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"The Seventh Floor Guardian Demiurge, at your command."
— Demiurge's Introduction

Demiurge (デミウルゴス) is the Floor Guardian of the 7th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the Commander of the NPC defenses, and the 2nd in command of the Floor Guardians. He is the creation of Ulbert Alain Odle.

In the New World, under the guise of a powerful Demon Emperor known as Jaldabaoth, he led his demon army to and started a battle in the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom, and also led the demi-human coalition in an assault on the Roble Holy Kingdom.


Demiurge is described to be a tall demon with dark skin and nicely combed black hair. Behind the round glasses are eyes so squinted that they are not normally visible. Wearing a British suit with a tie, he is dressed like a gentleman. Behind his back is a silver tail, covered with metal plates and six long spikes at the end. In his humanoid form, Demiurge's eyes lack eyeballs, instead, shining jewels with numerous small cuts take their place.

He can use several of his skills to mold and change certain parts of his body into offensive weapons for battle. For instance, he can produce a unique set of wings from behind his back for flight purposes and to launch feathery attacks at his foes. When in his half-demon form, everything about his body becomes frog-like including his newly-monstrous face with a pair of large black leathery wings. Seeing this, Jircniv presumes that Demiurge may perhaps be a mutant or offshoot Toadman, or even a king-type of such race.

For those who first met him in the New World at Re-Estize, Demiurge appears to be wearing a mask which silently conceals his face under the moniker Jaldabaoth. On the other hand, there were others from Kalinsha who ended up discovering that he could assume a different form after they felled for his deception. Although it is true that a demon like Demiurge as Jaldabaoth can transform, the one they witness was not really him, but a familiar he conjured forth in his place.


As he is a demon, Demiurge is considered to be one of the cruelest members in Nazarick, taking great joy in the suffering of other races. Additionally, he was programmed to act that way in his character settings by Ulbert. For that reason, he enthusiastically performs magic experiments on the prisoners sent to him, viewing them as nothing less than toys for his own amusement. He passionately enjoys inciting hateful feelings and treacherous thoughts among the victims of his experiments for his own pleasure. Demiurge takes great pleasure in seeing the chaos and pandemonium he has incited within the hearts of his subject. It came to a point where he had finally earn the hate by all his subjects of different races, much to his delight. As the Commander of the NPC defenses, he has a high level of intelligence and strategic thinking. He would also act apologetic towards his master on the behalf of the incompetent Floor Guardians barring Albedo for not being able to clearly understand a portion of Ainz's schemes but himself and the Overseer. He is keenly analytical on whatever plans Ainz had in mind for him to do along with the other NPCs, quickly deducing why his master intentionally allows Cocytus to borrow forces of low-tier undead rather than stronger ones.

Demiurge works closely with the other servants of Nazarick and is loyal to the creators, thinking of them as important companions and consider their words/saying as wisdom pass down to him to reflect on. However, due to their conflicting personalities shared with their respective creators, he and Sebas Tian do not appear to get along well with each other. Though Demiurge is a sadistic demon that thrives on the pain of other creatures, he has a more artistic side to him. He is a skilled carpenter and artisan, with hobbies of crafting beautiful works of art. Such artwork is done by using victims from his experiments as tools for his inspiration. Demiurge is ambitious about the future of Nazarick and will do everything he can including his duties and experiments like the making of scrolls to strengthen their fighting force. He takes every word his master says literally, misinterpreting them to the best of his knowledge and ability. This can be heavily emphasized when Demiurge became the mouthpiece of Ainz to explain their master's supposed plan to his fellow Nazarick denizens. The only time Demiurge was ever known to lose his composure happens to be when his master Ainz's life is in danger. Nonetheless, Demiurge is considerate and meticulous of his plans by not recklessly relying on Nazarick's resources too much. He likes to hear his master Ainz's words directly face-to-face from him rather than through a [Message] call.

On the other hand, Demiurge's kindness is genuine when directed towards his fellow denizens of Nazarick. He is considered to be a very gentle person around the friends in Nazarick he talks to. However, to everyone not affiliated with Nazarick, his kindness is merely a means to an end. According to Sebas, Demiurge has abused hostages in front of the enemy in order to frighten them into submission. Demiurge felt the thought of immobilizing would-be rescuers and then having them watch as he tortured their hostage is a moving sight for him to do. If it were Demiurge, he would even let the rescuers who came to mount a rescue escape with their hostage. Demiurge detailed that he would firstly let them rest at ease and believe they had escaped, and then he would turn the tables on them. This way, he can see his victims experience hope, before having them fall into despair when everything they do works against their favor.


Demiurge was made and came into being by his creator Ulbert Alain Odle. He is one of the Floor Guardians that was assigned to the Great Tomb of Nazarick. In the New World, Demiurge can be seen as a secret collaborator with very important individuals from different nations he holds connections to, conspiring alongside them to help further the interests of Nazarick. Behind the scene and war, Demiurge would also go as far as to set up secret meetings and work with his loyal conspirators within nations who could secretly serve to assist Nazarick's cause in the field of politics.

Among the people he is in cahoot with as his associates, some of which happens to be none other than the Golden Princess from the Re-Estize Kingdom and the current ruler of the Roble Holy Kingdom. Particularly, he has even calculatingly and deviously goes as far as to manipulate nobles like Marques Raeven that hailed from the Re-Estize Kingdom to do his bidding through means of blackmailing him by holding his son hostage. Among one of such other methods Demiurge was recently known to use happens to be a political assassination instigated on Prince Caspond of the Holy Kingdom and replacing him with a puppet to take over the individual's role in the human nation.

From the nations he infiltrated, he made sure to carefully cover his tracks so that various operations started by him don't get exposed to the enemy. In the case of Operation Gehenna which Demiurge had set up, he use the Re-Estize Kingdom as a basis for his grand scheme of things. To Demiurge, it is all so that he can prep his next move, using the Demonic Disturbance he had caused in the Re-Estize Kingdom's Royal Capital as a proving ground for his inevitable course of actions in the Holy Kingdom. Demiurge made the inhabitants of the New World come to believe that he is the rising Demon King, Jaldabaoth. His Jaldabaoth persona that represent the demon's existence came into question when two nations fought him under unique forms respectively.

On the other hand, Demiurge was known to take satisfaction in conducting many experiments. Among all the experiments he oversees doing, Demiurge focuses on testing out interbreeding and healing magic with the people he and members of Nazarick had captured outside the tomb. He refers to his test subjects as the "Abelion Sheep." He has his own farming ranch set up to prepare for skinning them alive in order to grind for materials like their skins to use in making low-tier magic scrolls. Demiurge had several rules arranged to regulate the interactions and hierarchy between test subjects of different races to the extent that he force them to cannibalize each other alive.

While so, he loved craftsmanship in general and had even made use of the bones of his victims to construct things like a chair. Demiurge enjoyed making objects like these. He was very interested in that field, covering items ranging from objects such as furniture kind. It was said that his techniques had surpassed those of a casual dabbler. Through every kind of work he does during duties, Demiurge express the bold desire to impress Ainz and earn his praises by displaying the achievements the demon had accomplished doing.

At some point in the course of the Overlord series, after making himself known as Jaldabaoth in the New World, Demiurge conquered the Abelion Hills and created a Demi-Human Alliance stationed there. He silently led the coalition of demi-human forces into an all-out war with the Roble Holy Kingdom using his summoned Evil Lord Wrath to be Jaldabaoth as a guise to hide his true identity, Demiurge. Working in the shadows, he is considered to be the mastermind who orchestrated the latest hostile conflicts to ensue between humans and demi-humans, manipulating and plunging both opposing sides to go to war with each other on the battlefield calculatingly. The tragic events caused by Jaldabaoth in the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Holy Kingdom were all planned out by him, using such fake persona to also secretly hide Nazarick's involvement and influence in these two nations.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

When Momonga calls for the Floor Guardians to meet on the 6th Floor of the Amphitheater, Demiurge is the last one among them to arrive. Seeing that the two remaining Floor Guardians are not around, Demiurge asked Momonga about why Victim and Gargantua are not present in this meeting, to which the latter states that they are only to be moved under special circumstances. He pays his respects to the Supreme Being, describing the greatness of Momonga and his tremendous wisdom to make reasonable decisions and acts on them quickly. As Nazarick's defense commander, Demiurge along with Albedo were given the order by Momonga to be in-charge of drawing up a more comprehensive system for the tomb. At the same time, Demiurge was commanded to exclude the 8th Floor from Nazarick's management system he and Albedo were assigned to do.[1]

After the meeting concluded and Momonga had left, Demiurge notices that Shalltear has been acting quiet for quite some time now and ask her what's wrong while Albedo and Sebas were discussing. Upon hearing her answer, he can't help but facepalm himself, silently musing that Shalltear's behavior towards their master's aura is part of the vampire's necrophilia fetish. When Albedo refuses to let such lewd action from Shalltear go unnoticed, he and Cocytus simply back off from the matter, choosing to leave the two's quarrel to Aura to handle. If things spiral out of control aggressively between Albedo and Aura, Demiurge told Aura to call on his assistance if that happens. Nonetheless, Demiurge admits he is a bit interested on which one of the two female Floor Guardians Ainz will look to copulate in having a child with as a result.

For that reason, he begins pondering to both Mare and Cocytus about increasing the fighting power of Nazarick and what's in store for the future to come in the tomb. Particularly, he wonders whether or not Momonga will be able to give Nazarick a future successor to carry on his will and inherit the throne if he one day leaves them like his creator and the other Supreme Beings. For Demiurge, having the heir of Nazarick will give him a reason to pledge his newfound loyalty to it. Interested in knowing what they can do for the strengthening of Nazarick, Demiurge asked Mare if he is interested in breeding a child much to the latter's surprise. Demiurge was able to convince Mare in helping him find and capture any humanoid including different humans and elves that he can used for his Breeding Experiments. Demiurge promised Mare that he will someday offer him knowledge of how to produce children of his own. However, knowing Momonga, he chooses to refrain Mare from participating in doing Breeding Experiments with him as the latter will be scolded by their master for it. Not only that, but Demiurge also don't want neither himself nor Mare's action to affect Nazarick as operations of the tomb is perfectly balanced at the moment.

As Demiurge thought of setting up a farm outside Nazarick, he then curiously asked Mare why he is dressed as a girl. Learning that his creator made him dress as a "trap," Demiurge contemplates on whether all boys in Nazarick should be dressed the same way as Mare. He shortly later dismiss it to bring attention including Cocytus and Albedo back to the their duties as Floor Guardians, awaiting orders from the Overseer before heading out to do his job.[2]

While waiting for Albedo on the 1st Floor, Demiurge along with his Evil Lords discovers Momonga attempting to sneak out of the tomb in a dark warrior outfit and without an escort. He is able to persuade Momonga to take at least one person along like himself to go with him. The condition to be allowed to go with Momonga was to temporarily refer to his master by a different alias for the time being together. Before he sets off with Momonga, Demiurge orders his Evil Lord subordinates to remain on standby where they're at and explained to the NPCs like Albedo about why he is not with them. Demiurge also informs Momonga that he has no intention of removing honorifics when saying his name within Nazarick unless the former is on a special mission under his master's order. After setting off with his master and accompanying him, Demiurge transforms into his half-demon form and follows after Ainz. The two admiringly appreciate the view of the world around them as well as observing the earthwork being done by Mare while in the sky. When Momonga jokes about conquering the New World, he seriously offers to ready the armies of Nazarick to present it as a gift for his master.

