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Eclipse is a job class that originally hailed from YGGDRASIL.


Eclipse was a class that was very rare even in YGGDRASIL, held only by a small number of players. A player could enter this class if one's character build was not fixated on pure power, but had instead focused on roleplaying a necromancer to the hilt.

This was because the class’ entry requirements necessary for gaining the Eclipse class were five racial levels distributed into Overlord. Also, the player in question needs to have a particular focus on necromancer-type job classes, as well as an overall character level of 95.

Once a player is able to properly gain access to the Eclipse class, one may even reached the highest level of that special class to learn the supreme, ultimate skill called [The Goal of All Life is Death].[1]

Known Eclipses

Abilities and Powers

According to the class description, Eclipse is a class suitable only for Overlords who are truly dedicated to the pursuit of Death can enter it, which swallows up all life like an eclipse. In other words, the Eclipse class could let the user become a true lord of death, a life consuming eclipse.


  • The Goal Of All Life Is Death: It strengthens the instant death effect of magic and skills to the point of bypassing any immunity or resistance and killing their targets after a certain amount of time had passed. The cooldown of this special skill is 100 hours duration. It's not possible to resist death spells enhanced by this special skill unless one uses a resurrection effect on themselves within 12 seconds. This special skill is considered to be the trump card of the Eclipse-class.


  • If Ainz had specialize his character build on pure power or min-maxing instead, he would not have been able to discover this class which required a very unorthodox build by chance.


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