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Duke Wimburg (ウィンブルグ公爵) was a noble from the Baharuth Empire in the Web Novel.


The duke was probably in his late fifties, but his hair was still thick and he had a neat beard. Combined with his hearty face, he seemed to be much younger than his actual age.[1]


The Duke is noted to be garrulous, chatting non-stop with a slippery tongue. As the prophet, the Duke maintained an appearance of someone who performed the ritual in silence and in a pre-prepared fashion. Due to his pious actions, he was regarded with respect.


Duke Wimburg was said to have been a member of Zurrernorn and served as the prophet for a subsidiary cult in the Baharuth Empire worshiping the fake god, Jashin. He was the highest-ranking noble within the congregation who was responsible for every whim of the Evil God. Despite his high rank, he was nothing more than a sacrifice to Zuranon and the Great One who were his true masters.


Overlord Second Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord Second Half Arc

Duke Wimburg was among the nobles that attended Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown's party. Five days after the party, Duke Wimburg visited the Archduke. He spoke non-stop to Ainz, boring the magic caster. Ainz attempted to politely ask him to leave but ends up accepting an invitation for a little meeting. Ainz Ooal Gown soon finds that the Duke had asked him to join a cult group known as Zuranon.[2]

The Duke acted as the prophet lead the welcoming reception for Ainz Ooal Gown as the congregation believed Ainz to be Jashin. To appease the Archduke, the Wimburg gifted Ainz with a sacrifice and later a second one after Ainz asked if that was all. Wimburg had underestimated Ainz's influence over his flock and had his authority usurped when Ainz performed a true miracle, granting the gathered nobles their youth. After the gathering, Duke Wimburg conferred with his colleague and Clementine. Seeing that the noble was responsible for this loss, Clementine executed him.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

As a possible blood relative of the emperor, Duke Wimburg may possess great power and influence. Later it was revealed that the Duke could use magic, and there were rumors that he used to be a priest of some sort.


Ainz Ooal Gown[]

The duke was one of the first ones to approach him after he had revealed his true face. The duke wished to use Ainz to increase his influence over his followers in his cult. However, it backfired on him, making him lose control over the cult and leading to his death.


  • Duke Wimburg is introduced in Chapter 17 of the Second Half of the Web Novel, but his name is not disclosed until Chapter 18.


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