On the other hand, he also tells Momonga that Nazarick's perimeter security now has an early-warning net constructed to be on the lookout for intruders without the opposition noticing. He parted ways with Momonga temporarily before shortly later returning to his side while bringing Albedo alongside him after informing the Overseer that their master will be outside the tomb with Mare. Seeing that both Mare and Albedo were awarded the Rings of Ainz Ooal Gown, he vows to his master Ainz that he will continue working hard in the future to prove his worth for that item.[3]

After Momonga announces his goals to the NPCs, Albedo has Demiurge relay the words Momonga imparted to him earlier. Misunderstanding Momonga's true intentions, he tells everyone present that their master's wish is to claim and conquer the world for the glory of Nazarick.[4]

The Emissary of the King Arc

Main article: The Emissary of the King Arc

Demiurge is seen receiving a messenger from Ainz via the latter's Death Knight who relays the question about what he desires from his master. The demon humbly states that serving the will of his master is fulfillment enough and questions whether this is a test given to him. Demiurge then decides that he desires to become the marshal of the skies once Ainz's plans for world conquest comes to fruition. Demiurge also requested the Death Knight to ask Ainz why he had control of only seven out of the twelve demons while the other five remaining are missing.[5]

The Guardians' Vacation Arc

Main article: The Guardians' Vacation Arc

When Ainz calls for a meeting with the Guardians, Demiurge inquires his master of how can they be of assistance to their liege. Learning that it was about the subject of giving them a vacation, Demiurge informs his master that such matter is handled by himself and Albedo. According to Demiurge, ever since Nazarick was transported to the New World, they have raised their alertness level, and in order to prevent against enemy intrusion, the Guardians like himself remain vigilant 24 hours a day, ready to take on any and all comers. In the end, he had no other choice but to thank and accept his master's care and concern of asking them to rest. However, he suggests Ainz's vacation system requires some time and need to be put to the test first before applying it to every Nazarick denizen except themselves in the tomb.

While spending his time with the Guardians in private, Demiurge express his concern for their master Ainz to them. Demiurge's worry stems from how accurate his prediction was that Ainz would continue throwing himself into work without rest. Demiurge start their discussion off with the first item by leaving it to Sebas to share the result of Ainz's health examination for them to hear. Seeing the bad result, he can't help but feel shock to see that one of the 41 Supreme Beings such as Ainz is supposedly cursed. He informs Aura that the next item they will be talking about is the words of the Supreme Being Herohero. When he learn of "health exam," Demiurge assumes it was used to refer to checking for bad statuses.

On the other hand, Demiurge's conjecture tells him that maybe his master Ainz wanted to give them some to rest solely for the sake of their time to better reflect and improve on what they do. He traced his evidence from the fact that Ainz himself does not bother to rest unlike them. Although he hasn't spoken of the time with Ainz since that night in the sky, Demiurge felt regretfully bad that he stole Ainz's thunder. Realizing that he was being too hasty, Demiurge believes that in order to gain clearer results, they require more time to think it over for this meeting. When it comes to thinking about the words of the Supreme Beings, Demiurge acknowledges that the most important thing is their effort.[6]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

Under his master's order, Demiurge participated in a discussion with Ainz about contingency plans.[7]

Having been given a mission by Ainz, Demiurge proceeds to find Albedo to announce his departure. While on his way to visit, he can't help but admire the entire 9th Floor of Nazarick during his walk through there. Demiurge greeted Éclair Éklair Éklare, acknowledging that it is up to the latter and Pestonya on managing the 9th Floor in Sebas Tian's stead while he is away. Learning from Éclair that Albedo is in his master's room, Demiurge recalls the time that he had to convince the Guardian Overseer in letting Ainz travel to E-Rantel which he had succeeded successfully.

Upon entering Ainz's bedroom, he finds the Overseer squirming under their master's sheets and with a Dakimakura much to his utter shock. Listening to her delusions of having Ainz's children, he gives her a tip that the Supreme Beings like boys to wear girls' clothes due to a previous misunderstanding he heard from them. Exasperated and uneasy, he notifies her of the other Floor Guardians' and some members of the Pleiades' absences in the tomb. Additionally, he explains to Albedo about the human experiments being conducted on the Sunlight Scripture, mocking the human captives of betraying their own master before leaving Nazarick to carry out his duty under Ainz's order.[8]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Shocked and angry after discovering that Ainz intends to fight Shalltear alone, Demiurge berates Albedo for letting him go off on his own. Extremely worried that Nazarick may lose its last master, he tells her and Cocytus that they must bring him back safe by any means necessary as he is now in danger of being possibly killed. Demiurge declares that he will gather his men to do so, but is stopped by Cocytus, who has been ordered to restrain him. Demiurge learns that the 7th Floor he had command over is already lock down by Albedo who have asserted control of all the vassals with permission from Ainz beforehand much to his dismay.

Infuriated, he seeks a logical explanation from Albedo on why she made the decision to not allow anyone from Nazarick including himself come to his master's aid, persistently asking question after question with hostility in his tone. When hearing the reasoning of why Albedo decided to not assist their master, Demiurge felt how irrational and naïve it was for her to reach such conclusion on her own. Seeing that his master's one-on-one battle strategy as unusual, Demiurge figures Ainz was deliberately lying to them in order to hide something else which neither he nor Cocytus knew of. He refuses to accept her answers as this was not like Albedo, considering that she had initially wanted to have one of the Floor Guardians like himself follow after Ainz when their master decided to go to E-Rantel.

Although Albedo reasons that he needs to have faith in their master, Demiurge remains doubtful of the odds he can secure a win against Shalltear after learning from Cocytus his master's chance of winning was very low. Enraged at how her decisions were based on feelings, he tells Albedo that she must take responsibility for her actions and resign from her position as Overseer if anything bad is to happen to Ainz. In return, Demiurge promised her that if Ainz returns safely, he will obediently yield to her demand if a similar situation occurs which the former adamantly obliges.[9]

While watching Ainz fight Shalltear, he can't help but feel utterly awestruck by Ainz's masterful planning and performance through the battle calculatingly from beginning to end. Demiurge respectfully finds Ainz's use of the warrior transformation spell to be strategic and tactical in turning the battle against Shalltear around his advantages. Although he was thoroughly convinced that Ainz would defeat Shalltear, Demiurge lacks warrior knowledge and still remains somewhat cautious whether his master can keep the momentum going in his favors without losing it to the latter who can possibly overturn the situation. However, Demiurge was reassured by Cocytus that Shalltear abandoning her defense for offense is going according to Ainz's battle plan.

After Ainz emerges victorious from his battle with Shalltear, Demiurge representing the other Floor Guardians beg him to never do such a thing again and to leave any future incidents that may endanger his master's life to them from now on. If Shalltear was still brainwashed by the enemy, Demiurge informs his master that he and the rest of the Floor Guardians have already prepared themselves to deal with her themselves while Ainz watches from the sideline in the Throne Room.[10]

The Show Must Go On!

Main article: The Show Must Go On! Arc

During a meeting on fringe benefits with Ainz and the Floor Guardians, Demiurge requests a new torture room. After the meeting is abruptly ended due to Albedo's and Shalltear's bickering, he has a private meeting with Ainz on the 1st Floor. He believes that Ainz's institution to implement the fringe benefits system is to gauge the loyalties of each of his subordinates.

Later on, when Albedo engages in a scheme to steal a kiss from Ainz through a theatre play of Romeo and Juliet, Shalltear brings it to his attention. He agrees with her that Albedo selecting herself as the main female lead is unfair and with Ainz's permission, they conduct an audition for the role of Juliet.

In the end, though, Demiurge disqualifies both of them, since they have been caught bribing Aura for her vote. Demiurge's role is to ensure that neither of the two will gain the role no matter what the outcome is, as it will create future conflict if one of them wins the position either way.[11]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Main article: The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Demiurge, alongside the other Floor Guardians, is ordered to fight together against Zy'tl Q'ae and to secure the herb and to complete Ainz's adventurer quest from Pluton Ainzach.[12]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc
Overlord II EP01 094

Demiurge at his farm.

Demiurge is seen working alongside Pulcinella in an undisclosed location skinning hides of living creatures and building the Throne of Bones using the bones he put together to craft. This bone-framed construction Demiurge is trying to complete was a gift to give for his master Ainz. Demiurge also evaluates the progress of the experiments that he left to Pulcinella and Torturers to oversee in his stead. He keenly listens to the NPC's thoughts on how the latter was able to bring true happiness for their test subjects in his experiments. Meanwhile, it was revealed by Entoma Vasilissa Zeta that the Message Scrolls he had made were later given to Cocytus for establishing communication with the commander of his undead army.

Later on, Demiurge is contacted by Cocytus for his assistance on how to make the losing undead army emerge victorious against the lizardmen, to which the latter doubts victory was what his master seeks. He suggested to Cocytus that perhaps their master had intentionally and deliberately assigned him inadequate troops of undead He had also advised Cocytus to reflect very carefully on the objective that Ainz has asked of him to do. For instance, Demiurge believes that his master's objective all along was to encourage Cocytus in requesting from Ainz more reinforcements due to how difficult it is to beat the lizardmen with the low-tier forces he had. He felt Ainz wanted NPCs like himself and Cocytus to improve the way in which they approach matters, but with other objectives in mind as well. Just as he began to realize what Ainz's true objective was, Demiurge decided to refrain himself from helping Cocytus any further than he already did considering Entoma is listening on their conversation. Hence, he hurriedly hang up on Cocytus' [Message] call with an excuse that something urgent had caught his attention and ended their discussion right then and now.[13]

After Cocytus lost his undead army against the lizardmen, Demiurge attended the meeting with the other Floor Guardians about the defeat. Before his master and Albedo arrived, he made sure to introduce Victim to Shalltear, Aura, Mare, and Cocytus of the latter being the 8th Floor Guardian. During this time around, he was given the position of Overseer temporarily to lead his fellow Floor Guardians and their vassals at the forefront to the Throne Room where their master and Albedo awaits them. Upon being lavish with praise by Ainz, Demiurge informs his master that he had already captured an adequate quantity of prisoners to ensure that Nazarick will be guaranteed a stable supply of skins for making low-tier spell scrolls in the future. Demiurge reasoned that this was all primarily due to the healing experiments he had done to the prisoners while skinning them repeatedly with assistance from the Torturers. At the same time, Demiurge explained the results of the experiments in detail to Ainz about what he was able to discover after experimenting on them. He is currently in the phase of harvesting the skins according to age and gender. While so, Demiurge tells Ainz that the prisoners are supposedly a two-legged beast which he coins as Abelion Sheep.

Although he already knew what Ainz wants Cocytus to request the latter to do, Demiurges believes that it was the duty of Cocytus to speak up and tell their master upfront. When Cocytus was unable to convince his master to spare the lizardmen, Demiurge steps in to help him out in the end. He reasonably suggested to his master of why and how the lizardmen can be of use for Nazarick and their rulership experiment. After the meeting was over and Ainz left, he explained to the Floor Guardians that his master had foreseen Cocytus's decision, reasoning that Ainz was expecting an alternative solution, one that can justify sparing the lizardmen for the benefit of Nazarick. Supposedly believing that his master had anticipated Cocytus' investigation of the lizardmen strength after knowing victory may be in doubt, he can't help but be awed by how extraordinary Ainz's talent is as a schemer.

Soon after, he, along with the other Floor Guardians, threaten and intimidate the Lizardmen so that they become a part of Nazarick. He uses his magic to forcefully make Shasuryu Shasha and Zaryusu Shasha bow down in front of Ainz Ooal Gown, telling them to not resist. When Ainz is finally ready to listen to them, Demiurge permitted the two to raise their head before his master. Once that was over, Demiurge release his control over them before setting off with his fellow Floor Guardians and Ainz via [Gate].[14]

After taking their leave to the Monument of Ruin, Demiurge presents to Ainz a throne made entirely out of bones as his gift. Rather than sit upon the demon's masterpiece, Ainz chooses to use Shalltear as a seat, making the demon feel unexpectedly impressed by his master's decision to do something like that. He views Shalltear to be the kind of chair which nobody can make, seeing the vampire as a proper seat for a Supreme Being to sit on for her punishment. Later, Demiurge informs Ainz that he still requires more time to tally up relevant data and information on how far the Great Lake had been affected by his master's super-tier spell, [Creation]. When his master ponders why the opposition had not spy on them or Nazarick yet, Demiurge speculates that perhaps it was because their unknown enemy is keeping an eye on them with a World Item which renders him immune to regular surveillance. He believes the opposition might be looking to spread rumors of Momon and Shalltear being in league with each other without evidence and lash out at the adventurer. He thinks the opposition will not want Momon to keep growing his reputation unchecked. As Aura suggested why they not spread the rumors after Momon become famous, Demiurge reasons that it would be a poor move on the opposition's part because everyone will have already see the adventurer in a positive light. He figure now that Momon is deem trustworthy, the people will simply dismiss the rumors as malicious gossip. This further raises the question from Aura why had they not spread the yet as he thought, to which Demiurge believes there are two possible reasons for that.

