Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert: WARNING! This page happens to contain a lot of heavy spoilers that are all originated from the Overlord author, Kugane Maruyama and his collection of written works. Anime-only watchers and Manga-only readers, please take some time off to reflect it over for a bit before choosing to expose yourself on reading the information below recklessly.

Dragon Chaos Beast (竜型混沌獸) is a type of monster that appears in Mass for the Dead.


The Dragon Chaos Beast is metallic dragon-like creature with bits Chaos Stones decorating its body.


The Chaos Beast is a specialized flying monster. It was a highly durable creature able to withstand several attacks. It appears to have resistance to physical attacks, though ice attacks, magic attacks and magic skills will be effective.


  • In the Mass for the Dead, the beast makes its first appearance in the ruined city of Kalinsha, guarding a strange artifact in the Cathedral.[1]
  • Like real dragons in Overlord, it has inherited a lust for treasure and will protect its hoard to the death.


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