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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Dyed White and New Year's Ruler (染まりし白と正月の支配者) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on January 1, 2023 to January 15, 2023. The event was re-released on January 9, 2024 to January 18, 2024.[1]


King Shiramochi-ō, the Ruler of New Year who was once welcomed by Nazarick. His incarnation Shiro revives and announces the arrival of a new New Year.

At the same time, a dangerous situation occurs where mental effects take effect, Momonga and Shiro set out to intervene, but...?[2]


The scene takes place in the peculiar serene Chaos Zone, where several members of Nazarick, such as Albedo, Slimeko and Shalltear Bloodfallen are wearing yukatas and a qipao. For Narberal Gamma and Lupusregina Beta they are respectively dressed in a shrine maid dress and attire resembling the Monkey King. Also present are Pandora's Actor, Cocytus, Momonga, Demiurge, Shiro, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, and Yuri Alpha. All bow wishing a "Happy New Year" and continued support.

Momonga directs his attention to his guest Shiro on his finds the festive atmosphere. Shiro gaining power through the joyous mood admits that it is good. On cue he the Takemikazuchi Shrine appears. Cocytus seeing is interested in the structure, which is understandable to Shiro as it is inspired by his creator Warrior Takemikazuchi. Shiro announces that the shrine will serve as the setting place for New Year's Day in Nazarick.

In the past when New Year's Day approached, it would be regarded in dread, but now thanks to Shiro's aid the NPCs in Nazarick can finally enjoy the holiday without fear.

To explain the event that is now transpiring, a flashback occurs. Some time ago in the past in Momonga's office, Pandora's Actor finishes a report to Albedo, Demiurge and Momonga on the management of the Treasury. From his report, the various mining of resources have stabilized as well as the earnings of foreign currency show an uptrend. Both Albedo and Demiurge attributes the increased profits to Momonga's idol plan. After ending the discussion, Momonga receives a knock at his door to which Aura and Mare enter, followed by an unexpected visitor: Shiro.

Shiro greets Momonga as it has been a year since their last meeting. Momonga is delighted to see Shiro once again. The rest of Momonga's subordinates greet Shiro, having retained their memories of Shiro's existence in his last visit. Albedo in particular had set up a space for Shiro as an honored guest in a corner of the village on the 6th Floor, while Demiurge had maintained an interest in Shiro due to being a intelligent being from the Sea of Possibilities and was seen as a precious source of information.

Pandora's Actor adds that the boy's achievements in aiding Nazarick against the other Shiramochi-ō has been beneficial. Even though Shiro is a guest, Pandora's Actor worries about the New Year's epidemic that usually occurs with his arrival. Shiro though reassures that will not happen this time. As evidence Shiro shows himself that he has literally "thinned" up for some time thus his powers have weaken. Aura studying Shiro admits that he seems to be more diminished somewhat, compared to how she last saw him. Mare is worried as this could mean that Shiro's existence is fading. To Momonga this confirms what he already knew from the twins' reports of Shiro's condition while the Ruler of New Year was staying isolated on the 6th Floor. While Shiro still does not know the cause of the Cracks, the boy is still regarded as a valuable source of information and Momonga would like to maintain a friendly relationship with the entity.

Since Shiro is now out and about, it signifies New Year is approaching. Shiro confirms this and wanted to warn that there would be a possibility that a new "White Mochi King" could arrive through the Crack from the Sea of Possibilities and assist them in intercepting the possible attack.

Momonga is grateful for any aid Shiro can provide. In regards to countermeasures, Demiurge deduces that from his analysis of the previous "White Mochi King", a "ceremony of celebration" that Nazarick performs is equivalent to a summoning ritual that brings for the alien entity. Given that their opponent is a formidable enemy, Demiurge asks his liege how they they should respond in kind as previously? Albedo seconds that proposal in order to handle the event with greater care as it is not just a time of attack but also when Nazarick can unite in a common goal.

Shiro recalls that last year, the mental effect that usually took over the inhabitants of Nazarick, was absent or in that they were not affected. From this he hypothesizes that perhaps celebrating New Year's willingly before the "White Mochi King's" attack made them immune. While cannot confirm that this idea is the truth, it is regarded as logically by Demiurge as it aligns with his theory. Not only that Shiro adds that when New Year's is at its peak, he grows stronger, hence in order for him to be of use, they will need to celebrate New Year's Day in Nazarick.