For the first option, Demiurge contemplates whether the enemy has not completed their investigation into Momon. He reasons that if it turned out that Momon defeated Shalltear in open combat, they would wish to avoid incurring the adventurer's ire, or perhaps they would like to recruit him to their side. On the other hand, there was the second option he had in mind where that if the opposition only ran into Shalltear by chance accidentally, encountering her on the way to another objective, and they were a completely unrelated third party. Seeing that they lack sufficient information on an unseen powerful foe who is hiding, Demiurge recommends his master to seek out a nation for their support, using it as a scapegoat to justify and excuse whichever action Nazarick choose to take. Demiurge explained to his fellow Floor Guardians that if they do end up encountering the hostile enemy, they need to have some kind of leverage to use on them during negotiations. For starters, he suggested they convinc people that the holder of the World Item who used it to brainwash others could count as an alibi. With that discussion over and done with, he quickly fetched Ainz an Infinite Backpack and stood by to spy on whatever the lizardmen were planning. Witnessing the inappropriate behavior Zaryusu and Crusch Lulu, he found it displeasing that they are indulging on mating while Cocytus is planning an attack on them anytime soon. Once Cocytus fulfilled both his mission and punishment, Demiurge confirmed to Ainz that the Floor Guardian settled the matter without anyone’s instructions or ideas.[15]

The Two Leaders Arc

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

According to Sous-chef, Demiurge had in the past conducted an investigation of the Mandrakes at Green Hole on the 6th Floor of Nazarick to check on their situation. On the other hand, he had cooperated with Cocytus on the matter of building superior fish farm constructions for the lizardmen to help in managing their food shortage. He guided the lizardman to make preparations in farming fish fries rather than just breeding already-grown fish.

Additionally, Demiurge was also an advisor to Ainz on matters regarding how to deal with Nfirea Bareare. Although Ainz seeks to build long-term trust with the Nfirea, Demiurge had analyzed the situation and suggested they do something different from his master's suggestion. Despite his advise not being follow through, he concluded that it was better to shackle the alchemist to Nazarick and force him to focus solely on research and development of potions work with a debt of obligation.

At some point, Demiurge received a circular folder containing a secret message from his master who invited him to bath with him together at the Spa Resort Nazarick which he accepted. Demiurge then instructed his servant Pulcinella to act as an envoy to Mare specifically, delivering this folder which only male Floor Guardians like himself are allow to read the content inside.

Demiurge is revealed by Pulcinella to be currently conducting breeding experiments at the moment. During this experiment, Demiurge plans to make himself and his other fellow demons out as sacrifices so as not to make his test subjects hate themselves. Seeing that it would be a shame to let the livestock starve, he roasted up the children of both sides whole and served them up to each other. However, when the test subjects are hungry, Demiurge noticed that the gut may be unable to digest food despite the brain desiring it. Taking this into consideration, Demiurge warned them to eat well. Demiurge had even allow the parents of both sides to bid their children farewell, specially permitting them to say goodbye with a smile.

When he finally return back to Nazarick after doing his duties abroad, Demiurge respectfully greeted Ainz and offer him guidance on what appropriate food is best serve for their human guests. Shortly later, he and the other male Floor Guardians came together and then prepare to set off for a bath together. Seeing Albedo attempting to disrupt Ainz's time, he harshly chastises Albedo that she should probably learn how to rein her emotions in before he proceeded to the men's bath soon after. In the bath, he poke fun at Cocytus's exoskeleton body being always exposed as naked all the times much to the latter's displeasure. Learning from Cocytus that he can bathe in hot water, he recommends Cocytus should have suggested they take a hot bath together to promote circulation. After Demiurge finished rinsing himself off, he headed for the tub. Seeing that Cocytus is using his cold aura, he then decided to advise it to keep a distance away from him so that his hot water remains scalding in the bath. Demiurge tells Cocytus that he is not interested in a cold bath as he views a hot bath to be his interest of enjoyment. However, midway through their discussion during the men's bath, Albedo and Shalltear attempt to get in but are assaulted by the Lion Golems. As a result, Ainz and the male Floor Guardians prepare to help them out while wishing for a peaceful bath the next time they have another one again.[16]

The Dark Hero's Story Arc

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During the Floor Guardians' meeting on what to ask Ainz as compensation, the subject of clothing is brought up. Upon hearing this, Demiurge becomes interested in the idea of acquiring some new styles of suits to wear.[17]

Ainz Raises Money Arc

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Demiurge is present with his fellow Floor Guardians at a meeting with their master. During the meeting, when Ainz inquires which Floor Guardian made the suggestion of the "Bathing Together" voucher, he immediately suspects it was Albedo. However, Demiurge states that he was actually the one who came up with that idea.

During the second meeting, Demiurge tells Ainz that he has yet to use the gold coins and is instead planning to invest them, unlike the rest of the other Guardians. Demiurge states that he is going to begin his investigation over what sort of traders there are in the vicinity and requests his master that he be given more time if permitted.

During a meeting with Floor Guardians, Sebas, and Narberal, Demiurge insists that there could be a hidden meaning behind why they were given exactly three gold coins. He instantly convinces the rest of the Guardians that Ainz must have wanted them to decipher something by giving them "not two or four, but exactly three golden coins."

When Aura makes fun of Shalltear's amazing analysis over the gold coins, Demiurge follows suit by stating that she may be a Doppelgänger in disguise. Considering this idea, it also makes Demiurge think about a plan that requires installing a doppelgänger-puppet king in the Roble Holy Kingdom.

During another meeting with Ainz, Demiurge presents his master with a statue of Momon riding on top of Hamsuke that he had bought. He later then recognizes the name of this statue, which is called "The Hero Momon and his underling Hamsuke."[18]

Table Game to Understand Humans Arc

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At Ainz's request, Demiurge, along with several other Floor Guardians, is asked to play a table game as an exercise to better understand humans.[19]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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Overlord II EP11 193

Demiurge as Jaldabaoth.

Once Solution reports Sebas' possible betrayal, Demiurge who assumes the worst were to happen to their master, suggests that they take caution and have Pandora's Actor masquerade as Ainz in order to test his loyalty. He is present along with Victim and Cocytus in observing Sebas' loyalty being put to the test while the butler was questioned by Ainz. When the butler arrives, he instructed Sebas from getting any close to their master. Demiurge confirmed to Ainz that he had not received any reports whatsoever from Sebas about Tuareninya Veyron. He and Cocytus directed their murderous intent at both the butler and Tuare until Ainz restrain them to stop.

In addition to that, he was palpably ire by Sebas' hesitation to kill Tuare until the latter finally made the decision to do so. Upon Cocytus confirming Sebas' loyalty and to have Tuare spare, Demiurge states that there are still unknown enemies at large, where they would be best served by not allowing information about themselves to spread. Demiurge feels that killing Tuare outright would be more convenient for Nazarick to avoid word from getting out. Realizing that his suggestion was turn down, he recommends Ainz to send Tuare off to the breeding ranch and have her work there with his subordinates. He also advised Ainz to not use the subjects as ration to supplement Nazarick's provisions due to how poorly the quality of their meats are. Demiurge asked Ainz for approval to allow him to obtain grain in order to feed his test subjects, to which the latter accepted, leaving it to Sebas to purchase and direct them to the former. At this point in the discussion, it was revealed by Ainz that Demiurge have made preparations for creating the Demon King.

Along the way, when Sebas looks to let Tuare join the tomb, Demiurge arguably got into a bit of a quarrel with the butler concerning her fate, doubting whether she can really prepare food worthy of Nazarick standard. Disliking Tuare's ability to make basic dishes like steamed potatoes as Sebas' suggestion, he told the butler that she was better off helping him prepare food in his breeding ranch where making mincemeat is hardly a trivial task. When the quarrel is over, he explains to Nazarick's denizens that they are to welcome the new human resident Tuare into their tomb without malice under Ainz's decree. Also, Demiurge, with Ainz's approval, goes to investigate something strange that Sebas detailed in one of his reports (Possibly concerning the Golden Princess). Besides recruiting Renner into working for Nazarick's cause, he was also able to secure information from her on the Eight Fingers and their facilities. Later on, he eventually returns to Nazarick to handle the grain transportation from Re-Estize to the tomb.[20]

When Tuare is kidnapped, Demiurge brings Sebas Tian, Entoma, Mare, and Shalltear along with his Evil Lords to inform them the punishment that they must hand down to the Eight Fingers under their master's decree. It was also the time for Demiurge to begin preparing for Operation Gehenna with them. Since it was his plan set up by none but himself, the commander appointed for carrying out this plan in the Re-Estize Capital falls on Demiurge to lead the operation. He was placed in charge of delegating and managing the role of everyone involved in the operation under him. For that reason, Demiurge told those who are present with him the objective of invading each one of the Eight Fingers' facilities that are assigned to them, capturing important people of intelligence as well as taking their valuable resources. During this discussion, he explains the details to everyone involved in his first stage of the operation along with parts of the next phase until the plan begins.[21]

After initiating Operation Gehenna, Demiurge, as Jaldabaoth, also saves Entoma before she is killed by Evileye, Gagaran, and Tia. Using Evileye as the standard for measuring their group's strength, he launches an attack that immediately kills both Gagaran and Tia.[22] Before he finishes off Evileye, Momon steps in and confronts him. He later retreats after giving false information to Evileye and exchanging several blows with Momon. He then raises a wall of fire, Flames of Gehenna, on the capital's warehouse district, and has his Evil Lords summon a demon army, which then proceeds to kidnap citizens and raid the storehouses.[23]

Overlord II EP13 115

Demon Emperor vs. Momon

When he engages Momon again in role-playing combat, the two arrive at a location that was prepared beforehand, where they put aside their charade and discuss Demiurge's plan. One of the objectives Demiurge had committed to do for this operation was to have denizens of Nazarick attack the Eight Fingers' bases and then cover their tracks using Jaldabaoth as a cover who lead the demon forces in the grand scheme of things. While fending off Momon and the adventurers with his armies of demons spread out in the capital, he allow one of his forces to use that time to loot a great number of resources in the warehouse district. To have the goods transported to Nazarick, he had Shalltear open [Gate] and let Pandora's Actor handle the transportation from there. Along the way, Demiurge made his forces of demons go and capture humans silently while everyone else lay the blame on Jaldabaoth after they noticed their disappearance. The purpose of capturing humans was to make scrolls and for breeding experiments with other species. Basically to rape them. (Most likely also the women rescued from the brothel were handed over by Renner) . This entire plan was so that Demiurge can help Ainz raise the adventurer Momon's fame in the Kingdom by driving Jaldabaoth and the demon armies away from the capital.

All the while, he was about to leave an item containing the 10th tier spell, "Armageddon Evil" in one of the Eight Fingers' facilities to serve as Jaldabaoth's purpose of invading the capital and its warehouse district. However, Ainz gives him another item to replace it, which is the prototype of the previous item to serve as the decoy instead. Demiurge thoughtfully planned out this invasion of Re-Estize up until now as a testing ground to prepare for their future plans involving the Holy Kingdom. What he understood while carrying out the operation so far was that the ones who brainwashed Shalltear have no connection at all with the Re-Estize Kingdom. Before resuming their role-playing battle, Demiurge was instructed by Ainz to damage the armor Momon wore as proof of the intense exchange of blows between the two. Finally, Demiurge as Jaldabaoth continue his battle with Momon from where they left off while ordering Mare to create an earthquake as the signal. In the end, he intentionally let Momon emerge victorious over him as planned by the two of them. Thereafter, Jaldabaoth then withdraws his forces and Momon becomes the Kingdom's national hero.[24]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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In the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz gathers together all of the custom NPCs including Demiurge and strong servants in the Throne Hall where Demiurge proudly announce his master's long-term plan for the future to come. From the convention, Demiurge emphasizes their final objective: world domination and suggests that they make Nazarick an independent nation on the global stage. He explains that the actions Nazarick has taken in the Re-Estize Kingdom such as their takeover of Eight Fingers served to be all for that purpose. Demiurge discarded his previous thought of having Nazarick work for a nation, reasoning that their organization will be limited in the actions that they can take. He states that if the people who mind-controlled Shalltear turn out to also be an organization like them, they may not be able to respond promptly if problems arise while Nazarick is beholden to a certain country.[25] Ainz disguised as the adventurer Momon was tasked with infiltrating the Baharuth Empire and secretly meeting with Fluder Paradyne had been part of Demiurge’s plan.[26] Later on, Demiurge took the skin of Arche Eeb Rile Furt after the latter died in the hands of Shalltear.[27]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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Demiurge, in his imp form, is present in the Throne Hall during a visit by the Baharuth Empire's delegation. Seeing that the Empire's delegation have arrived, Demiurge forcefully command them to [Kneel] before Ainz until his master had him release his control. When the delegation offer the head of the noble responsible for sending intruders into the tomb, Demiurge took the urn and knelt down to present it to his master. While the negotiation is going on, Ainz asks him to act as Nazarick's ambassador. After the delegation leaves Nazarick, Ainz and the Floor Guardians hold a meeting while listening to Demiurge's insight as he understood his master's supposed plan better than anyone else in the Throne Room. He carefully explains how the emperor is secretly and silently planning to betray Nazarick behind the scene to form an alliance with other countries against them.

