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Dragonoid (竜人) is one of the heteromorphic races in YGGDRASIL.


In the Web Novel, Shalltear highly hinted that Dragonoids like Sebas are known to possess a dragonic form.


According to the author Maruyama, Sebas' true form which is a Dragonoid was said to be stronger than Cocytus who had the highest attack power among Nazarick's warriors.[1]

Let alone Cocytus, Ainz suggested that Sebas' Dragonoid form can also overwhelm Albedo who is heavily specialized in defense. Between the three of them as warriors, Sebas' Dragonoid form was ranked by Ainz to be more powerful than either of those two in melee combat physically.[2]

In the Web Novel, Shalltear states that if Sebas transform into a Dragonoid and go all out on her, she believes that the two of them should be able to fight to the death.[3]

When in this form, Sebas will turn unreasonable despite being a monk. In the form of a Dragonoid, they are said to acquire superior magic damage reduction and other things relatively connected to magic invalidation.[4]

Known Dragonoids


  • Shalltear Bloodfallen was the first person who refers to Sebas as a Dragonoid while he is still in the form of a human.[5]
  • Although Sebas is able to outclass both Cocytus and Albedo under his Dragonoid form, Ainz acknowledged the fact that Rubedo is the strongest warrior in Nazarick.[6]


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