Demon God of Insects was an entity that was a member of the Evil Deities that rampaged across the New World two hundred years ago.

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The Demon God of Insects was an entity that participated in the Demon Gods’ Unrest bringing ruin across the New World. At some point, the Demon God was defeated by Evileye.

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The Men in the Kingdom Arc Edit

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Majority members of Blue Roses engaged in fighting Entoma. Seeing that she was an Insect summoner, like the Demon God of Insects, Evileye used [Venom Bane], which crippled the Pleiades maid.[1]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc Edit

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During his conversation with Rigrit, Platinum Dragon Lord reminisced about the time he fought against the Evil Deities with his friends. Especially the face of Evileye that performed superbly during the fight with the Demon God of Insects.[2]

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From snippets of conversations of members of the Thirteen Heroes, it’s highly probable that this Demon God was an Insect Master as it used insects in its attacks.

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  • In order to combat it, Evileye developed Insecticide Magic which was effective in eliminating it.


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