Demiurge believes that Ainz assuming the role of the adventurer Momon was part of his master's plan and how it has become an effective alternative to leveling a country. He reasons that Ainz wishes to take over a human city peacefully, and rule the region with love and compassion. He noted that the Empire deciding to plot a vile conspiracy against Nazarick's rule would go against their master's wishes. He predicts that his master Ainz will show these countries the true meaning of kindness in the near future. He considers his trump card, the Golden Princess Renner as an excellent pawn to include into their master plan. Seeing the Floor Guardian Overseer's interest in meeting the Golden Princess, he promised Albedo that after the Sorcerer Kingdom is established, they will have Renner be an emissary to them in Nazarick.

Meanwhile, Demiurge suggests before they continue on with their plan, an appropriate title fitting for Ainz should be decided upon first. He proposed the idea of calling Ainz, the Wise King to show off and praise his master's exalted intellect. In the end, Demiurge and everyone agreed that Cocytus's idea of "Sorcerer King" is respectfully the best title for their master Ainz. Later, Demiurge planned to have Ainz strike a mighty fatal blow to the other party and let them understand the difference in power between Nazarick's might and their own before they proceed to talks of negotiation thereafter. For that reason, it was Demiurge's intention to make Nazarick participate in the battle between the Kingdom and the Empire to demonstrate their power.[28] When Ainz decides to use and cast the super-tier spell, Iä Shub-Niggurath for this occasion, Demiurge and Albedo can't help but lavish praise on him for doing it.

Before the Massacre at Katze Plains began, Demiurge had requested Ainz to spare three people from being killed in the war between Nazarick, the Empire, and Kingdom. Three of which were specifically happen to be Climb, Ramposa III, and Brain Unglaus so that none of them are targeted by any of the Dark Youngs summoned by his master.[29]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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Planning to obtain permission from his master for the final stages of the plan which requires a doppelgänger, Demiurge returns from the Holy Kingdom and intends to meet up with Ainz about it. Instead, he only find Albedo in his master's office much to his disappointment. However, this feeling was short-lived when he was caught by surprise in learning the news of his master's accomplishment from Albedo where Ainz managed to successfully conquer the Baharuth Empire unlike what he had planned for them. He read the report sent in by Ainz that the Empire has sent a vassalage petition, earlier than expected, offering to become a vassal state to the Sorcerer Kingdom.

In the first place, Demiurge thought that the Empire should only have offered to be their vassals after the Re-Estize Kingdom was destroyed. The best method that he can devise to make the Empire a vassal state will require the estimated time span of at least a month to complete without problem. However, it only takes his master three days at most with no apparent casualties no less to subjugate the Empire under their rule, which leaves him speechless and in deep awe. After realizing his master's accomplishment, he admits to Albedo that there was indeed a way for the Sorcerer Kingdom to vassalize the Empire before they destroy the Re-Estize Kingdom that involves Ainz needing to take action himself.

Subsequently, it convinces and motivates Demiurge himself to work even harder than last time. This affirms his own belief that there are no other Supreme Beings such as his creator Ulbert in the guild who could've led them this far, but Ainz alone. He and Albedo are given the task to handle the vassalage process of the Baharuth Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom as well before Ainz returns from the Dwarf Kingdom.[30]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

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It was planned by both Demiurge and Ainz where they set up an arranged meeting between the two of them after his master had finished up tasks in the Dwarf Kingdom on the latter's end. Demiurge has reported his preparations and activities from the Holy Kingdom to Ainz in full detail, which the latter praises him for accomplishing. Although Demiurge was thankful for the praise, he could not hope to compare his accomplishments to Ainz's, believing that the undead has done much better unlike him. He recognizes Ainz's feats such as securing a place in the Dwarves’ hearts.

After that topic was done, he discusses the vassalization of the Empire which is proceeding accordingly while Ainz was gone. From this discussion, he has already drawn up a draft for it about the Empire's vassal status to the Sorcerer Kingdom with the assistance from Albedo. Demiurge questions Ainz, on how far into the future he predicted the course of the Sorcerer Kingdom from here on out. To his shock, Demiurge is left utterly bewildered by Ainz's answer being "ten thousand years" since he didn't consider it to be of a magnitude so far ahead in the near future. He told Ainz that a method of utilizing the undead as laborers around must surely be to encourage the other nations to rely on him instead of viewing their troops as dangerous elements.

Awed by Ainz's ambition, he concluded that this must have been the right answer all along for him to look at the world from such a wide-angle. Demiurge proceeds on to the regards of the unknown event that will take place during the fall and winter seasons. Despite Ainz's approval, he speculated that the event may not go as smoothly as planned when there might be some discrepancies along the way. Leaving aside the matter over the Empire's vassalization for another time, he listens to a request from Ainz on wanting a copy of his plan given to him which he accepted.[31]

Nazarick Mythology Arc

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Demiurge attended a meeting to create a mythology of his master in order to solidify his hold over the masses. In his myth story, the world was once dominated by a terrifying demon force and was literally hell on Earth. A savior came in the form of Ainz Oal Gown who defeated the demon army with his magic. The people wished for their savior to lead them but he declined as the demons were not completely wiped out. In order to defeat them for good, he set out to look for greater power and promised to return. Now that Ainz has returned Demiurge states that the people will serve Ainz as his livestock. The last part of Demiurge's story stuns Ainz and the rest of his colleagues. Demiurge and Sebas nearly argue, until and Albedo, Shalltear remind them that they should take care that they are in the presence of the Supreme Being.[32]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

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At some point, before or during the war, unclear when or where it happen, Demiurge had Caspond Bessarez assassinated through unknown means. With Caspond mysteriously killed unbeknownst to everyone in the Holy Kingdom, Demiurge had the doppelgänger that was prepared for him by his master Ainz to assume the prince's role in the war as planned.

Under the identity of Jaldabaoth, Demiurge had enslaved eighteen races of various demi-human tribes of the Abelion Hills, forcing them into submission due to his overwhelming power. Due to how powerless they are against Demiurge, the demi-humans can't help but express deep fear and awed by his incomprehensible strength. After he formed a vast coalition aimed at attacking the Roble Holy Kingdom, Demiurge plans to start the war off any moment now by taking into consideration the need to destroy the Great Wall first as the signal.

After stating his intentions at a parley with the human general in command of the Great Wall, he used his magic to summon a meteor that breached the barrier that protected the kingdom. He ordered his demi-human slaves to begin their attack and for his demons to support them, not letting any of the humans from within the fortress of Kalinsha to flee.[33]

At Kalinsha, he infiltrated the city and began a spree of carnage to attract the attention of the paladins located there. When Remedios Custodio, Kelart Custodio and Calca Bessarez assembled before him, Demiurge noted that none were of strength similar to the warrior he fought in the Re-Estize Kingdom, provoking them to not be a threat to him or his plans. Through that brief exchange of words between himself and the three, this explains his reasons for choosing to confront them alone without needing to bring the Demi-Human Alliance to assist him with this fight. Once he finished speaking, Demiurge was attacked from behind by adventurers who use Invisibility magic to sneak up on him. However, their group assault did not do any harm to him while he, in turn, sprouted a set of strange wings that impaled some of them to death. Later, Remedios join the battle against Demiurge, attacking him alongside the aid of Kelart, Calca, and various angels. During the course of the fight, he pretended to have been hit a blow from Remedios's strike that knock him away at a random building.

In truth, he purposefully acted that way to retreat back to a nearby house and then switched places with the summoned Evil Lord Wrath to fight in his stead as Jaldabaoth from then on. In other words, Demiurge was no longer going to participate in the fighting against the forces of the Holy Kingdom, leaving the role of Jaldabaoth in the hands of the summoned monster who can take on his mantle. He had Jaldabaoth move accordingly to whatever plans he had lay out in the war against the humans, having the Evil Lord Wrath act as instructed by him. For that reason, Demiurge was still tasked with issuing specific orders out to Jaldabaoth such as having it spare Remedios alive while killing off the other two being her sister Kelart and the Holy Queen Calca. After ordering Jaldabaoth to flee from the battle, Demiurge later had his Evil Lord Wrath hand off the corpse of Kelart to his Circlet Demon and make use of its decapitated head.[34]

Later on, he and Albedo would meet up with their master in a log cabin to hold a discussion about their current objective. When Ainz states that he is planning to implement flaws in his plan, Demiurge was ready to adapt to any situation his master prepared for him. Because Demiurge accepted the idea of faking his master's death, it got him into a heated quarrel with Albedo who was against doing so adamantly. If Ainz dies, Demiurge plans to prepare for his master's resurrection, while also strengthening Nazarick’s defenses and then obtain information on the person who killed Ainz. Since they cannot afford to be careless around someone potentially capable of killing Ainz, he told Albedo that learning the enemy's movements and strengths are vital. He suggests that if the enemy is stronger than they can imagine, the place in which Nazarick resurrect Ainz will become very important.

Furthermore, Demiurge informs Ainz that he had already prepared for an unexpected situation occurs where if the demon was to be struck down, Nazarick will continue to function normally without him. Although this was written only on paper which Ainz had unknowing not read, Demiurge admits he did not bother to put it to the test whether his plan will truly work out. Despite his initial shock of what Ainz had planned for him with his scheme, Demiurge sees it to be crucial for the other subjects of Nazarick to be ready in the event that their master were to die. Resuming the plan, he allows Jaldabaoth and its demon maids to invade the city Loyts where they are set to fight the Sorcerer King Ainz to the death under his master's decree. Along the way, Demiurge had to also help Ainz promote the sale of Runecraft as advertisement for the Sorcerer Kingdom.[35]

Once the war came to an end, Demiurge secretly confronted Doppel-Caspond, discussing with him about future plans regarding the fate of the Holy Kingdom and its countrymen. According to Ainz, the entirety of the Holy Kingdom’s future affairs was now under the control of Demiurge who is overseeing it with the help of his puppet that he gave rise to power in the human nation. Demiurge check on Doppel-Caspond to verify whether the shapeshifter knows his role in this operation, telling him to not forget to incite conflict within the Holy Kingdom while keeping people unhappy as the new Holy King.

Although some things were beyond his expectations, Demiurge can't help but express his sincere gratitude to Ainz with the shapeshifter, stating that the first phase of the plan has concluded successfully and for providing him with an excellent pawn like Neia Baraja. Demiurge describes Neia to have accelerated his long-term plan by cutting some years off it, realizing that Ainz must have intended for him to forcibly drive the girl into the appropriate mental state that she is in now. He orders Doppel-Caspond to support anything Neia does with all his power and authority as the Holy King in order to escalate the conflict between the north and the south. Demiurge informs the shapeshifter that he will soon hand him plans on what to do if someone tries to interfere with Neia while she is on the mission to deify Ainz based on his master's experiment.

