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Eight Greed Kings' Guild Weapon is the tentative name for this Guild Weapon once wielded by one of the Eight Greed Kings. With this guild weapon in their possession, among them was said to be the former master of the guild.


According to Platinum Dragon Lord, it was the kind of weapon built to kill and something that an unnamed Greed King among the eight players used to murder his fellow Dragon Lords with. After the fallout between the Eight Greed Kings which led to their destruction, Platinum Dragon Lord at some point came into possession over this guild weapon. Ever since these players met their demise five centuries ago, in the city of Eryuentiu, the said Dragon Lord has chosen to keep that guild weapon safeguarded. This was done so to prevent the danger of having such dangerous weapon falling into the wrong hands of enemies, refusing to let anyone ever misuse that weapon's power for devious reasons like the Eight Greed Kings did with it.

Only in the Web Novel, Platinum Dragon Lord noted that it was a weapon also used by the person who deserved to be called the Leader of the Thirteen Heroes who was on his journey, two hundred years ago, to defeat the Evil Deities.[1] However, since the Leader of the Thirteen Heroes have died early during the mission, it is very likely that Tsaindorcus Vaision had chosen to retrieve the guild weapon back from him and return it to his base of operation. To this day, the guild weapon hasn't been used in combat for two hundred years. The last time it was used happens during the era of the Thirteen Heroes and Evil Deities.


Eight Greed Kings' Guild Weapon was a blade crafted out of crystal. Platinum Dragon Lord described the guild weapon's appearance as a gorgeous yet gaudy sword visually.


Even though this guild weapon isn't suitable for slashing, it's sharpness surpassed anything created in the New World. In the Web Novel, Platinum Dragon Lord stated that it was the type of guild weapon that symbolizes the Eight Greed Kings, a borrowed item that gave a blessing at a price. Although its capability remains unclear, one of the Eight Greed Kings used the power from this guild weapon to help itself killed off countless True Dragon Lords. According to Tsar, it was the strongest weapon the Eight Greed Kings have ever wielded.[2]


  • In the Web Novel, Platinum Dragon Lord had a habit of forgetting the name of the weapon and calling it "Guilty Weapon" though his friend Rigrit corrects and reminds him that it is a guild weapon.
  • Platinum Dragon Lord described this weapon as an item that is seemingly impossible to craft with modern Tier Magic.[3]
  • Since the guild weapon is a sword, it is highly likely that the guild master of the Eight Greed Kings was a warrior.


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