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Eight Ripples (漣八連) is one of the two adamantite ranked adventurer groups of the Baharuth Empire.


Eight Ripples is an adamantite ranked adventurer group that consists of nine members.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Before Momon and Parpatra Ogrion sparred, Eight Ripples was mentioned in the one of the workers' conversation at Count Femel's courtyard as one of the two adamantite adventurer teams in the Baharuth Empire.[1]


Though their combat abilities are too low to be considered adamantite ranked, members of Eight Ripples are collectively well organized, and their great teamwork allows them to solve quests considered difficult even for Adamantite ranked adventurers. Even so, Hekkeran Termite doubted their qualifications as an adamantite ranked group.[2]

Known Members

  • No members were introduced in any of the volumes that mentioned them.


  • During Ainz's first visit to the Empire, he wanted to make connections with some of the adamantite adventurers in the Empire.
  • Eight Ripples is the only adamantite adventurer group left remaining in the Baharuth Empire.


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