Eight Dragons (八竜) are a group of dragon bosses from YGGDRASIL.


The Eight Dragons are among the World Enemies created by YGGDRASIL developers for groups of players to encounter and face in battle.


The Dark Warrior Arc

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During a discussion with the Swords of Darkness, Ninya brought up the likelihood of them facing dragons. However, her companions thought that scenario to be impossible as the chances of an encounter with dragons were very low. Still, it reminded Ainz about the World Enemies from YGGDRASIL that he knows of were dragons. Such beings are said to be the Eight Dragons who are classified as World Enemies.[1]


Eight Dragons have the power to induce breath attacks like any other dragons out there. Since they are on the level of World Enemies, these breath attacks of theirs are possibly far superior to ordinary dragons. For instance, the ‘Corpse Venom Breath’ exhaled by one of the Eight Dragons looks to be toxic in nature.[2]

Like the rest of their fellow World Enemies, the Eight Dragons have some sort of resistance that protects them from the effects of any World Items.[3]


  • The Eight Dragons were likely made as World Enemies due to the developer team’s love and appreciation of dragons.


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