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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

E-Rantel's Harvest Festival (エ・ランテルの収穫祭) is a festival event hosted in the E-Rantel. It appeared in Mass for the Dead on October 14, 2022 to November 1, 2022. The event was re-released on October 10, 2023 to October 19, 2023.[1]


In the "new section" within the fourth wall of the fortified city of E-Rantel. A harvest festival is held to celebrate the bountiful harvest of the farmland where many demi-humans work.

In order to make this an opportunity for exchanges that transcend races, Mayor Panasolei wishes to host a harvest festival with the Sorcerer Kingdom――[2]

Purpose of Event[]

Early afternoon, as a top-class in the main street of the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Blue Roses were having a lively conversation over dinner. The topic E-Rantel's farmlands located in the fourth wall yielding a big harvest is brought up by Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra. To Evileye it is a sign of a joyous occasion as it is hope for the city's self-sufficiency. The leader of Blues Roses confirms that it is, as does Princess Renner when she last spoke to her. This harvest is something that should be celebrated and Lakyus mentions that there is desire to raise the spirits of the city and hold a Harvest Festival. Hearing the prospect of a festival, Gagaran hopes that their team will be hired as guards for the event. However Lakyus informs them that they may be called upon, though the content of the event is still undecided, by the protagonist. She hopes perhaps that they could give him a helping hand by offering suggestions to their colleague. Evileye knowing that the event will have the protagonist busy, believes it to be a good move on their end to lighten his burden before Gagaran makes an obscene statement of 'joining' in the festivities.

Elsewhere on that day, those who are involved in the management of E-Rantel gathered in the conference room. Mayor Panasolei calls the meeting into session, this time focusing on the harvest of the farmlands in the fourth wall of the city. Said farmlands reportedly boast enough produce that will eventually lead to E-Rantel to becoming self-sufficient in food, which Saint Clementine reports that the people have begun preparing to harvest. The mayor gives thanks to the main benefactor of this development, the Sorcerer Kingdom which the protagonist and Surako accept on behalf of their nation. Also present are representatives of the Slane Theocracy, Ian Als Heim and Nigun Grid Luin who offers their praises to the new hope for the people, despite the new section of the city being inhabited by demi-humans.

Mayor Panasolei moves forward with an agenda he has, which is to share the joy of the bountiful harvest and host a Harvest Festival. The discussion is open for suggestions for the event with the Magician's Guildmaster suggesting that they make it as flashy as possible. Pluton Ainzach of the Adventurer's Guild believes that they should focus on the harvest work first before planning for festivities, though Clementine assures him that it is not necessary as already 80% of the harvest has been completed. Clementine has a concern that she wishes to bring up, thinking that the festival could be a good opportunity to get rid of the tension of the people. The mayor realizes that she is referring to not just the divides between the human and the demi-human inhabitants within the city but also the populace of the old and new sections of the city as their is still considerable distrust.

Ainzach mentions that though they were able to host a mock combat competition, the and create occasions where the denizens of both sections would mingling, fear of the demonic attack by Jaldabaoth lingers. The Magician's Guildmaster muses that such trauma won't vanish so easily, as humans are a vulnerable race at the very start, so other races are threatening to them. Ian too voices his concern on this, as even the Sunlight Scripture are still coming to terms with working with demi-humans even though their doctrine decrees that they are suppose to be protectors of humanity, at this case they are struggling to make an exception in the current situation. Nigun agrees as well, as the besides the new section of the city being an existence that could shake the foundations of the Theocracy, Clementine's title as a Holy Maiden also draws scrutiny. Despite the contractions to their faith, Nigun emphasizes he does not intend to criticize the development nor wish to disrupt the function of the city. Since the Theocracy enjoys the benefits of the various projects of the Sorcerer Kingdom it would be a risk to Nigun's nation if anything should happen. His honesty on his thought of the matter are nonetheless appreciated by the mayor, citing that it would do none of them any good since the demi-human citizens are the driving force of the city's reconstruction. Clementine adds that the demi-humans of the new district are well aware of the scars left in the city, and she wishes to prepare a Harvest Festival that will put smiles on demi-human and human alike so they can rejoice at their hard work.