Pandora's Actor finds this situation to be contradictory as they are planning to halt an invasion of a new Ruler of New Year's whilst helping to strengthening the old one. Momonga admits that it is worrisome as there is concern that the Floor Guardians could turn to the enemy side should the mind control effect happen. Demiurge believes that they should proceed as the benefits outweighs the risk. Even if the power of the White Mochi King grows stronger as a result of the New Year's celebration, Nazarick should not be dissuade to enjoy the holiday themselves. Momonga finding hard to argues is about to agree, when a [Message] comes in for him from Narberal Gamma.

The Pleiades alerts him that she is present with Shalltear Bloodfallen in the restored Throne Room, reporting that they just finished a Chaos Beast subjugation. But the state of the Crack is showing signs of new activity, releasing a cloud of miasma. Shalltear over the magical transmission, begs Momonga to come and see for himself. Momonga and his allies t hen tried to move as fast as they could to the Throne Room, but as they were traveling their, the Crack in the area had already begun to glow, an ominous sign heralding something was coming.[3]

The group hurries past the ruined Lemegeton, and into the Throne Room. As the women reported over the [Message] the chamber is filled with miasma. Momonga observing the scene notes that no Chaos Beasts have appeared yet despite the activity from the Crack. That changes when Shiro alerts everyone that something is crossing over. A Kadomatsu Type Beast appears with aggressive intent. Momonga curious of how his subordinates perceive the entity, does a roll call. All NPCs in the chamber report that it appears to be just a Chaos Beast with a slight weird aura. This confirms to Momonga that none are being influenced by the mental effect. In the past, New Year theme monsters usually are accompanied by a mental field that causes those who encounter them to be seen as harmless, but it appears that the impact now has weaken. While this could be true Momonga does not discount the idea that perhaps the NPCs have developed an immunity or are more guarded than before.

Shiro seeing that he possibly may have caused another New Year's invasion attempts to apologize, but is asked by Momonga to save it at least until the subjugation is done. The hostile summon is quickly cut done by the group. Afterwards everyone confirms that none are hurt. Frankly some like Narberal view the enemy to be not so much different from a normal Chaos Beast. Unlike the past where those under the mental effect were in a state of bliss, Shiro surmises that it may be less effective on people who have a desire to celebrate New Year's. Momonga believes that could be true and that reason for their immunity to the effects could be that the Chaos Beast subjugation probably fell into the category of an activity before New Year's as "general cleaning". It this seems that those who follow in the practices of New Year's are not affected by the mental effect.

This information is valuable as now they can better prepare for future New Year events. Narberal mentions that prior to the subjugation, she having just returned to the dungeon, out of serendipity was invited by Shalltear to join in the session which led to this unexpected discovery. Though the mental effect has been confirmed to be mild for them, Momonga decides to check on other areas statuses. While Aura and Mare are headed to the 6th Floor to check the its state, Momonga contacts Entoma for a report on the 1st Floor.

At the 1st Floor Entoma with Yuri Alpha are now dressed in yukatas and greet their master over the transmission with an early "Happy New Year". The duo inform their master that a tori has appeared and that they are on their way to cross through it. To Momonga this is not unexpected and allows the maids to have fun with the 'festivities'. Albedo asks if this is wise as it is obvious that the two maids are no compromised by the New Year's effect. Momonga thinks that it would be less dangerous to allow things to proceed, as forcibly detaining those affected would lead to unforeseen danger. The tori that Entoma and Yuri mention is a gateway to an area where the White Mochi King appears. Said area is actually Fake Nazarick that has been changed to suit the New Year event. On this Momonga inquires Shiro on how long will it take for the White Mochi King to appear after the area has been converted.

