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E-Naüru was a coastal city situated at the north end of the Re-Estize Kingdom. It was the site of the Kingdom's first major battle in it's war against the Sorcerer Kingdom.


The city itself started out as a simple village over a hundred and twenty years ago by the Naüa family and since than had grown to become the large city as it is today. In all of its history it had never been under siege by an enemy force. E-Naüru was situated at the north end of the Kingdom facing the Rhynd Sea and near the border of the Argland Council State. A city that was blessed by the sea, it was the largest city within Count Naüa’s demesne. Even though it was the largest city within the domain, if you were to head east across the demesne’s border, you would not be too far off from the city famous for its naval port, Re-Uroval.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

The city had received the news of the Sorcerer Kingdom declaring war on the Re-Estize Kingdom from a messenger sent from the capital around a month ago. By conventional logic the citizens of the city did not believe that the Sorcerer Kingdom would attack the northernmost reaches of the Kingdom. It was assumed that the capital would be a target. Thus, the atmosphere of E-Naüru remained the same regardless of the declaration of war up till a few days ago. Other than the decrease in the number of travelling merchants on the streets, life went on as usual in the city.

However the neighboring baron, a few of his subordinates, and the rest of his family had hurriedly escaped to E-Naüru, after some undead suddenly showed up and slaughtered every single civilian in his domain. The information was analyzed, the officials of the city predicted that E-Naüru was on the path that the undead would march through to invade the Kingdom. They immediately sent messengers on fast horses to every village and town within their demesne, ordering them to evacuate. Five days after the evacuation of the citizens within the demesne had ended, they sighted the silhouette of the undead from atop the watchtowers of E-Naüru. The undead began to lay siege upon the city, but was defended by the newly formed Magic Caster Unit and Four Armaments. The appearance of the Death Knight and Death Warrior however placed the outcome of the battle in the favor of the undead as the two monsters easily breached the city gates. However they were destroyed by Azuth Aindra in his Armor of Reinforcement. The results of the battle alerted the Floor Guardians and Ainz Ooal Gown of the of the Powered Suit in Red Drop's possession. Rather than retaliate, and destroy the city, Ainz, who was convinced by Kingdom sympathizers to spare a part of the human population, direct the invasion at the capital. In effect he was giving the city of E-Naüru a chance to escape and hopefully survive.[1]


E-Naüa had no strategic purpose whatsoever, as it was generally regarded as a simple port town where a lot of ships dock there and contribute to fish market. The city itself is defended by fortified walls to keep invaders out and to protects its citizens and assets. It also has several watchtowers strategically placed around the city to watch for any enemy movements before they reach them. On the north end of E-Naüa faced the sea and was covered with piers, however there were no walls covering that side of the city.


City Gate: The city gate was a simple, single giant door made out of logs. It would have been a point of pride for a fishing village. However during the attack on the city it was lacking as a hit from a battering ram would have probably blown out the hinges. Since the citizens could not replace it with something that was sturdier given the amount of time they had, all they could do was reinforce it with wooden planks and seal the frame. The thickness of the gate was about twice what it used to be. In addition, doors like this were resistant to lightning-based attacks but that did not mean that it would not take damage from such spells at all.

Known Characters[]


  • Due to Count Naüa's family research, it led to the creation of E-Naüru style grilled fish.
  • E-Naüru's defense force numbered less than twenty times a large group of zombies.


  1. Overlord Volume 14 Chapter 2: The Beginning of the End


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