On the other hand, he instructs Doppel-Caspond to keep Remedios alive and let her become a scapegoat for the nobles' dissatisfaction in the Holy Kingdom. Demiurge tells the shapeshifter to transfer Remedios to another post and give the Vice-Captain Gustav the position as Captain of the Paladin Order in her place so that they could make meaningful uses out of him. After discussing with Doppel-Caspond, Demiurge had already transition the movement of items including the corpse of the real Caspond back to Nazarick.[36]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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According to Albedo, as the operations against the Roble Holy Kingdom drew to an end, she noted how Demiurge has been busy traveling far and wide outside the tomb to set up an intelligence agency with Nazarick/Sorcerer Kingdom at its center. She believes Demiurge is most likely the person who will be assigned as the head of such organization that is being planned out and prepared for by him.[37]

In the Audience Room, Demiurge was present with the other Floor Guardians. There he silently watches as Shalltear bring Hilma Cygnaeus to present his master Ainz a witness who can explain their questions about the attack on the Sorcerer Kingdom's trade caravan of grains. Every Floor Guardian including Demiurge during the meeting approved of the punishment Ainz has suggested for Hilma Cygnaeus to do. Once that matter was concluded, discussion about Philip resumes where it left off while the Overseer explains their strategy for the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

When Ainz states that he believes Philip did what he did without thinking it through first, Demiurge agreed with his master's opinion, seeing the noble being an idiot which could explain his action. He reasonably affirmed Ainz's idea to Albedo, with support from the elf twins who also agreed with what their master say. As Ainz offers the other Floor Guardians a chance to speak out, Aura and Cocytus each had a question to ask regarding the strategy of their operation and why they have not done it differently during the start to get rid of that nobleman. For Aura, Demiurge reasoned with her on how and why they cannot use any other noblemen out there but Philip alone, explaining the various risks involved if they were to take on such approach.

As for Cocytus, Demiurge reasoned with him on having already recruited someone like that which was blackmailing Marquis Raeven. Not just that nobleman alone, but Demiurge also show his support to Cocytus's way of thinking. He had taken into consideration that sparing an expendable portion of the nobility who were at least somewhat capable, talented or hard-working ascetics should be worthy for Ainz to have rule over. According to Demiurge, this was why they formed a New Faction in the Re-Estize Kingdom which was filled with incompetent people to use as a scapegoat on killing off. He informed Cocytus that they received intel on the talented people of that nation as well as also having collected intel of their own directly from the source.

Next up was Shalltear who believes Philip's attack on their caravan constitutes action from the Sorcerer Kingdom. Demiurge also agrees with her thoughts on it being used as a casus belli to justify their planned invasion of the Re-Estize Kingdom. He inquires others including the former to suggest what punishment they should do in response against that attack from the Re-Estize Kingdom, particularly Philip on their nation.

Agreeing to both Aura and Mare's response of killing Philip, he asks the rest of the Floor Guardians if giving him a death sentence will only end there, which Cocytus refuses as the punishment should extend further to the perpetrator's master.

With everyone's thoughts taken into consideration, Demiurge came to acknowledge Shalltear's judgement on the matter, thinking that more appropriate punishments are in order to be handed out to the entire Re-Estize Kingdom rather than just Philip alone. He retold Ainz's past words to the rest of the Floor Guardians, informing his colleagues that what their master is looking to rule over is not a ruined country and suggested they must avoid creating that kind of situation with the Re-Estize Kingdom. For that reason, Demiurge believes it was best not to punish the whole people of the Kingdom entirely. Rather, he felt the Sorcerer Kingdom needs to make a painful example out of the Re-Estize Kingdom in order to show the surrounding nations to not take them lightly or else they may suffer the same fate.[38]

A month later after the Sorcerer Kingdom's declaration of war against the Re-Estize Kingdom, Demiurge had contributed to the campaign by deftly managing everything so that not a single piece of intel was leaked. This is noted when the Re-Estize Kingdom have not noticed the Sorcerer Kingdom's invasion at all, still thinking that the latter's forces are still holed up in E-Rantel. Because of that, his work was commented by Ainz during a meeting with the Floor Guardians in Nazarick. According to Demiurge, they have fully established surveillance on every street, while having also sent Shadow Demons to scout out the neighboring cities. Demiurge notes that the only thing they need to be wary of outside their surveillance is the hermits and druids who are not part of civilization. As a result, he was given the task by his master to discuss the matter with Albedo, strengthen the surveillance net until those he has mentioned can also be found.

Upon seeing the flying armor giant destroy both the Death Knight and the Death Warrior, Ainz expected Demiurge to have already known the reason of why Ainz did not sent so many forces at the city of E-Naeurl. Once Shalltear explains to her colleagues why their master sent in a weak force, Demiurge offers her and Cocytus praise for being able to understand the scope of Ainz's ploy. When Demiurge was asked the question by his master about how to deal with E-Naeurl now that Red Drop have join the battle, the former suggested of sending a stronger entity than their enemy adventurer into that port city and destroy it. He felt it would be bad for the enemies to mistake the notion that they have a possible chance in defeating the Sorcerer Kingdom.[39]

Later Demiurge had observed the battle between Pandora's Actor as Ainz Ooal Gown against the mysterious Riku Aganeia via a Mirror of Remote Viewing along with Ainz and Shalltear. Once Pandora's Actor and Albedo returned to Nazarick to deliver their reports he observed the meeting on Riku and his strange abilities. In the discussion of Pandora's Actor's performance, he disliked the idea of the Area Guardian acting cowardly before Riku even if was to get his guard down suggesting it would draw suspicion. On the identity of Riku, and the possibility on whether he was one of the Thirteen Heroes or the Platinum Dragon Lord, Demiurge confessed that they did not have enough information to make a definite conclusion. Plus whether Riku can be converted to their cause would still be up for debate and Ainz agreed to have Demiurge opinion on the matter.

Afterwards, he and Albedo accompanied his master Ainz to the Royal Capital where they set off to look for Ro-Lente Castle and head there. Upon entering inside the castle, he and Ainz proceeded to enter the throne room where Renner and her father Ramposa III awaited them. He was by Ainz's side as his master sat upon the throne, alongside him, watching Renner deal the killing blow to her father Ramposa that put an end to his life. When Climb arrived at the scene of the murder, Demiurge used his [Command Mantra] skill to force him to kneel before his master Ainz. Before long, he undid his command over Climb under Ainz's order which set the warrior free to pick up the Razor Edge weapon laying on the ground and raising it at his master. Through the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, it was revealed by Albedo that both Demiurge and herself were able to fully grasp Renner's capabilities due to how successful their operation has proven to be for them.[40]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc

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Albedo noted that Demiurge was absent in Nazarick when Ainz made his pronoucment that he would be taking a paid vacation to the Elf Country with Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore. While Abedo was confident and she and Demiurge could handle the affairs of Nazarick and the Sorcerer Kingdom in Ainz's absence, she couldn't read AInz's intention of going to the Elf Country when it was in the middle of a war. She considered speaking to Demiurge as he would have a better understanding of Ainz's reasoning. Its learned that since the establishment of the nation. Demiurge received more discretionary authority due to his outside activities.[41]

When Ainz asked Aura and Mare that during their stay in the dark elf village they were to act as children. However he was confused as to why they brought up gathering intel on the Theocracy as he thought he established that they were on vacation. And that the should not have brought the subject up, since their karma were not as low as Albedo and Demiurge's to think of such evil thoughts. Later when Ainz as Ain, became the temporary apprentice to Chief Pharmacist Mango Gilena, the Overlord wondered if he should leave such experiments in cultivating new technologies to Albedo and Demiurge given their intelligence. After Ain left to go to his training session with Gilena and explaining why the training with the pharmacist was so vital, left Aura with a deep amount of respect and belief in what Demiurge had said that their master had a plan that saw into a thousand years in the future. The demon's name was mentally recalled by Ainz again when he was before the gathering of dark elves in the village to address the summons by the capital city at Crescent Lake.[42]

Later during Ain'z duel with Decem Hougan, the dark elf twins reacted in awe and terror as they saw how easily their master played with the Elf King, reinforcing what Demiurge believed that he was above all of them. After the battle and the treasures from the elven treasury were transported to the Log Cabin, Ainz planned to have the items appraised by Demiurge and Pandora's Actor. [43]

Demiurge's name was mentioned again by Albedo who was summoned by Ainz to the Frozen Prison and she feared that the 7th Floor Guardian may have found about her off the record operation and informed her master.[44]

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Mass for the Dead Arc

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When The Great Tomb of Nazarick was transferred to the New World, Demiurge was among the NPCs that were killed. Once he was revived by Momonga in the aftermath that saw the ruin of the dungeon, Demiurge like the others found himself facing an abnormal drop in levels. The demon worked to understand the situation and the nature of the Cracks that appeared in the dungeon.[45]

After Momonga sent a team composed of the protagonist, a Redeem Slime and Narberal Gamma out to go explore the outside world, Demiurge gave his master a report on his findings on the Cracks in Nazarick, noting that the anomalies while spewing seemingly poisonous miasma affected none of the summons that were called by Nazarick. Interested to know if those of Nazarick possessed some sort of immunity Demiurge promised his master to investigate the matter further.[46] Demiurge is credited to forming eradication units in Nazarick to deal with the emerging Chaos Beasts in Nazarick.[47]

While defenses around Nazarick were being set up, Demiurge received a report from Mare that a human was in the area near the dungeon. Hearing the news, the Floor Guardian of the 7th Floor ordered the dark elf to capture the intruder.[48] Dmeiurge would be questioned by the protagonist doing a survey for Momonga on opinions of implementing a vacation system for the NPCs. Demiurge believed that such as think was not necessary as he felt his work kept him relaxed, and since he was a demon that required no rest or sleep, it would be more efficient for him to focus on restoring Nazarick.[49]

Demiurge currently serves as the commander in operations in the dungeon's security and under his purview lies the security of the Cracks within. There is a point of contention with Albedo over her assigning herself as a unit commander for Chaos Beast subjugation as the former argues he could handle the task himself. Momonga rules in favor of Albedo after hearing her desire to have more responsibility during these trying times of Nazarick's recovery. As Demiurge has been given time off whilst Albedo takes control of the unit, he instead focuses on experimenting with the Crack and resurrecting Chaos Beasts. He dispatches his servant Abyss Demon to fetch Albedo and the two talk on the 7th Floor sharing each other's fears that more Cracks could develop in Nazarick. He also wonders what Momonga's true plans are and asks her to study their master's intentions very careful. After learning of Albedo's troubled hear and guilt over Nazarick's condition and her confusion as to why Momonga refuse to punish her, Demiurge uses an analogy of a story from the library to compare her trial to that of a lion cub growing stronger in the face of adversity.[50]

Demiurge having observed the ruined Throne of Kings wished to create a replacement throne for Momonga. To do so the demon went to lengths use his craftsmanship to craft it and collected materials from living humans. The humans that he used were bandits which the demon captured and pitted against one another to cause despair and pain as he believed they would provide the best materials for his masterpiece. Afterwards he acquired pelts and plants from Aura and Mare for decorations. The final product became the Throne of Death which he designed to embody the concept of death. When he presented it to Momonga and the other Floor Guardians, he was hailed with praise for its beauty. to his surprise Momonga refused to use the throne in a symbolic gesture as he would only do so when Nazarick was returned to its greatness. Demiurge ashamed at his attempt to replace the Throne Kings is disappointed but Momonga tells him that his heart was in the right place and convinces to improve on his work. Since the throne will not be used it is put in storage though Demiurge to design an even better throne for the day when Momonga sits upon his throne room.[51]

The demon while performing some experiments is met by Cocytus who had heard was reprimanded by Momonga for doing unreasonable amounts of training to get stronger. Demiurge advises his comrade that strength is not solely physical but there are other means of ways achieve victory like using "strategy" and "tactics". To help him understand the demon sends Cocytus to speak with the protagonist.[52] Shortly later he and Albedo come up with an idea to have a double of Momonga for additional protection of their master and the idea turns into a reality when Pandora's Actor is brought from the Treasury.[53] Demiurge alongside Aura take the opportunity to safeguard the surface of Nazarick and go out to hunt for "sheep" which attracts CZ2128 Delta's attention who volunteers to go and help them. However the maid soon realizes while hunting outside that their targets were no "sheep" but humans for parchment to make magic scrolls causing her to grown distraught. When she his brought back to Nazarick in silence, the demon quickly pieced what happened and Momonga managed to make the maid feel better by giving her a baby Spear Needle as her pet.[54]