Shiro does not know, only that once all the key event items, the Lucky Items, are found then the boss will appear. However these items so far have yet to be dropped throughout Nazraick, so Momonga believes this New Year might be slightly different. He then decides to focus on preparing for an attack by the White Mochi King and asks Albedo who is currently active outside of Nazarick. He is given the answer that several summons as well as Solution Epsilon, Lupusregina Beta, CZ2128 Delta, and Sebas Tian are out in the field. Besides them there is also the protagonist and Slimeko. The Overlord orders them all to be recalled and reconvene at the 6th Floor and directs his followers to confirm the situation in Nazarick.[4]

The next destination turns out to the bustling Canteen, where Pestonya Shortcake Wanko and the Homunculus Maids greet Momonga with a "Happy New Year." Momonga notices that the maids are busy. Pestonoya confirms this as they are being directed by the Head Chef to hurry and prepare New Year dishes. Cixous and Foire apologize if it all seems rushed as they suddenly felt that New Year's was approaching and that they were compelled to make preparations of the event. Not wanting to dash their spirits, Momonga forgives them and asks that they do not push themselves and to enjoy the holiday.

In the hallways of the 9th Floor, Albedo and Demiurge walk together with Momonga to discuss the state of the 9th Floor under the effect of the New Year's mood. Aside from the maids who have been bewitched by the mental effect, the casino and bar on the 9th Floor are also seen closed. The trio then check the Round Table Room where to the shock find Pandora's Actor and Cocytus lounges underneath the Round Table which has been turned into a kotatsu. Demiurge is aghast at the scence, and even more so when Momonga tells him that he and Albedo acted like this when they were under the mental effect of New Year's.

Albedo annoyed by the carefree attitude of Pandora' Actor and Cocytus quickly snaps them back to attention, berating them for such a display before their master. Seeing how strong such a mental influence is, even to affect a serious character like Cocytus, makes Demiurge a little afraid that the phenomena was a yearly occurrence. Momonga though is confused as why Pandora's Actor is under the mental influence, as the Area Guardian was aware of the dangers just a few moments ago. Turns out Pandora's Actor was not under the New Year's mood, but was so engrossed in a discussion with Cocytus he just allowed himself to curl beside the kotatsu. More angered at this, Albedo demands what could have caught his attention to ignore their master in the room. When Pandora's Actor reveals they were speaking on the topic of heirs, it piques Albedo and Shalltear's interest.

Pandor's Actor explains that he and Cocytus were talking about what they would do when a heir of Momonga is produced and testing the possibilities. For Cocytus he wishes to become their swordsmanship instructor, while Pandora's Actor would like to be seen as an older brother. Hearing this Momonga is relieved as Shiro confirms that the Area Guardian is not under the mental effect, though he notices that Momonga appears to be taking a different tone. Momonga though says not to worry. Demiurge openly realizes that psychoactive effect has become innocuous at this point that it is difficult to tell. Shiro is stunned that they can be so calm with such new discoveries with the crisis at hand.

Albedo calls up the topic of the otoshidama tradition on New Year's, when thinking about children. This track of conversation leads two both Shalltear and ALbedo arguing on which features of their's would be best suited for Momonga's child. The argument is quickly quelled by Momonga. Demiurge while he does not think the topic of a heir is unimportant agrees that they need to prioritize the anomalous situation first.

On that Albedo suggests that all they need to do is "clean" Nazarick to snap everyone out of the mental effect. But Shiro and Momonga believe that they first need to prepare befire doing any mitigation for the current situation especially with the eventual confrontation with the White Mochi King. Shalltear believes that they do not have enough time and worries that even Aura and Mare could be affected by the mental effect even in a small degree. Most importantly she is concerned on the state of the Crack. Taking heed of her concern, Momonga then leads the group to the 6th Floor.

At the 6th Floor, Aura and Mare have defeated a Mochi Type Beast. After it is defeated, Mare asks his sister that maybe they should report to Momonga. Aura is of mind to think that more will come from the Crack on the 6th Floor. They are soon joined by the arrival of Momonga and his entourage who are greatly to see that the dark elves have handled the situation with ease. Upon learning that the monster was a Mochi Type Beast, Momonga inquires if any item drops where left like last time. Sadly the dark elves inform their master there were not causing Momong to be perturbed on the difference between now and the previous New Year's event.

Shiro is happy that the twins are fine as he embraces them. Aura remembering about the item drop Momonga was talking about the item such as the cane that he gave to Shiro the first time they met. Mare also recalls that around the same time they also found a fishing rod after he and Aura had a tossed around a hane together. Demiurge then recalls the report of the "shogatsu" being observed to Momonga. But before Momonga can respond, a [Message] comes in for him from Solution informing all the agents he recalled are present at the Amphitheater.

