Dimoya (ディモイヤ) is a student at the Imperial Magic Academy.

Appearance Edit

A girl who had short hair with a slightly big ears. Dimoya is also said to wear light-colored glasses.

Personality Edit

Dimoya is noted to be intellectual and more mature than see appears to be. She believes that analyzing collected information and making decisions in multiple ways will be useful in the future. For that reason, Dimoya sometimes gets astonishing information in the school.

Background Edit

Dimoya is aspires to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus has a daily task of collecting various information.

Chronology Edit

Overlord Second Half Arc Edit

Dimoya approached Jet Testania at lunch to learn if it was true that Fluder Paradyne had joined his class as a student.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Dimoya's skills as an information gatherer is well known in the Imperial Magic Academy. She thus acts as a information agent in the academy.

Relationships Edit

Jet Testania Edit

Dimoya appears to be friendly towards Jet, though he finds her annoying and tries to brush her away. The only times they interact is they trade information.

Trivia Edit

  • Dimoya gathers information, not all of it is reliable and mostly gossip. Though she says gossip in itself has gems that are buried in it.


  1. Overlord Second Half Chapter 22: The Academy Part 2

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