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Dominion Authority (威光の主天使) are middle-rank angel summons originating from YGGDRASIL. In the New World, summoning them is considered impossible, unless through large scale rituals.


When Dominion Authority is summoned, it bathes the area in holy white-blue light and brings a slight fragrance to the air. While its head and body are obscured it is covered with numerous glowing feathered wings and is decorated with royal tablets. At the front of its head, a glowing divine magic circle is emitted.


Dominion Authority was an angel of the highest order in the New World, that could easily destroy a city. On the other hand, it was also an angel that had single-handedly destroyed a Demon God that rampaged throughout the land 200 years ago.


In the New World, Dominion Authority is considered to be the highest ranked angel under possession of the Sunlight Scripture. It has a special ability to increase the strength of a spell every time it is summoned. In other words, this is a once-per-summoning special skill that it uses to augment its spell power. The power of this angel's spell carries an extra effect only on those with evil alignment. The tablet it wields enable it to activate its ability, however, the tablet will shatter into pieces and orbit around the angel when activated.[1]


  • Holy Smite: A 7th tier spell cast by Dominion Authority. It envelops the target in a column of pure light and inflicts extra damage if they're evil-aligned.[2]


  • Unlike the Principality Observation and the Archangel Flame that are of the Third Sphere, Dominion Authority is of the Second Sphere. Thus, far surpassing them in rank and power.
  • While the Angels of the Third Sphere could be summoned normally by the summoners of the Sunlight Scripture, Dominion Authority can only be summoned using the magic Sealing Crystal that was passed to Nigun Grid Luin by his superior.
  • The Slane Theocracy can summon a Dominion Authority through a large scale ritual that involves multiple casters. However, the end result is said to be usually catastrophic.[3]
  • According to Nigun of the Sunlight Scripture, casting the spell to summon Dominion Authority required an incalculable amount of money and manpower to do so.


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