Momonga ends the call once he tells the maid that he and several others will meet them. To his followers he announces that his undead will monitor the Throne Room whilst they convene at the Amphitheater with their fellows to discuss about the current New Year's Day situation.[5]

At the Amphitheater, the members: Solution, Lupusregina, Sebas, and CZ have arrived. There they learn from Momonga and his escorts of the mental effect overtaken Nazarick. So far those that came back have been unaffected by the phenomena, unlike the other maids in Nazarick. Momonga hosting the discussion advises that the group avoid causal contact with the maids until further notice. As the eve of New Year's is almost here, the mood is more potent due to the arrival of the White Mochi King. Sebas Tian and CZ though become worried as they briefly met with the maids under the influence on the 1st Floor. Narberal is more calm of the situation as their master is aware of the situation. Albedo supports that view believing as long as they follow Momonga's instructions on how to behave during New Year's then they will not be directly harmed. For now they can only act accordingly so that the others under the effect do not react adversely.

Still there are some things which concern Momonga, such as the potential of foreign invaders at such a vulnerable time, so he wants to free their comrades as soon as possible. Shalltear though says that is becoming difficult as the Chaos Beasts are not dropping the necessary item drops for them to proceed with the New Year's event. The protagonist who has come with Slimeko also notes that they need the items related to the Seven Lucky Gods to move forward to save Nazarick as they did in the past. Though last time required only defeating the Kadomatsu and Mochi Type Beasts. From what Slimeko gathered in Ashurbanipal, the Seven Lucky Gods are deities who bring good fortune and adds that it is said that seven misfortunes will be removed and seven forms of happiness will be granted by the gods.

Sebas Tian remembers that one of the items of these gods was a scroll, but Momonga is at a loss of how to find them and so he asks Shiro if he has any idea. All Shiro can say that he has a connection with them and that they serve as key items to trigger the boss event when all are collected. Without them Shiro will be unable to complete his power, however it seems that it is certain a new White Mochi King is pulling the strings. Not only that he senses that there is some kind of relationship between the summons from the Cracks and those defeated. As the more summons are defeated the more powerful the White Mochi King becomes. The group at the Amphitheater view this to be serious as they are inadvertently strengthening their enemy. But this leaves them with a problem of how to save Nazarick and prevent it from being overrun by the Chaos Beasts. Demiurge worries that they may strengthen the White Mochi King if they continue on with the New Year's celebrations.

Momonga is of similar mind to hesitate on moving forward with the New Year's celebrations, but asks Shiro if there is a way to strengthen him without strengthening the other White Mochi King. Shiro thinks its possible but will be difficult as they are sharing the role of being the new incarnations of New Year. They gain power by making everyone aware of New Year through their rituals. By connecting with everyone in a definite reality it adds strengths during the seasonal occurrence. When mentioning of "connecting", Momonga and demiurge receive an idea of willingly being conscious of New Year. He recommends that they form personal relationships with Shiro, the old incarnation of New Year, theorizing that the bond will supersede the new White Mochi King thus preventing the new incarnation from acquiring power. As they are now allies with Shiro, their work is halfway done, all that they need to do is strengthen their bond.

While the idea seems broad, Albedo understands that they need to have Shiro bond with them through a personal shared experience that they enjoy from previous experience they had when they first met. However since those memories of their first meeting are hazy, they will need to recreate them. Aura vaguely recalls that she and Mare played with Shiro when they first met and offers Shiro a game to start off with. The invitation is quickly accepted by Shiro to help reaffirm his friendship with the twins.

Aura and Mare then change into kimonos to play hanetsuki as they did when they first met Shiro. The trio then bounce a hane in the Amphitheater, playing an intense game. After a match, Shiro is declared the winner. Having enjoyed the game, two items: a cane and fishing rod magically appear. Momonga sees that they are the items of the Seven Lucky Gods. Shiro accepting them, takes them into his body, which enhances his power. Not only that Shiro is starting regain clarity of his memories of when he played with Aura and Mare when they first met. Likewise Aura and Mare experience a sudden return of their lost memories.

