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Eight Greed Kings (八欲王) were legendary figures in the New World. They appeared five hundred years ago and managed to conquer the world with incredible power before succumbing to infighting.


Tales of the Eight Greed Kings have been exaggerated by folk-tellers, calling them beings who stole the power of God and ruled the world using their absolute strength. They were described as taller than the sky with the likenesses of dragons. The Eight Greed Kings were said to be capable of destroying numerous countries, dominant races, and many species in an instant. As a result, they wiped out most of the powerful races like the Dragon Lords, paving the way for humans to thrive and grow in strength. They were also some of the few besides the Six Great Gods to spread Tier Magic throughout the New World.

It was revealed by the author Maruyama that the Eight Greed Kings were primarily comprised of seven males and one female.[1] According to the author, they made something resembling a harem of some sort. The author also said that such a result ended up turning into the complete annihilation of the Eight Greed Kings.[2]

World Conquest

Five hundred years ago, the Eight Greed Kings suddenly appeared in the New World and sought to conquer it. During their conquest, they met Surshana and successfully slew the player, who, according to the Theocracy teachings, died trying to defend humanity from their reign. Due to their role in killing Surshana, the Eight Greed Kings have since been regarded as great sinners by the Theocracy.[3]

Despite the Theocracy's prejudice towards them, however, the rule of the Eight Greed Kings was surprisingly beneficial for humanity. They treated the humans rather well, while demi-humans and heteromorphs were hunted. Even with an ensuring power struggle that resulted in the weakening of all races, they provided humanity a chance to flourish in the vacuum.


Despite being successful in their quest for world domination, the Greed Kings' greed ended up pitting them against one another and created a division in their group. This eventually resulted in their demise as they perished, one by one. One could say the Eight Greed Kings lived up to the title given by the New World's inhabitants. They were the type who often fought over their own possessions and ultimately perished. In the end, the Eight Greed Kings' rule after conquering the world was rather short-lived.

Present Day

Nowadays, most of the things that the Greed Kings had constructed have been destroyed, leaving only ancient ruins that once made up their civilization. The only city left standing is their floating castle, Eryuentiu, which once served as the capital of the country that they had founded. After their downfall, the Platinum Dragon Lord, Tsaindorcus Vaision took up residence in the former Guild Base to guard their magic items and ensure no one would ever misuse them. However, he did allow members of the Thirteen Heroes to take some of the items to aid them in their battle against the Evil Deities.

In the modern times, it’s been confirmed, as part of their legacy, that the Eight Greed Kings themselves left behind several descendants. This is seen where one of them was stated to have been Decem Hougan’s father, who then founded the Elf Country and continued his father's bloodline through his own children and descendants. Despite their Guild Base and their items falling under the Platinum Dragon Lord’s control, a number of their items were shown to have been passed down to their descendants, as seen where Decem had an entire treasury of his father’s personal items and several of his personal equipment were inherited from him.


 The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

There were three types of magical items that were unimaginably powerful. The first of these types were the ones left behind by the Eight Greed Kings who conquered the New World five centuries ago. The second types were items from the Dragon Lords and the third types originated from the Six Great Gods.[4]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

It was mentioned that species which were physically stronger, with advanced technology, could never take control of the continent, which was all due to the Eight Greed Kings. These groups of species ended up fighting the Eight Greed Kings for dominance by going to war with them and ultimately failed in the process. Humanity was considered one of the few survivors who lived to tell the tale after that war came to an end. If it had not been for the work of the Eight Greed Kings, the human race would have gone extinct.[5]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

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With Albedo present, Ainz identifies different locations on the map and one of them included a city founded by the Eight Greed Kings to the south in the desert. When Albedo suggested making their vassals conduct reconnaissance in that city, Ainz rejected the idea, reasoning that even if the World Item’s user came from there, they should try to get along cordially with the players until they are sure of their fighting power.[6]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Evileye brought up an exaggerated tale concerning the Eight Greed Kings while talking with Climb and Gagaran about the group of players. She talked about an extremely powerful item that ousted the rest they had in their possession and confirmed the existence of 10th tier spells.[7]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Fluder Paradyne identified Eryuentiu to be the capital of the kingdom founded by the Eight Greed Kings and their sole surviving city that remained intact. He recognized that there were city guardians who were equipped with magic items to protect the city. Fluder believed that he would be able to vastly improve his own magical skills if he were able to borrow items from the Eight Greed Kings.[8]

