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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

E-Rantel Magic Research Institute is a newly founded organization based in E-Rantel in Mass for the Dead.


The organization was founded by the protagonist shortly before he became the new territorial guardian of E-Rantel. To promote research into the cause of the incidents relating to the Cracks, the protagonist put forth an initiative to form a new laboratory that would focus on studying and investigating such issues. To head the new research group, the protagonist sought the aid of Nfirea Bareare to become its director. The young pharmacist initially declined the invitation as he wanted to focus on his own research alone. Though Nfirea was enticed to accept after the protagonist assured him that he would be able to claim his revenge on the Chaos Beasts that murdered his love. Additionally, to add further incentive, the boy was given a Minor Healing Potion which he identified as the legendary "God's Blood". Sophie Noia was another member that joined the institute to further her interest and obsession of slimes. And lastly, Fluder Paradyne who the protagonist had recruited, and showed the old wizard the contents of Ashurbanipal which solidified his cooperation in return.

The institute was located in the remains of what was Zurrernorn's base in the E-Rantel's Cemetery. In the unlikely event of an accident, the cemetery was chosen to be their base as the crypt contained passages for the researchers to bring in dangerous creatures without threatening the city proper. The crypt was refurbished and developed as a three layer structure extending deep underground to three floors. Each and every one of the floors contained subjects of study on a specific nature. The first floor was reserved for research on magic items, such as chemicals that eliminated miasma contamination. The second floor dealt in research on Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts. The floor also contained a few live specimens for examination. The last floor contained an imprisoned Gazef Stronoff who is chained in a cell and used as a specimen to study the effects of the contamination of the Crack in hopes that a cure can be developed.


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

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After the protagonist was officially designated as the new guardian of E-Rantel, he took both Surako and Soi to meet the new research laboratory that was hidden in the E-Rantel's Cemetery. There, the trio were presented with the latest breakthroughs that the team had so far managed to discover such as a new healing potion, domesticated slimes, and Chaos Beasts specimens. Fluder Paradyne who was now a member of the group also showed them his progress in studying the contaminated Gazef Stronoff. To collect more data, the three adventurers were allowed to battle the mad Warrior Captain so Fluder could determine the progress of his contamination and the effect on his body.

In addition to that, the institute began to do several investigations in the field on behalf of the Alliance. One led by Sophie Noia was assigned to the Quarry to reclaim the slimes from the Melting Pot and to determine what went wrong when the trap failed to dissolve the Chaos Beasts that fell into it. Along the way, adventurer teams like Blue Roses were also contracted to help assist the institute to establish a cordon around the Northern Cave to prevent an inflow of Chaos Beasts from escaping and threatening E-Rantel again. The quarantine even goes as far as to serve in preventing outsiders from tampering with the Crack site and also acted as a cover for the Sorcerer Kingdom. With the humans guarding a restricted area, they were none the wiser on what was actually happening inside the underground cave network where Nazarick conducted their own secret experiments.[1]

The institue was visited again by the protagonist and his team of Darkness. There Soi participated in an experiment involving her to duel with the contaminated Gazef Stronoff after which it was observed that the human warrior's mind was still acting on primitive impulses but his fighting skills were becoming more refined, hinting that his condition was being stablized by the institute's treatments. To determine what exactly was attributing to Gazef's improved condition, Nfirea requested more specimens of Contaminated Beasts to experiment on. The protagonist granted it, promising to see to the procurement himself, in addition at a request from Fluder ordered Nfirea to return home to rest as he was worried that the boy's physical poor condition would hinder the efficiency of the institute.

Once the protagonist returned with a Vulture specimen from the Azerlisia Mountains, he was disappointed to see that Nfirea did not relax on his time off though the pharmacist promised to do so later. The institute would help Nfirea to concot a cure for a strange illness ailing the orphans of the city that originated from one of Jaldabaoth's demons. Using the seeds of the Longevity Nut, the researchers managed to create the cure and used candy as a means of easy delivery, which was tested by Fluder.[2]

The team Darkness visited the facility to acquire a list of fiber plants for Nazarick’s idol project. Nfirea had limited information on fiber plants though agreed to give them a list, provided that they return with a strong slime specimen from the Tob Forests.[3]