After a kidnapping of a slime named Miyoshi is reported to him by Momonga, he assisted his master in locating the summon and putting the 9th and 10th Floors on lock-down as it was believed that an intruder was responsible. The situation grows dimmer and fears and tensions rise on an unknown enemy but it is finally revealed by Solution Epsilon that she was the culprit. As to why the maid committed such an action she would only speak to Momonga on the matter alone. Demiurge objected as does Momonga who them calls Yuri Alpha to the scene to get to the bottom of her sister's treasonous action. Shortly after Momonga and Yuri speak with Solution, the incident resolve with no explanation to the rest of the Floor Guardians and the details sealed by Momonga.[55] Demiurge would have a meeting with Albedo, going over the reconstruction of Nazarick and plans on how to counter the unknown enemy that previously attacked the dungeon. Both are feeling the mental strain and stress of the unknown and uncertain future, but their worries are briefly alleviated after Lupusregina Beta brings some tea and snacks as part of Sebas Tian's initiative to create a more friendly hospital atmosphere.[56]

Demiurge would also be present when several female Floor Guardians came to the library to inquire about the purpose of a hanami to the protagonist. Once it is made apparent that Momonga had wished to see a hanami the NPCs resolve to acquire a flower tree for him and launch a quest to retrieve the Legendary Tree in the Tob Forests.[57]

The Floor Guardian would later secure an abandoned mine near E-Rantel as it contained viable veins of ore that could be extracted. However the operation came under threat when the protagonist warned Nazraick that the human adventurers led by Blue Roses were heading to reclaim the mine for the Re-Estize Kingdom. Not wishing to expose themselves to the world and unwilling to forfeit the mine, Demiurge decided that instead they would try to make the mine an unappealing site to reclaim. Using some resources from Nazraick, Demiurge was aided by Entoma Vasilissa Zeta and Mare Bello Fiore to turn the simple mine into the Mine Dungeon. His subordinate Abyss Demon assisted him in turning the mine to appear that it was a site of a demon cult that raised and lost control of demons. Though the plan worked in killing the minor adventurers, the deaths did not scare Blue Roses and only motivated them to press forward. Seeing that the female adventurers would not give up so easily, Demiurge had Abyss Demon play the part as the mastermind of the mine and fight them. Using his magic from afar Demiurge buffed Abyss Demon's abilities to make him seem invincible but the skill was cut through by Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra. While his subordinate seemingly was dead, Demiurge activated a mechanism that released poisonous gas into the mines forcing Blue Roses to flee. The Floor Guardian in the commotion rescued Abyss Demon and revived him. His plan worked to a success as the mine was deemed to be inhospitable due to the gas allowing Nazarick's mining operation to remain undiscovered.[58]

While conducting a summoning experiment on the Crack in the Throne Room, Demiurge inadvertently brought a group of people from another world. One of the visitors a young woman uses her magic to attack the undead guards causing Demiurge to see that these "summons" need to be destroyed. However the leader of the group grovels and beg for mercy and pleads on behalf of his female companion surprising him and Momonga. The two then decide to allow them to live so to study them, particularly the woman as it is revealed that she is a goddess. While they allow the group to remain they hear that the group's associate has arranged to transport them back to their world. The group hastily thank their hosts before they flee beyond the surface of Nazarick, and Demiurge asks his master if they should consider chasing them. Momonga stays the order to capture them as he wishes to allow his former guests to return home.[59]

In a situation where Shalltear and Albedo argue over who is more deserving to be Momonga's queen, Demiurge suggests that a contest be held to decide. The Queen War is set up and for one of the challenges, Demiurge provides captured human subjects to test the women's sociability. The contest maintains at the status quo as the protagonist who is the judge for the competition rules it to be a draw. As another argument is approaching for a rematch, Demiurge directs the female Floor Guardians that the decision could be made by Momonga, shifting their attention to making their master tell them who is the superior one.[60]

The demon after sharing some concern with his master order on his doubts of Nazarick's defensive readiness. To test the Floor Guardians on a possible attack he helped to set up a mock combat drill. Demiurge would then join with his fellow Floor Guardians in Fake Nazarick in defending it from Momonga who would serve as the attacker and try to capture a Momonga Plushie. While the Guardians fought together against Momonga, due to their weaken state they were no match for him. However Albedo managed to avoid a defeat by switching the real doll with a fake thus ensuring she and the Floor Guardians were victorious before the time for the mock combat session ended.[61]

In the mine Demiurge is operating, his minion Abyss Demons reports the discovery of a new type of mineral called Prismatic Crystal that have been the ability to restore levels to the NPCs. The crystals come from a new section of the mine that was opened due to a landslide. To ascertain the ores and level of danger in the new section, Demiurge leads a team down to the mine to investigate. The team purges the area of the monsters inhabiting the area as Demiurge notes they are consuming the crystals thus to keep the ores to Nazarick they need to be eliminated. Once the task is done the territory is secured and the Floor Guardian promotes his minion Abyss Demon as the new nominal Area Guardian.[62]

After an infestation of Pumpkin Monsters grown from Nazarick's own crop field is prevented, Demiurge conducted an autopsy on one of the creatures remains and found that the monsters were actually a form of Contaminated Beast that were changed when the seeds that spawned them were affected by a Crack's miasma. Despite the danger the cultivation of the crops continue at Demiurge's insistence as additional safety measures would be taken into account.[63]

He would later prove instrumental in negotiating with a new batch of visitors from another world, this time a battalion of mage caster soldiers. While the leader of the unit refused to relinquish their authority to their hosts, after some consultation, Demiurge finds a loophole to in which would permit the soldiers to fight to earn their keep at Nazarick, by instead hunting the Chaos Beasts in the area. Additionally Demiurge takes the opportunity to study the unit's equipment as they allow for flight to be possible.[64] Afterwards when they guest have left back to their world, Demiurge assisted in surveying the damages to the Spa Resort Nazarick noting that it was disappointing that there was not enough resources to fix the baths to relax. The problem is remedy by the protagonist after be brings back a new strange ore called Heatstones from the Great Lake after taking a job from Green Claw. The stones allow the baths to be heated and repair, permitting Momonga and the Floor Guardians to enjoy a nice soak. However the men are disturbed from their respite when the women activate the Lion Golem with their lewd talk and attack them. To help the female Floor Guardians Demiurge and the others are forced to get up and assist with the rogue golem.[65]

Using the newly discovered Prismatic Crystals, Demiurge has been conducting experiments with the ores on Cocytus to hasten the time to restore levels. The process is still deemed too slow and additional measures are believed to be needed such as experience and trial by fire. Hence Momonga and the protagonist organize a tournament for this specific reason. Demiurge forms a team composed of him and his Evil Lords called Crimson Temple. In the third match of the tournament his team faced against Sebas Tian's and defeats them. In the second round of the match, Demiurge's team lost against Corpse Guardian.[66]

Later he attended a meeting with his peers and Momonga to learn that the protagonist and his team was invited to meet with Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself. The demon and the other Floor Guardians are thrilled at the prospect as it would give Nazarick greater opportunities to gain influence in the Re-Estize Kingdom. Demiurge interested in the princess takes the protagonist aside and the two make plans to expand the protagonist's influence in not just the Kingdom but the other nations. While the protagonist is on a mission for the royal family, Demiurge received a call from the homunculus for aid which the Floor Guardian responds by dispatching CZ2128 Delta to shadow the undercover adventurers.[67]

One of Demiurge's experiments would contribute to a Christmas party hosted in Nazarick. Using seeds cultivated from the captured Legendary Tree, the Floor Guardian had used them to create a new breed of treants called Enhanced Treants. He harvested one of them and converted it into a Christmas Tree for the party.[68] Demiurge who also be present in the Throne Room conducting an experiment with the Crack. Unfortunately the Crack summons a strange monster to the scene. After Demiurge fails to control it he orders his Evil Lords to destroy it. It proves to be immune to their attacks and soon explodes, enveloping the area with brilliant light. He is later found by Momonga to be with Albedo in the Round Table, totally out of character and enjoying "New Year". The behaviors of the two prompt Momonga to know something is wrong and that the Floor Guardians are under some sort of spell. Momonga and the protagonist discover that Shiramochi-ō is the cause of the mental influence.[69]

Though Momonga successfully slays Shiramochi-ō, the White Mochi King used the last bit of his power to restart time, creating a loop of the events of New Year. Once again Demiurge is under the spell but this time he is sharing the festivities with not just Albedo but a strange boy named Shiro. Demiurge is finally freed from the spell after Momonga deduces that the amnesiac Shiro is the cause and the boy allowed himself to die to break the mental influence. However those under the mental influence have no memory of what happened.[70]

After conducting another summoning experiment, a new batch of visitors from another world arrive. Some of his summons guarding the area go momentarily berserk in the presence of the visitors. Demiurge though takes responsibility and helps make Nazraick's new guests comfortable until they can be sent back to their world. When one of the guests suffers a mana infusion condition, he offers to assist using his magic to improve her condition.[71]

At the time of the second Trilateral Conference for the Tripartite Alliance, monitors the venue of the meeting of the human nation, dispatching various agents in and around the city for suspicious movement. Demiurge having done previous experiments on the Chaos Beasts anticipated a Chaos Beast attack on the city of E-Rantel where the summit was held as the monsters targeted areas where large concentrations of lifeforms were congregated. It set the stage for the protagonist and his allies to be the heroes of the crisis allowing the Alliance to put greater trust and admiration towards the undercover agents.[72]

At a meeting with the Floor Guardians and Momonga, the latter explains his Demiurge's findings on the Chaos Beasts and their inclination towards hunting down strong targets and sensing where they are. To counter this danger, Demiurge proposed to use the neighboring human nations as a shield to prevent Nazarick from being targeted and destroyed by the Chaos Beasts. In addition he marked down other threats that need to be considered like other players than may have come to the New World. Demiurge sharing the same concern that anyone of these threats could destroy Nazarick suggest that they do a survey of the distant Roble Holy Kingdom as it was recently destroyed by the Chaos Beasts, but its destruction could provide vital information on how to prevent Nazarick from experiencing the same fate. An expedition is slated to be sent out to investigate the area, but when Momonga states that he will join it, both Demiurge and Albedo try to dissuade their master from that course. However Demiurge is won over by his master's argument that Momonga's power would be needed if any dangerous enemies appear as the Floor Guardians are no longer at a 100 level strength. But as a condition he also joins the expedition to protect Momonga.