The Platinum Dragon Lord informed his friend Rigrit Bers Caurau that the only ones who have not participated in the war with the Eight Greed Kings five hundred years ago were the Brightness Dragon Lord, the Heavenly Dragon Lord, and the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord. In the end, the Dragon Lord made a request to Rigrit, stating that he wanted her to collect information about magic items that could rival the Eight Greed Kings' Guild Weapons.[9]

Members of Foresight took notice of the Great Tomb of Nazarick's traps with their long-distance teleportation and identified them as 5th tier magic from the past. The information they obtained dated back to when magical techniques were more advanced in the past, particularly during the era of the Eight Greed Kings. The group remembers the brief history they know about the Eight Greed Kings, believing that the Great Tomb of Nazarick could possibly be an ancient relic of that era, five hundred years ago.[10]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

When the cardinals of the Slane Theocracy discussed if Ainz Ooal Gown could be Surshana, they quickly dismissed it thereafter. This is because of their country's oral traditions and it was said the God of Death had been slain by the Eight Greed Kings.[11]

The Half Elf God-Kin Arc

Main article: The Half Elf God-kin Arc

It’s disclosed from the Elf King Decem Hougan’s mental ramblings that his father was one of the Eight Greed Kings. According to him, the Eight Greed Kings names were not given in praise, but in scorn, because they were stronger than anyone else. He viewed the name as a petty act by weaklings who tried to paint over his father and his compatriots' great deeds and destroy their glory.[12]

Known Members:

King Hougan

  • Race: Elf
  • Type: Warrior(Fencer)
  • Title: Strongest Fencer


The Eight Greed Kings were known to be immensely powerful, as they had slain most of the Dragon Lords in battle. They were also able to destroy numerous countries and went on to rule the world with their overwhelming strength, at least for a short while.

They happened to possess a countless number of powerful items in their arsenal, which gave them the means to conquer the New World. Among these items were the Eight Great Weapons, wielded by the kings, like their guild weapons. Of these items formerly in their possession, another one of them is mentioned by Evileye, who stated that their "Nameless Book of Spells" was worth the price of a single country. Given its value, it is possible it may have been a World Item. Fluder Paradyne has also stated that if he had a magic item from the Eight Greed Kings, he was certain that his Magic skills would rise another level.

In the Web Novel, they have unimaginable powers that could move mountains and part the seas. The Platinum Dragon Lord claimed that the Eight Greed Kings perpetuated the contamination of the New World with Tier Magic. It took ten Dragon Lords to defeat one member of the Eight Greed Kings. In other words, dealing with just one Greed King would require a plethora of resources and manpower to be taken care of by the True Dragon Lords. To kill one Greed King, however, came at a heavy cost, as the dragon's side suffered ten times the damage they themselves would deal until all eight of them were finally slain in battle.

Furthermore, the Eight Greed Kings had cash shop items that allowed them to revive after dying by the hands of many True Dragon Lords. However, the resurrection rings they were in possession of were said to be the inferior version of what Ainz Ooal Gown holds. Each time they died, the item’s value dropped lower. Moreover, the Eight Greed Kings grew weaker every time they resurrected themselves to combat their foes.[13]

There are rumors that the Eight Greed Kings were capable of using 10th tier magic, but it was dismissed as nothing more than a children's story.[14]


  • According to the author Maruyama, a topic about the Eight Greed Kings is not something Ainz would touch on.[15]
  • Climb considered the folktale of the Eight Greed Kings as quite unpopular to some people, but anyone who was somewhat educated knew about it and, although the story was obviously unpopular, there were differing opinions on whether it was fact or fiction. For instance, there were many among the adventurers who felt that they did, in fact, once exist with a power greater than any that currently exists in the present time.
  • The Eight Greed Kings were the second group of YGGDRASIL players to be transported to the New World after the Six Great Gods and before two players of the Thirteen Heroes.
  • In the Web Novel, it is certain that they are YGGDRASIL players, as their city produced items which only exist on Earth, like a suit or a katana. They also owned a guild weapon.
    • It is also confirmed that they can revive after death, though they become weaker and weaker after each revival. This might be due to the revival penalty of YGGDRASIL and their own inferior resurrection items.
  • It's stated that if the Eight Greed Kings had not attempted to dominate the world, humanity would have been annihilated by the stronger races a long time ago.
    • This conclusion was likely drawn up from the fact that the Eight Greed Kings were the ones who spread the use and knowledge of Tier Magic and YGGDRASIL Items. Effectively granting the relatively weak human race a new source of power to draw from that increased their survival chances against more dominant and powerful Heteromorphic and Demi-Human Races.
    • Due to their actions of hunting down and annihilating the Dragon Lords of the New World, along with their persecution of non-human races, they successfully gave the much weaker races of the world, such as Humans, a chance to grow.


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