The institute was visited by Darkness in order to investigate if any vestiges of Zurrernorn had invaded it to use it as a base for the Death Spiral. Nfirea and Sophie were there to greet them, and reported that they had received no visitors or intruders save for the adventurers. Whilst hearing their results of the researchers fruits of labor, Sophie explained her pet project of producing a "anti-slime agent" to cull the number of sanitary slimes in case they became a problem. The agent would prove to be an effective tool for the city defenders, when stopping a Super Giant Sanitary Slime that could raise the dead made by Zurrernorn. To herd the slime to a proper site for elimination, the agent was produced in large quantities for the operation by Nfirea and Sophie.[4]

Before heading out to the Dwarf Kingdom, the team Darkness visited the Institute to check on the researchers progress. Sadly the protagonist found that Gazef Stronoff was still feral, but Fluder and Sophie revealed that some promising developments made lead to a cure by investigating the Melting Pot. As it turned out, upon examining the contents of the dissolves slimes and matter, the amount of contaminated matter was less than anticipated leading the two magic casters to believe that somehow the progress in the pot had actually decontaminated what was melted. Soi was ordered to stay and guard the facility while the protagonist and Slimeko headed to the mountains.

While observing the research staff bicker on their results, Soi detected a presence in the secret passageway that connected the Institute to the sewers. The undercover adventurer went to investigate and found that the infiltrator to be none other than Enhela Read Gahi. Their encounter was interrupted when Soi detected an explosion above them.[5]

After getting over the surprise of the interruption, Enhela after being alerted by a [Message] of the situation on the surface, made a quick escape. Soi confused as to why he ran, chose not to pursue to remain guard at the institute sensing something foreboding on the horizon. Her intuition proved right as all magical communication was blocked and the location began to be beset by Chaos Beasts. Soi along with the staff managed to barricade themselves in the underground floor of the institute and used their abilities to protect the hundreds of researchers. Though a few suggested that they should flee, Nfirea believed the best option was to stay put to continue their experiment that he believed would be ground-breaking. The researchers were forced to go deeper into the lower levels for safety as Soi and Fluder guarded the floor leading to the surface. A mass of Chaos Beasts assailed them including a Double Sword Chaos Beast but the pair were able to defeat them together through teamwork.

Aid came from an unexpected source, imperial knights led by Nimble Arc Dale Anoch and Leinas Rockbruise arrived to evacuate them under orders from a command by the emperor through a private agreement between him and the protagonist. The two knights were a bit surprised that Fluder was among the researchers, and while they had questions of what he was doing at the site, they prioritized safeguarding the area. The knights tried to get Nfirea and Sophie to leave but the two magic casters insisted on completing their experiment. Unexpectedly a Spear Chaos Beast arrived and breached through the barriers, through teleporting, killing everyone in it path on the lower levels.

By the time the protagonist and his party arrived to save whatever research was left in the institute they found the place to be in ruins and all the knights and researchers dead. Hope was not all lost as Fluder, Nfirea and Soi managed to survive though were barely holding back the Chaos Beasts intent on killing them. The opponent was not easy as even with three Pleiades working together they were unable to match its teleporting speed. An injured Nfirea though managed to limp towards the cage that contained Gazef Stronoff. After unlocking it, Nfirea revealed that the institute's research was somewhat successful as the cure did indeed restore the Warrior Captain's sanity. Not only that all his speed, strength and endurance were enhanced in ways beyond what he was originally capable even when he was turned into a Contaminated Beast. Doing what the battle maids could not do, Gazef was able to fight if not evenly with the Chaos Beast.

Due to his weapon not being Razor Edge, he still could not slay it. That was remedy when Brain Unglaus and Climb arrived with the national treasure and handed it to the Warrior Captain. But before Gazef can land a killing blow, the Chaos Beast retreated, an unusual behavior as Chaos Beasts were never known to retreat only advance. The protagonist realized that something was coming, and ordered everyone to move out of the area. The only one to fail in this was Fluder who was caught near the opening of a Crack and the entity from beyond its threshold captured him. The Cracks phenomena began to expand in the room, and the protagonist and Slimeko were seemingly taken.[6]


The group was funded indirectly by Nazarick, providing useful supplies and valuable potions and magic items. So far, it's members were composed of powerful and genius magic casters and had a support staff of researchers in the hundreds.

Known Members[]


  • Due to the researchers' base being in a cemetery, there is still large amounts of negative energy which causes undead to spontaneous appear within the institute, specifically the second level. While this might be seen as an inconvenience, Nfirea believes that allowing the undead to appear has merits as he can pit the undead against Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts which allows him to study how Chaos Beasts are injured before turning into Chaos Stones.