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Elf Country (エルフの国) is a nation of elves in the New World south of the Slane Theocracy. The nation is also currently at war with the said neighboring country.


The Elf Country once had a friendly relationship with the neighboring Slane Theocracy, despite the latters prejudice towards non-humans. That was until the Elf King abducted and raped the woman who was known as the ace of the Theocracy's Black Scripture. Unfortunately for the Elf King, the Theocracy managed to rescue her and took custody of the child he impregnated her with.

Afterwards, the Theocracy began waging a war of retribution against the Elf Country. However, progress is slow as the Elf Country is mostly hard-to-traverse woodland and the war continues to this day. On the other hand, the elves are clearly on the losing side, with many being captured and enslaved.

Most of the population consist of wood elves as well as a very small population of wild elves that mainly live in the meadows. In addition around three hundred years ago, the dark elves relocated to the country from the north.


The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Following the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, the highest authority of the Slane Theocracy, the Supreme Council, wanted to directly engage them. However, they couldn't spend the manpower as their forces were already spread thin due to the war with the Elf Country. After the Supreme Council's meeting, they decided to continue to primarily focus on their war with the Elf Country.[1]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

The Slane Theocracy started to advance deeper into the Elf Country after it committed its Holocaust Scripture to the war. Desperate, the elves pleaded to their king to use his great power and save their nation. However, the king refused to aid his own country, seeing it as a nation of weaklings. He instead intends to directly visit the Slane Theocracy himself after the Elf Country is destroyed.[2]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

After conquering the Re-Estize Kingdom, Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown despaired at the increased workload this would bring. He thus planned to put the Sorcerer Kingdom through a practice drill in case he were to go missing, which was really just an excuse for him to go on a vacation to the Elf Country with Aura and Mare.[3]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc

Main article: The Half Elf God-kin I and The Half Elf God-kin II Arc

The northern part of the Elf Country is revealed to be assailed by the forces of the Slane Theocracy. Though the forest which the country lies in acts as a natural barrier, the Theocracy have slowly carved out a road through the forest to reach the elven capital. The 40,000 strong force of the Theocracy though was stalled due to the interference of a lone archer. Rather than go around the obstacle, the army dispatched the Holocaust Scripture to eliminate the archer. The hit was a success but the team lost one of their members when the Elf King appeared.

Unknown to the elves and human forces, the Sorcerer King entered the country. Having no interest in the fate of the elves, the undead ruler only came to the distant land to locate settlements of dark elves for Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore to make friends with. Along lines Ainz hoped to convince some of the elves to flee the nation and migrate to the Sorcerer Kingdom for the twins' benefit.[4]

After locating the area the dark elf settlements, Aura captured the Ankyloursus Lord and forced it to become her test subject. Later it was used in a operation to ingratiate herself with the villagers of a dark elf village. Once establishing a relationship with the local Council of Elders and Youth Faction, Aura set the stage for her 'family' to come. Ainz Ooal Gown went under the disguise of a dark elf as magic caster wizard named Ain Bell Fior while Mare was introduced as her twin brother. During their stay at the village, Ain confounded the villagers with his etiquette and mannerism resulting in the dark elves from refraining from interacting with him too much as they were not confident of their etiquette skills and unwilling to embarrassing themselves as bumpkins. Ain managed to obtain an apprenticeship with the Chief Pharmacist Mango Gilena, becoming friends with the healer.