The protagonist being the Territory Guardian of E-Rantel, a citizen of the Sorcerer Kingdom, and adventurer ponders on what kind of image he wants to present to both races within the city. Ultimately he decides that he wishes to emphasize "overcoming the threat of the Cracks" for all races just as the Three Kingdom gathered at E-Rantel as well as the Sorcerer Kingdom. His words are complimented as worthy words of a hero by the mayor. Clementine especially asks that perhaps he should plan out the Harvest Festival using an event from his homeland since it is rumored to have many races dwelling there to serve as an example to E-Rantel. Her suggestion is met with agreement and the homunculus accepts the referral even if he claims he does not know much he will strive to meet their expectations. Secretly he hopes to first consult with his master before proceeding any further.[3]

Later at the Round Table Room, Momonga and the Floor Guardians receive the report from the protagonist on what transpired his his discussion in E-Rantel. On the topic of the Sorcerer Kingdom hosting a Harvest Festival, Momonga feels that it was inevitable given the protagonist's distinguished service. Albedo queries on whether the Harvest Festival being hosted in E-Rantel is similar to Halloween of the Harvest Festival in yukata in Carne Village and whether the protagonist wishes to use the event to display the culture of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The protagonist confirms that he already has an idea for the festival, one with an images of everyone wearing costumes, where they can celebrate regardless of appearance. The idea would serve well to make it indistinguishable to tell the difference between the old and new section inhabitants in Aura Bella Fiora's opinion. Mare Bello Fiore raises concern that while the information on Halloween is found in Ashurbanipal, is there any information related to it outside of Nazarick? Sebas Tian also believes it to be risky, as the ones who were responsible for Shalltear Bloodfallen's brainwashing are still at large and there is the possibility they may recognize the festival in relation to Halloween.

Momonga before he can voice his opinion on the plan, Demiurge, Albedo and the protagonist answer for him, believing that they know what their master plans. Having misconstrue his comments in the past, they believe Momonga wishes to implement the Harvest Festival into the Idol Plan that has been in progress. Unable to answer what 'his ' plan is, Momonga's ignorance is saved by Shalltear's cluelessness to the plan. The others who know the plan are a bit disappointed in Shalltear as her time as adventurer "Shall" should have made her conscious of Momonga's scheme. But for Shalltear's convenience, and with Momonga's permission, they explain the details. They recall the distributed chocolates in E-Rantel, which are now regarded as trade item from the Sorcerer Kingdom, which Shalltear remembers using her identity as Shall to help promote them. The items were a part of the Idol Plan which aimed to place the image of the "Dark Warrior" as a idol of admiration among the masses of humans in E-Rantel. The project at the time was a success and is currently ongoing, thanks to the cheap sweets which also serve to acquire foreign currency for their nation. However the trade goods and Idol Plan serve a larger purpose, aiming to facilitate "The Three Kingdom Puppetization Project" in the long run as intended by Momonga. Besides this grand plan, the Floor Guardians believe that Momonga wishes to approach any other players in the world who may be able to rival him.

The possibility that other players may or may not have bene involved in Shalltear's brainwashing is still in question, so is whether they actually exist. Still Demiurge adds that their master is convinced that the presence or absence of players will greatly affect the future of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The chocolates that the Sorcerer Kingdom are distributed through the Adventurer's Guild, act as a lure to draw any would-be players in the area as a player would recognize that the items are not originally from this world. In addition the Idol Plan, acted in two-fold, to raise the morale of the humans under their rule, but also to subtly draw players to E-Rantel like the chocolates. Whilst the group laud the Overlord's genius, Momonga himself can only be stunned at how they are overthinking is common actions with some overreaching masterful plan. It grows even more out of proportion when they even state that the plan serves to shroud the origins of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Using a prior mention of the Boastful Sage, the Floor Guardians believe that Momonga intends to use the reputation of legendary demi-human from two hundred years and associate his existence with the Sorcerer Kingdom.

