Eight Fingers (八本指) is an underground syndicate within the Re-Estize Kingdom. The organization holds quite a large amount of influence, effectively controlling the entire nation from the shadows. Following the demonic disturbance, they were secretly taken over by Nazarick.


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Eight Fingers' Emblem

Eight Fingers have so much influence within the Re-Estize Kingdom's underground that in all criminal activity of any consequence, they are either a part of it or they get a piece of it. While based in the Kingdom, the organization also extends its power into the Baharuth Empire, no doubt profiting from the slave trade that still exists legally as well as the black dust trade that is slowly making its way into the markets there.

The criminal organization is divided into eight departments: slave trafficking, assassinations, smuggling, larceny, drug trade, security, banking, and gambling. While the organization is united by a common interest in ruling the Kingdom's underworld, each of the department heads does not look out for their colleagues' interests and welfare but merely use each other as a way to promote their own power within the Eight Fingers and the Kingdom.

After Ainz Ooal Gown's hostile takeover of Eight Fingers, the focal point of the organization has shifted from illegal activities to legit trade. However, two of their divisions: security and slave trading, have mostly been rendered obsolete.


The Men In the Kingdom Arc

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The executives of Eight Fingers meet in an undisclosed location to discuss various issues affecting the organization. One being the attacks on their drug trade department commanded by Hilma. Zero offers to lend his assistance with his resources but was turned down. However, one of the executives, Cocco Doll, accepts his security services to reinforce his hold over his already declining slave trade division. The meeting continues with the assembly discussing the newest adamantite adventurer team, Darkness.

After the dissolution of Six Arms and the invasion of Jaldabaoth, the Eight Fingers are severely weakened with all of their warehouses ransacked. In addition, Hilma has been tortured and becomes a puppet of Aura, thus exposing the location of the Eight Finger's meeting where Aura and Mare break into the executive council. Aura dominates them by using her breath, and celebrates that they will be puppets of Nazarick, not without first being tortured the same way as Hilma.

Evidence planted by Nazarick's agents in the form of a dangerous magical artifact was discovered in one of their warehouses, leading the nobles to believe that Jaldabaoth's attack was a result of Eight Fingers' possession of the artifact that attracted the demon in the first place. However, due to the sensitive issue, the matter was swept under the rug to avoid a panic.

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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Using Eight Fingers' intelligence network, Ainz learns more about the political relationship between the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire. After learning of the Floor Guardians' plans of world domination and revealing Nazarick as a newly established nation to other surrounding countries, he travels with Nabe to the Empire to meet the great wizard, Fluder Paradyne.

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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At a ball hosted by Philip, Albedo and Hilma secretly met with the remaining members of the Executive Council. To prepare for the annexation of the Kingdom, Albedo ordered them to begin transferring resources from the Re-Estize Kingdom to the Sorcerer Kingdom, stimulate food imports for the inevitable famine that the Re-Estize Kingdom will suffer, and report on the status of Eight Fingers' infrastructure. Before departing for other affairs, Albedo also ordered them to use their intelligence network to be on the watch for a powerful mind-control object.

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

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Under Albedo's orders, Eight Fingers began spreading the rumor of Ainz Ooal Gown's demise. They discretely had several of their agents inform unaffiliated persons so that it would eventually reach the attention of the crown prince Zanac. Hilma, who was in charge of making Philip as the leader of a new noble faction that supports the Sorcerer Kingdom, was losing her mind due to his stupidity. Since the Sorcerer King is dead, Philip believed that he now stands a chance of being able to marry Albedo without him around. Hearing her situation concerning Philip, the rest of Eight Fingers shared her agony and proposed to find another scapegoat to manipulate. Unfortunately, the annexation of the Re-Estize Kingdom would take at least two years to complete made them think that there will not be enough time to actually find a replacement.


Eight Finger Emblem

Eight Finger's Emblem

The security departments enforcement group called Six Arms is said to be comparable to a group of adamantite ranked adventurers. They also have hundreds if not thousands of people at their disposal that can be used. This includes thieves, mercenaries, assassins, poison makers and much more. However, these are not trained fighters, relying more on ambushes, numbers and the occasional show of force through Six Arms.

However, after Nazarick's takeover, Six Arms was dissolved leaving the organization vulnerable. It was later remedied when the newly established Sorcerer Kingdom lent several high-level undead to replace the former security force.

Known Members


  • The name Eight Fingers comes from the legend that the God of Theft, a servant of the God of Earth, had eight fingers. Also, the organization is split up into eight different departments.
  • The Executive Council was captured and tortured by Kyouhukou to make them submit and obey in a similar way like Hilma.
  • After the Executive Council's induction to the Sorcerer Kingdom, they have become aware of Jaldabaoth's connection to their new masters. They're currently the only ones who know of the link between Jaldabaoth and the Sorcerer Kingdom.
  • While the Executive Council fears reprisal from the Sorcerer Kingdom, they also fear in losing the lucrative opportunities that the nation possesses.


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