Demiurge studying the phenomena, feels that on the surface the twins do not appear to be under the mental effect of New Year, but have reclaimed remnants of the past memories of "New Year" that caused them to exist in a state of cognitive impairment. Momonga sees that this is the power of 'bonds' that Shiro made that he cultivated due to his long stay in Nazarick. To experiment, Momonga orders everyone to embrace Shiro. The experience makes Shiro feel ticklish, likening it to a Oshikura Manju. When Momonga turns come, Shiro respectfully asks just to be stroke on the head.

The Floor Guardians and Pleiades members who touched Shiro have an indescribable feeling of being more alert and aware. Sebas Tian for one even remembers with clarity of how one of the Seven Lucky Items, the scroll, was acquired in the last New Year after subjugating a Mochi Type Beast. Solution also recalls the memories and strangeness of when she encountered Shiro for the first time, then thinking him just as "one of the members of Nazarick". But know recalls that her mind was being clouded by the mental effect. The experiment proves that making physical contact with Shiro will allow those who previously were under the mental effect of New Year's to regain their sealed memories during the event.

Albedo finding that having their memories restored to be all in good order, still worries about the safety of Nazarick and the invasion by the Chaos Beasts. Her worries are allayed by Momonga who has prepared by assign several undead and a Shadow Demon to monitor the dungeon while the Guardians handle the crisis. Not that the mental effect has been abated through Shiro's physical contact, Demiurge has a suggestion regarding Cocytus which he can help the Ruler of New Year. Momonga sees that Demiurge has come to the same conclusion that competition fuels Shiro's power, and permits the Floor Guardian to move forward with the plan. He then gives out his orders: to the members of the Pleiades and Sebas to supervise the general maids on the 9th Floor; Shalltear, to guard the tori on the 1st Floor and Aura and Mare to monitor the 6th Floor. Those that remain with him will be the Shiramochi-ō Subjugation Unit. Their first task is to recover Cocytus and test Shiro's effect on the Floor Guardian and to increase his strength.[6]

The subjugation unit hurries back to the Round Table Room to see if Shiro can break the mental effect over Cocytus. They find Pandora's Actor and Cocytus lounging next to the kotatsu. The two stand at attention when Momonga enters the room, though Cocytus appears to be still under the mental effect as he is spouting nonsense of looking forward to raising the heir of Momonga. Pandora's Actor who had been keeping watch on Cocytus's behavior reports that there is no change in his lazy mental state. To fix that, Momonga beckons Shiro to touch Cocytus to see if he can break the mental effect. The boy then squeezes between Pandroa's Actor and Cocytus at the kotatsu. Cocytus almost snaps out of the state, questioning why he is enjoying heat at a kotatsu, before the effect overcomes Shiro's ability to neutralize it, returning Cocytus to his lazy attitude.

This disappoints everyone as the mental effect is too strong on Cocytus. Momonga directs Pandora's Actor and Shiro to bring Cocytus out in the hallway. It is Shiro who catches on that Momonga wants to replicate the time when Shiro fought at the shrine during the previous New Year. He plays along, inviting the 5th Floor Guardian to a mock battle which Cocytus accepts as to test his skills for the future heir. Momonga worried that Cocytus might overdo it orders Pandora's Actor to join in if the battle gets too dicey.

Shiro proceeds to engage with Cocytus in a battle, dodging the warrior's attacks. Somehow Cocytus gets behind Shiro, but before he raises his blade at his opponent, the mental effect looses effect on him and he is utterly confused at why he is in a duel with an ally. Demiurge approaches Cocytus in concern, though Cocytus states he is alright though felt weirdly happy that he was crossing blades. Soon enough a sansageki appears in Cocytus's hand, while a scroll appears in Pandora's Actor hand. Seeing the two items, Momonga is glad to say that the two have successfully formed a bond with Shiro. The items are ordered to be given to Shiro so he can absorb them. Cocytus complies, though there is some hesitation from Pandora's Actor as the item is a rarity. Momonga understanding his creations feelings urges him to return it. Once they are absorbed, Shiro announces that three items only remain.

