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Eight Fingers Suppression Campaign was a conflict between the Re-Estize Kingdom and Eight Fingers initiated by Third Princess Renner and her close allies with the goal of eliminating the criminal organization. The Kingdom's forces also had several encounters with Nazarick, who had their own conflict with Eight Fingers.


The criminal organization, Eight Fingers had been actively weakening the Re-Estize Kingdom of its corruption. Due to Eight Fingers connections, public denouncement was ineffective and trying to forcibly curb the circulation of the drug was almost impossible with the organization bribing the nobles with influence over the distribution channels.

Renner could not even petitioned her father, the King, as it would be possible that the information would be leaked and the evidence erased in advance. The only option left was violence. That was why Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself chose to personally request Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Blue Roses. A dangerous move as normally, an adventurer accepted requests through the guild and did not acknowledge personal requests. Doing so otherwise would be a violation of the rules.

Under the request of the Golden Princess, Blue Roses began a campaign in the shadows to combat the degeneration of Eight Fingers. Their first task was to halt the production of the drug, Black Dust which was spreading like a pandemic amongst the populace and eating away at the Kingdom. Their work left three of Eight Fingers villages for growing drugs in flames.[1] During one such raid, the adventurer discovered a parchment containing a substitution cipher that was translated by Renner revealing a list of locations where Eight Fingers operated. Around seven of the names in the list were located within the Kingdom.[2]


Raid on the Brothel[]

A part of the suppression campaign involved shutting down the last underworld brothel in the capital. Nothing at the time could be done, as Blue Roses could not publicly act upon the institution without revealing their involvement in taking a private request from the royal family. In addition the princess's only supporter, Climb was deemed insufficient to take care of it by himself. The downfall of the brothel would happen, due to the intervention of a strange butler. Having his own personally reasons for shutting down the brothel, he joined forces with Climb and Brain Unglaus, both of who were impressed by his power. The incident left the exposure of the brothel, and the arrest of two high ranking members of Eight Fingers: Succulent and Cocco Doll.[3]


After the attack on the brothel, Renner and Lakyus decided to follow through with their plan to attack on locations on the parchment discovered by Blue Roses. Because of the brothel, attack it was believed that the operatives of the criminal organization would be on high alert. The attack also attracted the attention of the members of Six Arms, who used their influence to free Succulent and makes plans for revenge on the one who caused the incident.[4]


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