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Elder Black Ooze (エルダー・ブラック・ウーズ) are one of the high-tier heteromorphic races that players were able to pick in YGGDRASIL. It is a race of slime with powerful acidic abilities that rivals the strongest among all slime.


Their appearance resembles a lump of black goo. Its surface, reminiscent of coal tar, is quivered and never maintains a consistent shape even for a second.


With their acidic abilities, they are able to produce powerful acids from their body that can cause fatal results. They also boasted the most powerful corrosive ability of the slime families.[1] For that reason, Elder Black Oozes were dreaded for their ability to degrade weapons and armor.[2]

Known Elder Black Ooze


  • Herohero is the only known Elder Black Ooze introduced in the Overlord series.


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