The Boastful Sage was said to have invented various magical items for daily use which have been circulated in the Baharuth Empire. From what they gathered, the sage was undoubtingly an existence similar to their master or maybe even a player from YGGDRASIL. The purpose of fabricating their relation which such a historical figure is that even though the protagonist made a name of himself through his 'defeat' of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his origin from the Sorcerer Kingdom, which has been providing humanitarian aid to E-Rantel, there still is a measure of mistrust by the human given the Sorcerer Kingdom vague origins. The sentiments are particularly strong among the members of the Slane Theocracy. To achieve crafting this fabrication, Demiurge had used the intel collected from their dwarf collaborator, Tsuibayaya to learn as much from the Boastful Sage to be incorporated in the new Idol Plan. From the dwarf, Demiurge with confidence has prepared customs that would trace their nation directly to the minotaur and thus dispel the suspicions of the people. Through that connection, it would explain many things to the humans, such as why the Sorcerer Kingdom has many ranks of demi-human citizens in its ranks. And also serve as a smokescreen against other players that may be lurking in the world, lulling them to the nation, thinking it its merely just a nation that was founded by a player and not one where a player reigns.

For this plan to work, the protagonist expresses that he intends to have the concept of "Halloween Costumes" and "candy" be derived from the Sorcerer Kingdom. After witnessing the harmonious display of everyone in Nazarick at their previous Halloween party, the homunculus wants to replicate it in E-Rantel as it is an event that transcends social status, which will allow them to gather more crucial information among the people. Momonga after listening to the discussion is glad that he can grasp 'his' plan, though remains concerned on the intelligence activities of the Theocracy in E-Rantel. To handle the Sunlight Scripture at the Halloween celebration, he assigns the dark elf twins to shadow the Scripture and spy on them. Momonga gives his approval to begin preparations of the festival for the good of the Sorcerer Kingdom.[4]


Once a strategy is conducted with the aid of Albedo and Demiurge, the protagonist and Slimeko return to the manor in E-Rantel to meet with the city leaders with a prepared proposal for the festival. Halloween, which is stylized as "Greetings and Victory", is explained to them in detail as a event where people dress up to eliminate racial prejudice and barriers which is well received by Clementine, Panasolei, Ainzach and the Magician's Guildmaster as a perfect theme for this year's Harvest Festival. Nigun gives his approval as there are no rituals or traces of worship that could cause a conflict with the Theocracy's doctrine. Though asks if there will be a final dedication performance? Usually harvest festivals offer a dance to the God of Creation, but instead the protagonist will host a mock battle for those who wish to test their skills.

Nigun agrees to cooperate, just as soon as he gets approval from his nation. One of the reasons why he is eager to lend his support is knowing that it is a given that the Kingdom and Empire will agree to the Sorcerer Kingdom's proposal, but also to explore the culture and history of the unknown nation as he still has reservations of humans joining with demi-humans. All the members in the room are in agreement. To get started, the protagonist asks Ainzach for his assistance in securing fabrics for costumes via the Adventurer's Guild. The guildmaster complies planning to set up a costume booth in the streets. Following his example, the Magician's Guildmaster offers to open booths as well in the commercial spirit. For security, Ian volunteers the Sunlight Scripture's participation during the event. To disseminate the news, Clementine is tasked to spread it to the people in the city. In regards to the mock battle, Ainzach suggests that they have a prize for the competition, which the protagonist agrees, though plans to locate a suitable item. The meeting ends with the mayor hoping that everyone will become more active and possibly deepen their friendships.

