the strongest human nation in it's part of the New World, for a long time.

Foreign Relations

Slane Theocracy

The two countries were once allied nations and had a mutual co-operative relationship but something went wrong and now they are at war with each other. The Theocracy considers them lower than humans and as such any captives are most often treated poorly and even kept as slaves.

Baharuth Empire

While official relations have not been established, the country does own a large variety of elven slaves so it is presumed that official relations between these two countries is not good.


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