Seven days in the village passed and a messenger from the elven capital came to demand reinforcements to aid in repelling the human invaders. Unsure on whether to get involved in an external affair of their kinfolk, as the humans had yet to enslave or attack any dark elves, they turned to Ain to help them make a decision. Ain was able to help them decide by stating that each dark elf village should send a small party to supplement the defense of the capital, whilst those that remained behind were to prepare to evacuate if the humans decided to target the dark elf settlements. Afterwards Ain and his children, depart the village, upon being warned by Gilena that the womenfolk of the village had taken it into their heads to pursue Ain to become his wife.[5]

Ainz and his Floor Guardians returned to the area near the elven capital where they witnessed the army of the Theocracy assaulting the city. The tremendous loss of human life confused Ainz as such casualties could have been avoided with proper defenses and magical support. Unknown to him this was a standard tactic of the Theocracy to harden their forces to acquire ranger job classes, as it was the intent of the Theocracy to not just claim their vengeance against the elves but the city and the forest for themselves in their upcoming war with the Sorcerer Kingdom. With the elves and human busy killing one another, Ainz decided to perform a kill steal by claiming all the elven treasures in the Elven Royal Castle. The trio then entered the castle, where they came face to face with Decem Hougan. A conflict ensued after Decem declared his intent to have Aura and Mare bear children, infuriating the Sorcerer King. The duel ended in Ainz's victory, but Decem managed to flee in the castle where he met his end at the hands of his daughter Antilene Heran Fouche. Antilene then faced against Mare after he found her in the castle, but the Floor Guardian managed to come out victoriously and capture the Black Scripture member. Whilst the elven castle was being surrounded by the Theocracy forces, Ainz decided to retreat for now in order to process the prisoner.[6]


All elves within the New World especially those who live in the Elf Country see any elf with Heterochromia eyes as a sign of royal blood. At least some elves have been known to mate with other humanoids and produce half breeds. Evileye noted that the Elf Royal Family was said to bear the special characteristics of the ancestral elves.[7]

Majority of the elves living in the country are of forest elven descent. There are dark elves living within the country, but are a minority and rarely interact with forest elves. Much information that forest elves have on dark elves is non-existent, but dark elves are nonetheless accepted as kin due to being a distant cousin race.

Even so the population of the elves is not that great and they only have one major city while the rest of the population live in small villages spread around the forest. The population of said villages is usually less than 200 people per village. Due to the hazardous nature of the forest, filled with monsters, habitation on the ground floor is dangerous, thus the elves live an arboreal existence in the treetops.

Through the power of druids, elves created elf trees, homes in the trees that were transformed using magic. Such trees formed elf villages and provided protection against the many threats in the forests. But though they were moderately safe place like a village, it was impossible for a year to pass without any casualties occurring due to monsters.

Travel and communication between villages was still possible. Roads that normally connected villages were instead replaced by ways through the boroughs of the trees.

The economy of the elves within the villages is not coinage based, so they do not value precious metals like gold. Instead its subsistence based, with elves prizing good food and medicinal herbs for rare injuries like poisoning or illnesses that druids have no skill in healing. Currency though was still used in some places such as the capital, though this was due to the past trade relations with the Slane Theocracy. Most elven villages were self-sufficient due to the dangers of the forest.


Rather than any conventional religion, the elves' blindly following of anyone of their race with heterochromia eyes, which is a sign of royalty. There are two great treasures that the elves possess in the nation. One is Behemot the Guardian of the Land which serves as the symbol of the nation. Stealing or destroying it would symbolically be the same as usurping or destroying the country. And lastly the Elf King, which the sovereign arrogantly categorizes himself as.

Not much of their racial beliefs are revealed, though they do have mention of the World of the Divine Tree, which could be related to their myths and legends.

And they also have an indigenous belief in an entity known as Tsungoga.


The Elf Country does not have a proper education system. The only subjects that the elves seem to only focus on is knowledge on monsters and techniques. Though they have neglected subjects such as history. Information within the country, especially on the state of the country seems fragmented and involves mostly hearsay. And it seems that the normal citizens do not even know the reason as to why their nation is at war with the Slane Theocracy or when the conflict began.


There was no name for the country of elves in the great forest of the south as the elves had no need to identify their land as something separate from the rest, so just calling it a country was enough for them. Still the elves followed a hierarchy and were ruled by a powerful king hence the Elf Country was loosely considered a kingdom.