Back at Momonga's office. the Overlord is seen discussing the protagonist's success in convincing the city leaders to adopt the proposal for "Greetings and Victory". They praise Momonga's choice of disguising the true name of the holiday, though in truth Momonga just randomly selected it on a whim. Momonga moving onto the preparations for the masquerade, asks Albedo on the progress of the costumes. The Overseer Guardian, reports that she is working with Pandora's Actor in the Treasury in selecting appropriate equipment for the event. The first items that come to mind are the swimsuits since they are already familiar to people outside of Nazarick like Blue Roses. The selection of costumes for Aura and Mare is handled, since they can use the outfits that the protagonist originally gave them as part of his research project. For demi-human participants, Albedo is sewing simple capes with the help of the Homunculus Maids and promises that they will be done in a day or two. Momonga advises them to not overdo it, though his concern for them while appreciate, serving his wishes come as a priority to his subjects than their well-being.

On the topic of what kind of prize will be given to the winner of the mock battle, Momonga informs everyone that the protagonist has decided what it will be, and has departed to the Great Forest of Tob. Aura hearing that, asks permission to go head to the forest since she has to meet up with the team guarding the forest. Once there she also will learn from the protagonist on what kind of prize he has planned. After being given permission, Aura is taken aside by Mare on if she is sure to be going to the forest, which the female elf confirms. That being said Mare allows her to go alone as he must guard the 6th Floor of Nazarick.

Elsewhere in the fourth wall of E-Rantel, the Goblin Troop and Clementine are seen having successfully completed the harvest of the fields. While resting and savoring their accomplishment, they spot Darkness approaching them. Soi thinking that they could help the saint and goblins is surprised that the group finished already as they harvest looks ripe for eating. The two groups then talk about the upcoming Harvest Festival, wondering if it is true that the Sorcerer Kingdom's version is so old than even the origins of the event are shrouded in mystery. Soi claiming to be not originally from the Sorcerer Kingdom, has the protagonist answer this, who verifies this to be true and the reason why he selected it was that it fitted the situation with E-Rantel. The adventurers then plan to head out as they must go to the Tob Forests to secure prizes for the event. Clementine hearing that Chaos Beasts roam the forest asks them to be careful which the the protagonist promises to be as he would risk disappointing everyone at the festival.[5]

The party having left E-Rantel, reach the Tob Forests where they meet with a waiting Hamsuke, Kyuko and the Death Knight. Aura is also present in the area, having arrived to collect the report from the forest dwellers, is the first to greet the adventurers. Taking out a Longevity Nut from her pocket Aura reveals that she figured that the protagonist wanted to come to the forest to collect the nuts to act as prizes for the festival and thus took the initiative to check on the trees that bore them to make sure that there were still nuts. The adventurers are elevated at Aura's action in aiding them. Aura is glad at the positive response, though hopes that the nuts will go to waste. Kyuko though states the nuts are a worthy prize as they have many useful herbal remedies for illnesses.

Aura brings the members of Darkness up to speed of Momonga's orders for her and Mare to participate in the festival so as to spy and obtain information from the Sunlight Scripture. To avoid stepping on each other's toes while conducting their separate operations, Slimeko adds that besides them, Narberal Gamma will be also at the festival to monitor for disturbing movements. Hearing that they will have a difficult time at the festival Hamsuke offers to lend a hand, though is convinced otherwise by Kyuko as the appearance of the Wise King of the Forest would probably be too much for the human inhabitants who are only just getting used to demi-humans. To cheer her subordinate up, Aura leaves open the possibility that after the success of the event, magical beasts coming into E-Rantel may be a possibility in the future. Before sending the group off, Kyuko then asks if they can join in the culling of the Chaos Beasts at the Crack.

Later at E-Rantel, the protagonist and his team reveal to the city leaders his proposed prize for the mock battle at the festival. The Longevity Nut brought back is admired by the council, as was a rumored item only found in the Tob Forests which has grown increasingly dangerous due to the Incident. The adventurers claim that the retrieval was difficult due to the many magical beasts guarding the fruit, which when eaten strengthen them making them much stronger than Chaos Beasts, hence only one was recovered. Ian worries that the monsters may flood out into the surrounding area, though his worries are dashed away as the Chaos Beasts are occupying the indigenous magical beasts of the forest. The prospect of the nut is of interest to the Magician's Guildmaster.