Demiurge helps to bring a confused Cocytus to speed, who then finally understands the dire situation of the New Year's event. While he feels ashamed for carelessly falling for the mental effect, he is forgiven by Momonga as he is not the only one to fall prey to its influence. Plus the effect have proven time and time again that it is something that a person can resist. Demiurge adds that though this time they had Shiro to negate the effects. Albedo also notes that advantage led to those in their party along with Aura and Mare to become unaffected. Momonga stresses that they need to retrieve the remaining Seven Luck God items.

On that, Demiurge expresses concern on when they finally gather the items, as it will also mean that the White Mochi King will manifest as well. He finds it strange in that last year, Shiro was able to manifest without the need of the items. The White Mochi King though nonetheless appeared regardless, leading to Demiurge to theorized that the Seven Lucky God items from last year were given to the White Mochi King by default because they did not make an effort to collect them, But now on this time around, Nazarick is working to acquire the items, and in doing so strengthen Shiro, thus denying the White Mochi King his full power. Pandora's Actor finds that the news is wonderful as they have no fear to collect the items and be at risk in strengthening the enemy.

Momonga then proceeds to give out the order to rescue Yuri and Entoma from the mental influence when the arrive at the torii on the 1st Floor. The protagonist worries that the place beyond the torii will be similar to the Chaos Zone and so any damage they inflict will be minimal to Nazarick. Momonga expects that there will be a shrine in place in that space and copy of Shiramochi-ō waiting for them. For Cocytus to redeem himself Momonga advises that the Floor Guardian be ready to show his might. And for Shiro that state his wishes for before they cross Hatsumōde. The words take Shiro by surprise that Momonga who put him in charge of this, but finds that the Overlord wished to strengthen Shiro's New Year's spirit and his words are all supported by his subordinates.

Shiro desiring to have a perfect New Year's celebration suggests that they should dress for the occasion. Momonga then orders Pandora's Actor to make ready for the proper costumes for his entourage. The team then regroups at the Round Table Room to make their final preparations. There the Treasurer returns with the appropriate costumes for not just the Floor Guardians, but also the two accompanying Pleaides: Narberal and Lupusregina.

Narberal in her costumes muses her miko outfit makes her resemble her younger sister while Lupusregina notes hers to be more dedicated to ease of movement, and yet quite different from the normal New Year's costumes she head of. Momonga silently agrees as the costume is more or less that of the character Son Goku and Pandora's Actor may have been slightly confused on the holiday. Pandora's Actor admits that there were several other appropriate New Year's costumes, but ones give to the maids were selected because they are popular equipment for dance performances which he believes will come in handing for the raid on the Chaos Realm. The final decision on the costumes goes to Shiro, who approves of the costumes. Momonga then asks the two Pleiades members to test out the new equipment.[7]

The two complete a dance performance and soon find that a mallet and treasure bag have appeared in their hands, signifying they have strengthen their bond with Shiro. They are given to Shiro who then becomes stronger. Momonga soon finds himself worrying about Shiro's growing power as then the boy will possibly be stronger than him and worries that even using [True Death] he may still come back from the Sea of Possibilities. While he considers their friendship to be strong, Momonga still feels he needs a countermeasure and advance his research into the Cracks.

He hides his dark feelings of this from Shiro, keeping a supportive voice to Shiro. One more item is left to acquire though right now Momonga is more interested in the situation beyond the torii in Fake Nazarick. His concern is for Yuri and Entoma still in the Chaos Realm. Everyone in his party is ready as most have donned kimonos for the raid and to increase the atmosphere of New Year's for Shiro. The level of support is overwhelming to Shiro who plans to repay them by retaking Nazarick from the other Shiramochi-ō.

At the 1st Floor, the party arrive before the torii. where Shalltear is monitoring the structure. When they arrive, the vampire is glad to see that Momonga and the others were able to restore Cocytus to his normal self and gives them an update on the status of the torii. So far no changes have happened with the torii since it appeared. The flashy clothes of Shalltear's friends does not go unnoticed. Upon learning that they have all dressed complying with Momonga's orders to fulfill "Shiro's New Year visit" to strengthen their bonds, Shalltear is relieved of guarding the torii to come with them. Before going into the torii, Shalltear leaves to changes to dress for the occasion.