When they arrive at the outpost managed by Evil Lord Wrath, Demiurge presents his master the Throne of Bones for him to sit on while they rest and he explains Nazarick's operations in the Abelion Hills and the breeding experiments with the subjugated demi-humans. He then joined the investigation of the Great Wall to determine how it fell to ruin, finding various clues suggesting that the first line of defense of the kingdom was attacked by a powerful foe. The search for the truth led the expedition to the abandoned city of Kalinsha where they found it to infested with Chaos Beasts. Once the monsters were distracted by the Evil Lord and his demi-human minions, the expedition slipped into and headed to the nearby cathedral. There waiting for them was a Dragon Chaos Beast. Demiurge and the Floor Guardians present engaged it in battle with Momonga and defeated. As part of the spoils they claimed the hoard of the dragon which included a strange relic. It was brought back to Nazarick and Demiurge began to conduct tests on it with Pandora's Actor but was unable to determine its exact origin or purpose.[73]

On another of Demiurge regular summoning experiments using the Crack in the Throne Room, he inadvertently summons a new group of visitors. When the summons immediately turn hostile due to the surrounding undead guards, Demiurge used Command Mantra to pacify them. Not all of them are affected, as one of the girls in the party resists and eventually pushed to her mental limited when faced with the fear of her friends being harmed undergoes a psychological change, turning into a more brutal version of herself. The new ego proves more than Demiurge can handle in his weakened state, forcing his companions Albedo and Shalltear to assist him. The girl is driven away and escapes Nazarick no longer recognizing her own companions as allies. Once misunderstandings are cleared up and Demiurge apologizing to the visitors, both groups work together to bring the missing girl back an hopefully cure of her dark personality.[74] While their guests stay under Nazarick's protection, the demon studies the group and their unique powers under the approval of Momonga.[75]

He would also meet another character that recently arrived in Nazarick, an associate to Nazarick's guest though not necessarily an ally and referred as the Worst Spirit. Despite knowing that the Worst Spirit was an extreme security risk it has been allowed to give the female visitor some liberties in the dungeon with added security measures as she has valuable information related to transfer magic. However the girl only wishes to directly exchange this information to Momonga, and Demiurge reluctantly agrees to set up a meeting. The demon sets up the meeting with "Momonga" and the Worst Spirit so that the latter could divulge her time travel abilities, but to his shock the Worst Spirit sees through his ruse and knows that the "Momonga" is an imposter. Realizing he miscalculated on her sharp mind, the demon was impressed and apologized promising to allow her to meet with the real Momonga.[76]

The completion of a new security asset to Nazarick was made possible by Demiurge. Due in part to his research is using seeds harvested from dead corpse of the Legendary Tree, Demiurge succeeded in not just creating a new breed of treants, but finding a way to connect individual treants by their roots to give them better coordination and detection abilities. However the treants could only network three in a group and in order to centralize their actions and the security, Demiurge believed that a command tower would be needed. Such a command tower would have to be the Legendary Tree, but given that the said tree was killed it seemed impossible. That is until Demiurge discovered that the tree that was used to create the treants was not the real Legendary Tree as it was still young as it was only a few decades old in contrast to the old history of the real article. The tree was deemed just an offspring of the Parent Tree and that the latter must still exist somewhere in the Tob Forests. To search for it Demiurge gathered the original expedition tree to seek its location. In the search for the tree Demiurge and his team lose some of their minions as they locate one of the treant thralls of the Parent Tree. Confident he would bring a prize back to his master, he gives orders to the Pleiades to make preparations for another cherry blossom viewing. He also had them prepare the Chivalrous Costume for him as he felt it was right for the occasion to present himself appropriately to Momonga.

His team find the thralls of the Parent Tree to be on guard as they enter its territory and the groups briefly engage in battle to reach the Parent Tree. To subdue the tree as it was needed to be taken alive, Demiurge used an extract from the previous Legendary Tree to make it fall asleep. Incapacitated and unable to command its thralls, Demiurge had his team drag the Parent Tree from his place in the forest all the way back to a open up cavern near Nazarick. It was dumped and buried in the cavern and once upon awakening tried to fight its captors by summoning Forest Worms to defend it. It was only until its insect minions were killed that the tree realized that it was a prisoner did the tree submit itself under the command of its new masters. Though it bowed in submission, Demiurge threatened the Parent Tree that he would starve it unless true piety was shone, and he was responded with the tree crashing it boughs to the cave floor. Later at the Yozakura prepared at the cavern, Demiurge presented the Wicked Table to Momonga as a gift and wore his costume to reflect his loyalty to Momonga. He was irked to find Sebas Tian wearing a similar costume to him and the two got into a tense argument over the right to wear the costumes, until they were broken up by Cocytus warning them not to show such vulgar behavior before their master. Demiurge allowed the matter to slide, taking comfort that his master was pleaed by the Yozakura he organized.[77]

In another summoning experiment, Demiurge, Cocytus and Momonga would encounter a pair that emerged from the Crack that immediately attacked them without warning due to their appearances. Demiurge and Cocytus take an offensive stance to protect Momonga and as the fight draws in the favor of the Floor Guardians the two strangers are saved by a skeleton knight. The knight takes the pair and heads escapes with them. The Floor Guardians opt to pursue them but are stopped by Momonga as he sensed that the knight was more than he appeared to be.[78]

When Albedo takes a position as a general maid on the 9th and 10th Floor, Demiurge noted that efficiency in the dungeon was higher than ever before and commented that the Overseer Guardian's role was a positive benefits to the maid staff.[79] He would be brought in for consultation when a new group of visitors came through the Crack and give his assessment on the travelers.[80] And also in the matter of investigating traces of a player in a seaside village. After the protagonist and Pleiades returned with clarification that no player was present in the area, Demiurge praised Momonga's genius for sending their forces there as coincidentally the protagonist met up with Blue Roses which worked in their favor of strengthening their professional ties as adventurers.[81]

One of Demiurge's creations, an altar would be used for the Harvest Festival in the abandoned Carne Village in an effort to appease the ghost haunting the forest.[82] Next when a new part of visitors arrived in Nazarick, Demiurge did a psychological evaluation on the paranoid leader suspecting the fellow of using his façade to cope with a traumatized past.[83] Demiurge would accompany Momonga to E-Rantel, to act as an escort to potentially apprehend Sebas Tian after it was suspected that the butler was feeding classified information outside Nazarick. Though charges against Sebas Tian were dropped as the butler led to a new source of information which was escorted back to the dungeon instead.[84]

In an effort to make use of the Tripartite Alliance and have it serve Nazarick, Demiurge brought the protagonist and Slimeko to him to answer a hypothetical question of what would happen if the Re-Estize Kingdom lost its most valuable player, which the protagonist answered that it would go and seek outside help. Demiurge used the question to parallel of how the Kingdom was lacking manpower due to Gazef Stronoff's disappearance and advised the diplomat assistant to capitalize the moment for Momonga.[85] After Gazef is rescue by adventurers at the Northern Cave, the site piques Demiurge's interest as a newly discovered monster was found and wished to do a detailed survey of the new location.[86]

Another summoning experiment would take place and Demiurge and Momonga would meet the Shield Hero and his friends. The Shield Hero would accuse them of kidnapping them, which Demiurge took offense and prepared to strike the upstart until Momonga unexpectedly apologized who offered to compensate them with lodgings. As their new guests settle in Demiurge learns about the shield wielded by the hero and believed that it could rival a World Item. Though he wishes to take it and study it, Momonga orders him to refrain from doing so. Initially he along with Albedo are confused as to why Momonga is walking on egg shells with the guests thinking that there is some hidden meaning other than showing hospitality. Eventually when a new group tries to kill the Shield Hero and his comrades he and the rest of Nazarick learn that the former needs to die in order for a world to live. Believing that Momonga deduced the danger thanks to his genius Demiurge is amazed even more by his master.[87]

Later after a quarantine was placed around the Northern Cave by the Kingdom, Demiurge dispatched Yuri Alpha and Lupusregina Beta to sneak into the cave network and create an opening to allow the trapped Chaos Beasts to the surface. The demon would announce his master's intention, from his trivial comment at the start of Nazarick's transfer to the New World, of the goal of world domination starting with the control of the Tripartite Alliance. As part of his plan, Demiurge intentional had the Chaos Beasts freed from their underground prison and anticipating their behavior knew they would head straight towards the closet place of civilization, E-Rantel. The Alliance already massing their forces at the fortress city succeeded in defeating a ten thousand strong horde, however despaired when a new horde of thirty thousand was approaching. Demiurge presenting himself as the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth came from the sky and slew many Chaos Beasts on the battlefield to get the attention of the leaders of the Alliance, offering them salvation.[88]

As Jaldabaoth, the demon and his cohorts aid are rejected by many of the soldiers and warriors in the Alliance forces. Neither the Theocracy or Kingdom wish to make a deal with the Demon Emperor save Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix who wants to use the demon's power to make himself the leader of the Alliance and become its hero. The emperor accepts the deal with Jaldabaoth promising the demon all the wealth in the fortress city. Their contract made, Jaldabaoth sends his Evil Lords and demo minions to eliminate the Chaos Beast horde in swift order. Once the Chaos Beasts are slain, the demon adds another entail to the contract he made with Jircniv which is the human's life. Seeing that this was not originally agreed upon, the Four Imperial Knights to take a stance to protect the emperor.

It resulted in the death of one of the knights and their total defeat. To prevent the other knight on having similar ideas the Demon Emperor uses his magic to force them to kneel, however is surprised that the emperor is immune due to a protective charm. Still the demon takes Jircniv captive and orders the demons to begin sacking the city. Jaldabaoth takes the emperor to the city square where an execution stand is situated. As his Demon Maisds fight those that resist the demons' occupation of the city, Jaldabaoth prepared to execute the emperor only to be stopped by a dark-armored warrior. The Dark W believed to be the protagonist and Jaldabaoth seeking to dispose of the interloper he sends his minions out only to have them defeated one by one. Jaldabaoth himself fought the Dark Warrior but is soundlessly defeated which forced the former to escape leaving his opponent to be hailed a hero. While fleeing the city in flight, Jaldabaoth reveled in his plan's success until he noticed that he was being tailed by some unknowns which caused him to get ready to deal with the spies.[89]

Some time after his public display in E-Rantel, Demiurge had assigned Evil Lord Envy to monitor the cave in the Azerlisia Mountains containing the unique Crack that produced exact copies of the Frozen Giant. The demon was called by Momonga for a meeting in Nazarick brought on by Shalltear's report of encountering a human girl that was possible on her level of strength. The Floor Guardian had doubts on Shalltear's claim given that she was not a full warrior type to make an accurate estimation. Despite his doubts he still had an interest on putting eyes on the human girl named Anne but was worried that the girl may be part of an elaborate trap. Demiurge agreed with Albedo's assessment that the Anne could be from the Theocracy given her pious quotes. After the encounter, Demiurge was not sure whether Anne or Antilene was really on par with Momonga, but he knew for a fact that she was from the Theocracy and underline the point that nation had many strong people. Given time he believed that this information will be useful in the puppetization plan of the Three Kingdoms. When Momonga stated that Nigredo detected no counter-surveillance on Shalltear in the exchange, Demiurge was hopeful that this meant that the Theocracy had no player hiding in its territory.[90]

Later at a meeting in the Round Table with his master and comrades to discuss about the potential uses of hot springs. Speaking of it was revealed to those present that the facilities on Spa Resort Nazarick were fully repaired and Momonga invited the Floor Guardians to come to the baths to relax. Given that the 10th Floor was still dangerous due to the Chaos Beasts and Crack, Demiurge insisted in creating a security plan to guard them while they were in the baths and organize the schedule. In addition Demiurge noted that the attention to the baths also directed his master's attention to the Open Air Golem that needed to be deactivated for safety reasons. [91] It also opened up the "Miyoshi-kun's Disappearance Case". The details of the case were only made privy to Momonga and Yuri, though Demiurge and Albedo were vaguely aware of the content. However after Solution's desire of being Momonga's bathing attendant is made known, several female NPCs begin petitioning Momonga to be his bathing attendant. To prevent an internal conflict, Demiurge suggests that the decision be decided through a competition thus creating the Miyoshi Cup for the women to have the prize of challenging Momonga's current bathing attendant Miyoshi. The contest also served as a dual purpose in selecting members of a harem as it was needed to activate the Open Air Golem at the spas. In the the status quo was maintained after all the surviving contenders were defeated by Momonga in the last trial allowing Miyoshi to keep his position.[92]

The Floor Guardian would also attend an emergency meeting to address a call of aid from Cocytus stationed at a mine in the Great Lake. The Great Lake area was threatened by a mysterious cold wave that brought freezing temperatures driving the native monsters towards the lake in order to escape the cold. Not only that the allied lizardmen were under threat by both the weather and the migrating monsters. He agreed with Momonga that a response must be sent to the lizardmen to keep them from suffering, though cautioned Momonga that it could be a trap by some unknown enemy. After the crisis is resolved by members of the Pleiades, Demiurge commends Cocytus for his handling of the situation in the field and his progress in unifying the lizardmen under Nazarick's banner.[93]

Another of Demiurge’s summoning experiments would result in the return of a previous batch of visitors. Though it led to a happy reunion, it opened a new possibility that the Cracks could resummon old allies and that time moves at a slower pace in the other worlds. After their visitors inform them that they were actually being targeted by a clone of the Worst Spirit within the Crack, Demiurge showed them a video of the Grim Reaper suggesting that it and the clone were connected. Given that the reaper was immune to attacks by members of Nazarick, Demiurge believed that the only way to defeat the unknown enemy was to use the powers of the visitors.