The Magician’s Guildmaster really wanted the "Long-Lived Fruit" for magical research, but due to the dangers of the forest it now seems impossible to send a request to the Adventurer's Guild. He asks if the it will be given as is to the winner of the mock battle event, Surako replies that if will be processed into a potion by Nfirea to process it into a potion as in raw form not many people will know what to do with it.

Everyone reports that all their tasks for the preparing from informing the residents of the city of the festival to opening booths and preparing costumes are nearly ready.

The mayor hopes that Their work will lead to a lively and fun festival. However, he worries that there will be a problem if there is a commotion, so he would like to have adequate security at the festival. On Ian answers that the Sunlight Scripture will be handling the security as the Theocracy wants this event to succeed.

Nigun has some concern on the number of personnel to cover all the old and new of the city to prevent innocent people from being harmed. The meeting is interrupted by a knock at the door and Brain Unglaus and Climb arrive.

They were expected as they were invited by the mayor to lend aid, alongside the city guard for security at the harvest festival and willing to coordinate with the Scripture. They are no alone as Tina, Tia and Evileye step out from behind the men who also will help act as lookouts in the city. Their participation is appreciate, by the mayor. Nigun curious about the whereabouts of remaining members of Blue Roses, inquires if they will be also joining . Evileye in response states that unfortunately Lakyus and Gagaran are acting on escort duty with Princess Renner. The reason for this is to allow Climb to enjoy the festival.l which causes the warrior some slight embarrassment when the masked magic caster mentions it.

In regards to the costumes that will be worn, Evileye believes that it will be a bit too convenient as it can allow thieves to sneak in. Brain agrees as the traits of a thief can be seen in their appearance and eyes. Even if they are disguised, it's usually easy to see through, but it's difficult if they wear a disguise that can hide their face. Tina and Tia though are confident at their skills in spotting suspicious people in the crowd. Nigun raises was question on whether that will be sufficient as a deterrent.

Brain surmises that they need something more be effective for responding quickly when something happens. To her surprise, Evileye notices that the attention of the twins are focused on her. Thus, the preparations for the Harvest Festival progressed steadily.[6]

Greetings and Victory[]

On the day of the harvest festival came to the fortified city of E-Rantel several field agents attend the event from Sebas in his Chivalrous Costume, Narberal dressed as a witch and Soi in an aristocratic dress.

In contrast to when Jaldabaoth attacked the city, the streets of E-Rantel shows an unprecedented bustle. From the new district to the old section, people in unfamiliar costumes, both humans and demi-humans, parade throughout the streets. Street stalls were opened even in the old section, and the residents who usually spend their time there with apprehension, show their faces in joyful appearances while celebrating the harvest...although the expressions was softly mixed in with surprise.

Out in the street Brain patrols the area with Climb, staying sharp for any suspicious activity. Brain finds the scene preferable to when the city was half-destroyed due to the invasion of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. Climb shares his sentiments and is overwhelmed by city’s liveliness.  Here, now there are no barriers between humans or demi-humans, everyone friendly and rejoicing in the harvest. All more the reason to stay on guard for anything than can ruin the moment. The older swordsmen agrees though suggests that the boy take time to pick up a souvenir for the princess.

Jugem  in the crowd with Gokou muses the irony of how humans are dressing up as demi-humans, and demi-humans vice-versa. Gokou notices Clementine in the crowd, now dressed in a cloak and scale armor. Alongside her is Evileye who’s costume is composed of bandages making her look like a mummy. The magic caster is fluster by the costume she was given, angry that Tina and Tia abandoned her to lurk unseen in the crowd.

The protagonist nearby points out that Evileye has a magic item that she could use to make herself invisible, but the magic caster was told to conserve it for emergencies and use her costume to better blend in.

