Dress Up★Hamsuke (ドレスアップ★ハムスケ) by Anri Sakano (坂野杏梨) is the sixth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Hamsuke wishes to be a lady to Albedo, who asks why. The hamster notes that her master always calls her cute, and yet is disappointed that she does not live to her title as Wise King of the Forest. She wishes to change the perception of herself. Albedo agrees to consult with others. Shalltear Bloodfallen hears Hamsuke's desire and gives her a skull which she uses to decorate her head. Mare Bello Fiore and Aura Bella Fiora come along curious to see what they are doing. Shalltear explains that she is helping Hamsuke become an imechen. Interested Mare gives Hamsuke, a bow to tie around her forehead. The elves are taken by Hamsuke's appearance and suggest Hamsuke enhance her image by speaking to Pandora's Actor for advice on Ainz's preference. During her excitement, Hamsuke accidentally bites her tongue causing her to bleed blood on her fur coat. She then visits the other NPCs who give her props and advice to enhance her beauty. Ainz comes around looking for the hamster to feed her, eager to see that cute face of her. However she appears and her new appearance horrifies Ainz making him scream.

Character Appearances

Chapter Notes

  • Imechen is roughly translated as teen idol.
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