The Elf Country appears to be an absolute monarchy, with the Elven King serving as its sole governing entity. According to hearsay the king has ruled for quite a long time from its single city within the nation. Those with heterochromia were considered blood relatives of the king and royalty.

Military Strength

Due to the natural dangers of the Great Forest of Evasha, the elves of the nation have a higher proportion of people who can fight compared to humans.

The Elf Country has a strong enough military to fight off the Slane Theocracy's, the strongest human nation in its part of the New World, for a long time. However, this is partly because the Theocracy never fully committed it's full forces to the war effort and there is still a distinct difference between the power of the Theocracy and the elf nation. This is proven when the Theocracy's progress greatly sped-up once it began to put more resources into the conflict.

The reason why elves are able to combat Theocracy's superior tactics, resources, troops, and magic items is their guerrilla tactics. To some extent, the Elf Country's military is said to be even more skilled than the Theocracy's Holocaust Scripture in this field.

It has been established that the elves within the country either specialize in druid or ranger job professions due to their lifestyle and the harshness of the environment they live in. Hence any other professions are rare and others non-existent within the population as they are not normally practical to be used in there day to day life or for dealing with the threats that are present within it.

Foreign Relations

The Elf Country is not the official name of the country, nor has it ever been called anything else. According to Albedo, the nation probably had no reason to open diplomatic relations with other races and there were no other countries nearby, aside from the Slane Theocracy. Plus the Great Sea of Trees is so large and dangerous that it is difficult to navigate through to even allow normal relations with their possible closest neighbors outside of it.

Slane Theocracy

The two countries were once allied nations and had a mutual co-operative relationship but something went wrong and now they are at war with each other. Apparently, the Elf King kidnapped one of the Theocracy's Black Scripture members and raped her causing a deep animosity between the two nations. It appears that this knowledge is unknown to the normal elven citizenry. Elves of the country have nothing but contempt for the Theocracy, believing themselves to be victims of a belligerent force. Likewise the Theocracy considers them lower than humans and as such any captives are most often treated poorly and even kept as slaves. However in truth the higher-ups of the Theocracy have nothing against the elves and would gladly allow the elves the chance to escape from the war as their anger is towards their unforgivable king.

Until recently, the Theocracy and the Elf Country have been in a stalemate in the Great Forest of Evasha. However, upon the Theocracy deploying the Holocaust Scripture against them, the Elf Country is now being slowly overwhelmed and are expected to be soon conquered.

Baharuth Empire

While official relations have not been established, the country does own a large variety of elven slaves, so it is presumed that official relations between these two countries is not good.

The truth of the matter is they had no official diplomatic ties or ever established direct communication with each other due to both the large distance from each other and the Elf Country’s remote and isolated location. All elven slaves seem to come directly from those purchased through the Slane Theocracy that were captured as war spoils.

It has not been clearly established how formal relations will follow once the Sorcerer Kingdom establishes official relations with them, however given the Sorcerer Kingdom's policy of uniting all nations under its banner, it is presumed that the slave trade of elves will have to be abolished. For all the elven slaves who were already sold to owners within the empire, whether they either will be freed, have their owners reprimanded, or absolved has yet to be established.

Sorcerer Kingdom

The Elf Country has yet to make contact with the Sorcerer Kingdom. In fact, the Elf King doesn't even seem to be aware of the country's existence. Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown, however, took an interest in the Elf Country and intended to visit it.

Eventually, after conquering the Re-Estize Kingdom, Ainz has decided to personally visit the Elf Country together with his Floor Guardians Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore in order to get them to make friends with their fellow elves. He was aware of the ongoing conflict the country had with the Slane Theocracy, but did not want to interfere as it would incur the Theocracy's antagonism. Instead Ainz hoped to contact the dark elves of the country and quickly evacuate them, so that Aura and Mare could have others of their kind to interact with. Due to the isolationism of the elves, news of the Sorcerer Kingdom and the waves it made has yet to reach the denizens of the country.


  • Many of the citizens are descendants of the Elf King, but none of them possess his level of power.


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