Surako in swimsuit doesn’t see the issue as Evileye is always in costume. But Evileye retorts that her bandages barely cover her face. Clementine tried to distract the magic caster’s irritation trying get her to smile and even tries demonstrating, but Evileye finds the saint’s smile to be disturbingly frightening.

As Clementine compliments Slimeko’s swimsuit, another takes an immediate interest. The dwarf Tsuibayaya rushes over to begin examining it. Tsuibayaya ignoring the greetings from the protagonist has his attention on the new swimsuit before him and begins pestering Surako with questions on the item. Evileye sensing Surako’s discomfort tries to distract the dwarf by asking him his duties of handling logistics for the kingdom.

Tsuibayaya replies that it’s mostly a side job along with his hobby of swimsuit making, and weapon making. He wonders where the “beautiful” Gagaran since Surako’s Swimsuit would be better suiting on her. Though this worries the undercover slime as the material could break, but the dwarf states that is not an issue since the Swimsuit she has can endure if confirming it to be a item from the era of the Boastful Sage. This revelation by the dwarf shocks Evileye. Unknown to the two this encounter was planned by the protagonist, having slipped to Tsuibayaya that there was a swimsuit at the festival, so as to draw out a natural testimony of his to confirm the item was of the Boastful Sage. The ruse works as Clementine and Evileye talk about the ramifications of such knowledge and mistake Surako’s item to be a relic of the legendary demi-human.

The masquerade procession that started at the E-Rantel Central Square, naturally split into several groups and moved into the old district. The protagonist and his group proceed to greet the residents, house by house to share the harvest in the new district. Taken in by flashy costumes and the house call lose all tension and join in the festivities. After the group departs, the rest in an alley to muse over how the inhabitants of the old district react to their costumes. On the topic of the old district residents, Evileye questions the protagonist on the wisdom of letting the useless to benefit from the hard-worked harvest which the protagonist answers that it is all for the sowing of future harvests to come. In which he believes by sharing the bounty of the city, will collectively enrich E-Rantel in the future, making it stronger to withstand the threat of the Cracks and Chaos Beasts.

Before Evileye can question if he is a bit idealistic, several children approach them, with interest in their costumes. Among them is Nemu Emmot who greets the protagonist and his friends. The children find Evileye's attire weird, thinking she is dressed as some kind of demi-human, which the magic caster states is from the Sorcerer Kingdom. Evileye not accustomed to such attention tries to redirect the children's attention to Narberal in her witch costume to no avail, as they children find both costumes weird. It comes to Surako to appease the children by offering them candy, in accordance to the rule of the festival. Satisfied with their gifts, the children leave. Evileye and Narberal comment how difficult it was in handling the youngsters, and are curious as to why they did not recognize the protagonist, the Dark Warrior. The protagonist is unperturbed at being missed by the children, as he deduces that they wanted to instead see Evileye. Evileye denies that be the case assuming that the children only came to laugh at her. But her friends note that she had a positive influence on the children.[7]

While the group were talking amongst themselves, another social exchange was happen elsewhere in E-Rantel. Aura and Mare are with Nigun and Ian patrolling the streets of the old district of the city offering the harvest to the citizens. The group's supply of produce is nearly empty, which pleases the elves. Ian notes that some of the residents seem hesitant to approach, most likely due to being unfamiliar with interacting with other races. While it may be unlikely that the dark elves would be attack at this time, Nigun promises to intercede if a situation emerges. Aura is amused by the concern of the priest, as it was not what she expected from members of the Theocracy. Mare excuses himself from the group as he sees some children in the streets and decides to give them candy. Aura noticing the priests' interest offers them some as a present to try. While they enjoy the candy, Aura mentions the Sorcerer King which Nigun takes a note of interest as it is the first time the members of the Sorcerer Kingdom ever mentioned the title of its sovereign. Aura and Nigun then use the opportunity to fish for information from each other under the guise of platitudes of praises and small talk.

