Dwarven Longsword is the tentative name given to the longsword Ainz Ooal Gown found in the Feo Berkana's Treasury Vault.

Description Edit

The blade was long enough to be considered a type of longsword, and it was intricately decorated.

Appearance Edit

It is said that no runes are decorated on the sword and the body of the blade felt smooth and even. This weapon's beauty was enough for someone as Ainz to praise its appearance.

Abilities Edit

Ainz speculated that based on levels it would be equal to a level 50 item. Mana flowed through this sword, and despite having Ainz having restrictions that normally prevent him from wielding such weapons, he was able to handle it with ease.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Ainz had tried to cast Greater Magic Item: Appraisal on this weapon but got interrupted by Gondo. He then discarded it back into the pile of treasure.
  • This item is currently the highest level weapon Ainz has personally found in the New World.
  • It is unclear if the sword is an item that originated from YGGDRASIL or the New World.


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