While waiting for Shalltear, Albedo informs Momonga that in their absence, she and Demiurge had left the Evil Lords to guard the 1st Floor along with the Eight-Edge Assassins. Shalltear returns now dressed in a qipao, which draws some praise by the others, save for Albedo who finds it to clash with the traditional kimono for the holiday. Shalltear though highlights that the outfit given to her by Peroroncino was chosen to allow her to fight openly against the Ruler of New Year.

Now ready, the group dive into the torii and enter the strange version of the Chaos Realm. In uncharted territory, Momonga warns the group to be on guard for anything as inthe past their experience with the realm always saw to the spawning of Shadows that attacked them. Lupusregina spots some familiar faces, Yuri and Entoma who greet them and still under the effect of New Year's. At Momonga's command, Shiro touches them and upon contact the women are freed from the mental influence. After a brief time of confusion, they learn of the situation and join the party in defeating the White Mochi King of the area. So far there is no sign of the entity which causes Demiurge to think that they still need the last key item to make him appear.

Momonga is not sure of what more so he asks Shiro want they need to do. Shiro decides that for this New Year's to be the best he wants everyone to greet him. Then as one everyone say "Happy New Year" and offer salutations. It works and Shiro feels a burst of energy and uses his power to cause the Takemikazuchi Shrine to appear immediately playing out the scene of the start the event.

The resulting calls of admiration and cheers of the shrine soon bring out the biwa which lands in Albedo's arms. The last item of the Seven Lucky Gods is then given to Shiro who becomes fully empowered. Shiro taking it then warns hi comrades that the other Shiramochi-ō who probably emerge and that a fight will soon occur. In order to end the New Year's event they will have to fight. The others are ready and prepared to fight the boss.[8]


Shiro regains his awakened appearance and the other Shiramochi-ō appears as expected before the shrine. Momonga looking at the entity view magic confirms that boss's power is the same as last time. He gives Shalltear to lead the attack and Albedo to prepare her defense. Shalltear lands a blow on Shiramochi-ō, who is injured and Albedo casts [Walls of Jericho] for a defensive perimeter. Momonga admits that there is not much difference, and Demiurge muses that they were wise to retrieve all the key items. Momonga gives the signal to attack Shiramochi-ō. Shiramochi-ō responds with his usual bluster though Shiro is unimpressed as he is determined to shut his "brother" up.

The team eventually defeat Shiramochi-ō and later causes the Chaos Realm to vanish and with it freeing everyone in Nazarick under the New Year's effect. even so Nazarick continues to celebrate. To commemorate the safety of Nazarick, Momonga hosts an event on the 6th Floor. There the general maids and Floor Guardians are found in the Amphitheater cheering with a New Year's performance by LittleMasStar, with guests stars Narberal and Lupusregina in their New Year's costumes.

Whilst the rest of Nazarick and Shiro are enjoying the performance by the idols and guest stars, Momonga backstage is doing some consulting with Mare and Demiurge about the recent encounter with Shiramochi-ō. Though they were able to defeat Shiramochi-ō this time, Momonga worries about the future New Year's to come and the need to find a way to reduce the mental effects and more efficient deal with the Ruler of New Year. Demiurge understanding his master's concern, also brings up a worrisome topic, that Shiro could be acting as a beacon drawing this phenomena to them. Mare hearing this asks the demon if they should eliminate Shiro then? Momonga though feels that type of action is too drastic as they still do not know enough about the Crack or Sea of Possibilities to elucidate a proper course of action. Furthermore he has reservation of cutting a cherished relationship with Shiro. Still he believes that a [True Death] on Shiro will be enough should he become a threat.

Another reason as to why he is hesitant to kill Shiro is that the boy is of a similar age to Aura and Mare to interact with. Thus it would be a waste to get rid of him at the expense of the mental development. He believes that as long as they twins can befriend him, then there is no way for Shiro to betray them. Demiurge agrees to follow his master's plan, as does Mare who promises to monitor the boy.

The trio then return to watch the idol performance, where the idols Acidity, Alkaline and Neutrally thank everyone and give them a "Happy New Year" to the audience. Momonga in the crowd approaches Shiro and asks how he is enjoying the show. To which Shiro confesses that it is better than he expected as a formal New Year's celebration. In the midst of the audience's cheers, Momonga officially gives Shiro a place in Nazarick, bestowing him the title of "New Year Guardian". [9]


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