Nigun commenting on their king’ generosity is told by Mare and Aura that such benevolence stems from the festival that everyone enjoys. While they are not too sure about the if the custom of handing out sweets was in the original festival, they felt is would be better suiting to be flexible which Nigun and Ian are in agreement. The dark elves turn to the topic of the Sunlight Scripture’s rumored strictness, in particular its captain as claimed by the protagonist.

While Nigun is a bit embarrassed to hear such a thing, Aura mused that despite the Scripture strictness has helped to lower the crime rate in the city. Aura uses the past activities of the protagonist to create a conversation of how the adventurer has been leaving a good impression of the Sorcerer Kingdom. On this Nigun grudgingly agrees and is thankful that the Sorcerer Kingdom is not an enemy as in any other case it would since the Theocracy's doctrine dictates it. He still acknowledges that the other nations has been a positive influence to the city citing the happiness of the people at he festival. For now the priests are just glad that the Theocracy has focuses their oath to protect humanity against the predations of the Chaos Beasts and hope that they can still maintain good relations with the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Going deeper into the conversation, Aura asks the priests how they feel about her an Mare, being as though they are humanoids, the Theocracy does not see them as the same as humans. Ian personally in honesty states he is sincere in joining forces with other races in order to protect humans. Hearing that Aura wonders if going beyond individual friendly relationships is the limits with the Theocracy, which Nigun sadly confesses that it would be unlikely as the hearts of the people are not easily swayed. Too much blood in the past has been shed to change the resent and fear of the citizens of the Theocracy.

Despite the distance, Nigun still thinks it may be possible to have some moderation. Using the analogy of a sinking ship, in which cooperating with each other will both parties survive only by working together to shovel water out to stay afloat temporarily. Privately Aura believes in that situation, there is still the option of knocking out the Theocracy to better the chances of survival, though in the current situation she knows she has to tread carefully as there may be a player existing in the religious nation. Aura diplomatically concurs that maintaining a "good relationship" currently is the best option, though once said allegorical hole is filled in the ship the two nations are residing it would not be strange if they resumed fighting.

Given the opportunity, Nigun asks questions to Aura and Mare on the "Greetings and Victory" event as the protagonist was tight-lipped on the subject. Aura having expected this question after some coaching from Demiurge, readily answers that the costumed harvest festival which they are now enjoying was actually, according to legend started by a demi-human who lived in the Sorcerer Kingdom. After mentioning that he was a minotaur and wielded and axe, and a sage who invented many useful items, Nigun quickly identifies the person to be the Boastful Sage. As for the reason why the protagonist refrained from explaining this, is due to some of the more unsavory history of the sage, such as his barbaric idea of surgery. To Nigun this makes sense, as the minotaur belonged to a race who used humans as food in the past, and accepts that the protagonist kept the information discreet for diplomatic reasons until now. Since their country is associated with such a character, Aura asks if the priest think they are barbarians. Nigun answers that not be the case, but was just surprised that the Sorcerer Kingdom has as history with such a character of folklore. But after seeing all the abilities of the Sorcerer Kingdom, it becomes clear to Nigun and Ian where such revolutionary came from. Not so dissimilar to the gods of the Theocracy.

Aura steers the talk towards the mock battle tournament which then Mare suggests they head over to the venue and participate for the sake of goodwill. Ian heartily concurs as does Nigun and the four then go to the central square.

There at the central square, a large crowd had already gathered. At the stage set up Mayor Panasolei is with Ainzach who is acting as a the moderator of the dedicatory event, which is overseen by the dark elves. Ainzach thanks everyone in the gathering, announcing that as the Harvest Festival in E-Rantel is finally coming to an end a dedication demonstration will be held to show the peoples’ gratitude for the bountiful harvest and their health to the gods!

