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Divanack (ディーヴァーナーク) was historically said to be a legendary deity known by some inhabitants in the New World.


Divanack was said to possess eight fingers with each one, meaning to represent the desire that humans had.


Based on his principle of ruling, Divanack is likely to share the same rotten desires he presides over.


Divarnack was remembered in the history of the New World as the Demon God of Corruption and Pleasure. At some point in time, he was burned by the Fire God, and sealed away in the Demon World.[1]

In addition to that, he was said to hold the position as the God of Theft. Divernack is also a subordinate of the Earth God.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Divarnack was different from the other Evil Deities that the Thirteen Heroes defeated in the past, but was still considered a Demon God nonetheless, and ruled rotten desires.


  • In the Web Novel, Divanack was the origin name behind the Eight Fingers organization, using it as a trademark for carrying out their businesses. While as in the Light Novel, the Eight Fingers supposedly named themselves after the God of Theft's characteristics being eight fingers.
  • Similar to himself and the Eight Fingers, the origin of Six Arms was symbolically based on Divernack's brother who got six arms.


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