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Doom Lord is a powerful undead from YGGDRASIL that can be summoned by Pandora's Actor while disguised as Ainz Ooal Gown.[1]


It is a type of undead that has a rusted crown sat on his dome and a blood-stained cape hung off his back. Adorning his full-plate armor were multiple scythe-like curved blades.


Despite being a level 70 monster summon, a Doom Lord has stats far beyond its level.

Doom Lord's main weakness is that its health constantly decreases, though it can be recovered by exposing the Doom Lord to negative energy by using spells such as Negative Burst.

Its main weapon is a long curved blade set upon a pole, a War Scythe.


  • Ruinous Night:
    • The rate at which the black smog spewed out of it increased, spreading to its surroundings.
    • Increases the combat-related stats of the user in exchange for a faster HP depletion rate.
    • Ignores any damage reduction caused by a difference in level.
    • Undead that stood in the black smog including the Doom Lord itself would take less damage from Light and Holy Elemental attacks. The same applied for bonus damage caused by a difference in karma.
    • Another strength of this ability is the fact that it could be triggered simultaneously on top of other buffs.


  • The scythe it wields is shrouded in negative energy.
  • Using the form of his creator Ainz Ooal Gown, Pandora's Actor had access to summoning a Doom Lord during its fight with Platinum Dragon Lord's Armor
    • However, as noted by Ainz and the Floor Guardians the overall power of Pandora's Actor's Doom Lord was considerably weaker than Ainz's own summons due to him not using Ainz's unique skills to buff and power up the summoned Doom Lord during his duel against Riku.


  1. Overlord Volume 14 Chapter 4: Well-Prepared Traps


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