However, since it is neither a formal ceremony nor a question of faith will show  their skills to entertain the crowd till the end of the festival. The crowd is then introduced to Aura and Mare, who Ainzach warns in spite of their adorable looks, are deadly and strong enough to fight off Chaos Beasts which is confirmed by Surako. Ainzach then calls out to the crowd to come up if they have the guts to liven up the festival. In a first come, first serve he offers a super-luxury potion refined from the "Longevity Fruit" as a prize. Upon seeing the prize Brain in the crowd suggests to Climb that he participate to win it for Renner. Alas Climb declines as he doubts he could beat the dark elves in battle as he senses that they are not ordinary.

So far no one has stepped forward to the challenge, which worries Clementine. Ian standing with Nigun, wonders if they should step forward, but his superior advises against it as they cannot directly participate in events worshipping other religions. It proves to be unnecessary as someone steps out to accept the challenge. It is revealed to be Evileye whose participation is met with applause. Unknown to the crowd, save of an observing Sebas, Evileye did not intend to fight, being too embarrassed to show herself due to her costume, but was provoked by Narberal to enter the mock battle and release some of her frustration. Narberal takes her place in the ring alongside the Blue Roses adventurer. Both teams are acknowledge and the honor of signaling the start of the match is given to Mayor Panasolei.[8]


The demonstration ends in a flashily and explosive end, signaling the conclusion of the festival and hopefully its continuation next year. Tina and Tia suddenly reemerge from hiding to thank Evileye for her cooperation, but the magic caster swears she will get even with them by making them wear costumes next year. The protagonist and Slimeko watching the crowd enjoy the last few moments of the festival feel a sense of accomplishment of the festival as not only did they brighten the lives of the city, but imprinted the culture of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The two are then called by their colleagues to join in the celebrations which they relent with the protagonist giving a speech.

After E-Rantel's first Halloween celebration, the field agents in E-Rantel return to the Round Table Room to give their report to their peers and Momonga. Momonga is happy that everything worked out as festival conveyed the idea to the citizens of E-Rantel that the Sorcerer Kingdom has history with the Boastful Sage. The manipulation of information worked to their advantage in giving their nation a false background.

However he feels that Aura and Mare's contributions during the festival were even greater. Slimeko concurs with the assessment as Aura took the lead to acquire the Longevity Nut for the event as well as Mare stepping in to protect the 6th Floor in her absence. Not only that the twins made contact with members of the Slane Theocracy via a conversation. And while it may seem not much, it's impact on the humans priests is greater than they think.

What is now important is that suspicion towards the Sorcerer Kingdom as lessen and now humans will no longer hesitate to accept the benefits from them. All this was possible due to the cultural links they invented with the Boastful Sage. Demiurge adds that they could even strengthen the nation's supposed origins by circulating goods and customs that likely have came from the historical figure. Albedo agrees as the Baharuth Empire has many magic items that were associated with the Boastful Sage in its markets. Under this approach they could trade with the empire to continue their deception.

Momonga putting aside that the festival expanded the Kingdom's operation, he addresses the conversation Aura and Mare had with Nigun and Ian. The twins report that Nigun of the Theocracy really seems to trust the protagonist and due to that does not consider the Sorcerer Kingdom as an enemy. While they didn't extract any sensitive information from the Scripture, the protagonist believes that in the future they will act more boldly. At which Aura believes when that happens they will be able to obtain more information on the Black Scripture.

Since before the Tripartite Talks, Momonga learned of the existence of the Six Scriptures of the Slane Theocracy, Most particular of interest was the Black Scripture, said to be the strongest unit. Unfortunately as stated by Albedo very little is known about this Scripture, only that Cardinal Raymond was a former member, but anything else such as achievements, equipment and strength remain a mystery. To Momonga it's as expected, as the Black Scripture is a national secret that could cause world turmoil. For now all they can do is watch the Theocracy very carefully for any missteps. Since the "The Three Kingdom Puppetization Project" is not complete Momonga warns his subordinates to remain ever vigilant.

More than anything now, Momonga wishes to take the moment to have a celebration of their own in light of the success of their operation and host a Halloween Festival right now in Nazarick. Everyone in the room them immediately take cue and changes into costume in celebration of their triumph.[9]


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