During the adventure in an alternate future , Demiurge reported to Momonga that E-Rantel was destroyed by the clone.[94] The future thankfully did not come to pass, as information from an unlikely source arrived to warn them. Demiurge who was privy to the information and the events that led to E-Rantel and Nazarick’s destruction convinced his master Momonga to keep the knowledge secret to prevent a panic at least until a strategy was developed to counter the clone.[95]

During the initiation of Project Valentine, Demiurge and Momonga listened to an appeal by both Shalltear and Albedo to participate in the chocolate making experiment. While the event was for the general maids, the two did not see a problem with including the Floor Guardians as Aura Bella Fiora had also made a request to be accommodated. Later after their inclusion was revealed to Aura, she confessed to Demiurge that the other two women only wanted to join as they believed she was using it as a way to garner attention from Momonga as a front for the ongoing Queen War. Already well aware of the two outrageous behaviors Demiurge told the dark elf that she was not at fault. For the cook off, Demiurge permitted three members of the Pleiades to assist the Floor Guardians in preparing their dishes. While the remaining ones acted as tasters. He himself served as the moderator for the venue which he believed to be part of Momonga’s genius to use chocolate as a subtly way to conquer the world through diplomacy.[96]

In a meeting among the higher echelons of the dungeon, the protagonist wished to address the declining mental health of the people of E-Rantel, believing it would be detrimental to Nazarick's plans if the inhabitants they were manipulating were unproductive. With the protagonist's new popularity evolving into hero worship, Demiurge believed that an "idol" could be used to raise the humans' morale. Going under the assumption that he was following Momonga's plan, Demiurge acquired the cooperation of Shalltear and Aura who became the idols Acidity and Alkaline, forming LittleMass. Demiurge acting as the manager of the idol duo coordinated in creating live events in Nazarick as a test run for an idol show for the general maids before being implemented outside Nazarick. To keep interest in the idols he encouraged made the venues at locations with high risk like the Cracks, organized in-person hand-shake events and distributed limited time items for the maids.[97] After confirming that there was a solid fanbase Demiurge became satisfied with the experiment and planned to schedule for the dissolution of LittleMass. To do this he had Albedo meet Shalltear and Aura and comment that being a idol would forbid her from forming a relationship with her superior, Momonga, which would plant an idea in the vampire to retire from being an idol to stay in the ongoing Queen War. As planned due to the final performance garnered attention throughout Nazarick, making it the best finale. For the live-action battle Demiurge selected the Corpse Guardian to be the idols' last opponent. In the aftermath of the idol plan, Demiurge and Albedo agreed that the plan could proceed to the next phase in E-Rantel.[98]

The next phase would be different as instead of an idol plan, instead a tournament hosted by the Adventurer's Guild would be organized by the protagonist who would be sponsored by his nation the Sorcerer Kingdom. As for the contestants that would be participating in the event from Nazarick, Shalltear was selected to go using her alias of "Shall". A second agent was called to be included. Though Aura was deemed inappropriate as her face was already know to members outside Nazarick as being an associate of the protagonist. Demiurge made a recommendation that Kyuko should be sent, noting that she proven herself to be a loyal member of Nazarick and that use guise as a non-human would serve Shall's cover story.[99] In the aftermath of the plan, which saw the cementation of Shalltear and Kyuko's alter egos as honorary adventurers, Demiurge hailed it as a success in pulling the entire city populace into the grand lie.[100]

On another assignment, Demiurge received a request from the protagonist to accept a job from Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself to investigate the allegations of kidnappings by Marquis Blumrush. The demon answering the request for Momonga permitted it, but also asked the homunulus agent to assist him on a task while in the area. Demiurge positioned a doppelgänger in Re-Blumrushur to disguise itself as a soldier in order to lead the protagonist and Blue Roses to the mine near the city where Zurrernorn were conducting inhuman sacrifices. Knowing well that Marquis Blumrush would escape being blamed for the cultists in his territory, Demiurge stationed Evil Lord Greed to appear there as a red herring. The Evil Lord being an associate of the Demon Emperor and his appearance at a mine owned by the corrupt noble would give the Kingdom the proof to incriminate and arrest the marquis. While it would strengthen the Kingdom, the marquis's removal would mean that Demiurge could then claim the mineral wealth for Nazarick without any interference. The plan worked perfectly and the noble was ousted from his territory, though he was killed by a third party. This third party drew concerns from both Demiurge and the protagonist as even though the assassin was apprehended by Nazarick's summons, no information on who put the hit on the noble was revealed.[101]

Demiurge would attend a meeting where he saw Cocytus request the aid of the Pleiades in their swimsuits to assist him in any future conflicts in the Great Lake area. This would lead Momonga to call for a performance test of the swimsuits against those made by Tsuibayaya. The demon taking an interest also was permitted to get involve believing research on the swimsuits would help expand the idol plan for Nazarick. While conducting test on the swimsuits with the Pleiades, he is pulled into the allusion by Albedo and Shalltear that Momonga's interest is a new front for the "Trial of Love" to decide a Queen for him. Reading too deeply once again in Momonga's words and actions the demon convinces his master to allow him to coordinate his will by creating a event called "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" which would act not only as a performance test for eqipment but entertainment and a test for the idol plan.

Once it was accepted without informing Momonga of its real purpose, Demiurge and Cocytus went to the library to do research on swimsuits and their relationship with idols As they were looking through the stacks, Cocytus confessed his disillusionment on Nazarick's plan for the lizardmen under his charge. Instead of being angry at his colleague for harboring such thought, the other Floor Guardian believed it was therapeutic for Cocytus and advised him to focus on the good Nazraick has done for the lizardmen in the Great Lake to ease his guilt. Demiurge presented his findings to Momonga of the activities he could implement in the meet, Momonga caught a chance to glimpse at the swimsuits Albedo and Shalltear planned to wear at the meet, causing the undead to be distress by the scene. Momonga's release of "Despair Aura" is misinterpreted by the Guardians to be a sign that Momonga is taking the meet to be a serious part of his plans not just for the "Trial of Love" test but also leads Demiurge to believe that his master intends to mass produce the swimsuits for conquest of the seas.

During the preparations for the event, Demiurge is assisted by Pandora's Actor in gathering the materials. He also makes a promise to the Area Guardian to request Momonga to allow him to attend the athletic meet as he is eager to be included in Nazraick's activities. Once the athletic meet starts Demiurge acts as the announcer for three challenges in the competition. He also coordinated with a reactive LittleMass and hosted a special mini-live shows with Pandora's Actor as the special guest.

At the end of the event Demiurge announced the results to be a tie game. The results of the event are discussed in a meeting with Momonga and the other Guardians. Momonga hearing how they mistakenly assumed his actions on the "Trial of Love" keeps the mistake to himself and praises the NPCs on their initiative. While Demiurge and many of the others are happy to accept just those words, some like Albedo and Shalltear take it too far and demand his body and cling to him. Demiurge wishing to re-establish some decorum among the meeting ordered the other Guardians and Sebas Tian to help him remove the women off Momonga. But even with their combined strength it is not enough prompting the Eight-Edge Assassins to help.[102]

Days away from the date when the Re-Estize Kingdom will transfer the management rights of E-Rantel to the Sorcerer Kingdom after being convinced by the protagonist's character and his role in stopping the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth, Demiurge attended a meeting of his peers where he saluted Momonga on his executed plan. Since the takeover of the Alliance was underway with Nazarick now controlling its capital, Demiurge requested to be given permission to operate in the Roble Holy Kingdom as he had plans to use it to strengthen Nazarick. Once the exchange of rights is done and the protagonist is settling into his role as Territory Guardian, Demiurge in a meeting with his master commented that the homunculus was effectively handling his new role. He also revealed some findings that he discovered about the creature found in the Norther Cave, revealing that its composition was oddly similar to the artifact brought back from the Holy Kingdom. Given his findings Demiurge believed that the creature and substance were related and not of the current world.

When Shalltear failed to return from the field at the scheduled time, Demiurge rushed into the Round Table with Yuri and Luspusregina to report the absence of the Floor Guardian.[103] Later it was determined that Shalltear was placed under the magic of a World Item by unknown enemies in the Katze Plains. Momonga believed that Shalltear's misfortune was his fault, though Demiurge interjected stating that the blame may have been his as his debut as the Demon Emperor attracted some attention. That and his fake trail that he led into the plains after he killed his pursuers after he fled from the "Dark Warrior". Once a plan on how to defeat Shalltear was devised by the protagonist, Demiurge assisted Aura in monitoring the battlefield against Shalltear for any indications that a third party was in the area.[104]

Demiurge followed the developments when Nazarick's spies infiltrated the Six Arms after the workers conducted as massive undead subjugation to search for the elder lich in command of the Ghost Ship in the Katze Plains. It was believed that the plot had something to do with who controlled Shalltear, but after their spies gained the confidence of Zero and the other workers, it proved that it was actually the foundations of a brewing rebellion against Emperor Jircniv by several disgruntled nobles. The nobles planned to use Zero's help to establish a smuggling route to acquire weapons and slaves from the neighboring Theocracy through the Katze Plains. Though it did not answer why the emperor was not taking action. Demiurge divine that it could be three possible scenarios: 1) the emperor was the true mastermind behind the rebellion and was using the nobles as scapegoats to acquire slaves for manpower. 2) the emperor was using the fermenting rebellion to force the rebels to act out in the open. 3) the emperor was in the dark on what was happening. Give their limited information, he acquiesced to Momonga's order to "wait and see".

After the events played out it turned out Jircniv was allowing the nobles to organize so that he could capture them in one swoop thanks with Zero acting as the inside man. The success of the implantation of spies and Nazarick being key to preventing the emperor from being deposed was praised by Demiurge to be attributed to Momonga's foresight as she believed he set the pieces for the events to happen. In a stray word from Momonga musing his interest of the Dwarf Kingdom and its rune weapons, Demiurge and many others believed it to be his master's next target.[105]

During the event of the fake sun, Demiurge was said to be working with Albedo to collect reports from summons on the extent of the phenomenon. Later he was contacted by the protagonist who was conducting the investigation in E-Rantel to find the cause. The two NPCs shared information on the item that was causing the extended day and the protagonist's interpretation of a prophecy written by one of the Supreme Beings that seems to have predicted the event. Together they were able to deduce that beings disguised of Blue Roses were responsible. Once the culprits were captured, Demiurge and the protagonist provided how they and Momonga were able to figure it out to their fellows. Later at a Tsukimi, Demiurge found that Sebas Tian was trying to make some small talk with him, but he politely asked Sebas not to try too hard to be nice to him as it went against his character.[106]

For Nazarick's formal Halloween Festival, Demiurge dressed in his Chivalrous Costume for the occasion. Unlike the other Floor Guardians who were participating in the defense training part of the event, Demiurge maintained a post in Momonga's office to watch the progress of the Guardians in repelling the attacks on the floors by Albedo and Narberal. Once the training concluded, he joined the others in celebrating Halloween in the pumpkin patch on the 6th Floor.[107]

When a trio of magical girls were summoned to Nazarick through the Crack, Demiurge under orders from Momonga interviewed them to gather intel of their technology and organization that they were part of. Once their allies managed to re-established contact with them but were unable to transport them due to distortion around the New World, Demiurge surmised that it was due to the Cracks. Once the trio left and returned to their world, Demiurge was disappointed that they were unable to gain direct information from the organization on dimensional travel.[108]

In a general meeting on a report from the protagonist on the progress of the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute and its request for more specimens from the mountains, Demiurge agreed with Momonga's decision not to recall Lupusregina and CZ from the Empire, despite them being more familiar with the area, as their undercover work was more important. It was even more critical since Nazarick still had not determined who was responisble for the incident involving Shalltear's mind control status. Upon listening to a report from Solution of an illness spreading among the orphans of the city, specifically in areas where Demiurge's demons had attacked during his debut as Jaldabaoth, he shed some light on the origins of the illness of being the result of demonic subordinate's bad status effect ability. It obviously had a much more severe effect over the humans than intended and Demiurge promised to reprimand the one responsible.

During the epidemic, Demiurge took an interest in one of the researchers of the institute, Nfirea Bareare, commenting that the boy's lack of regard to his health would be detrimental to Nazarick's long-term goals and hoped that the protagonist could guide the human back on track. After plans were made to secretly deliver medicine through gifts and toys to the children, the demon found it to be acceptable as it would avoid a conflict with the temple over their jurisdiction in healing the people. In addition it served to further the "Idol Plan" as the gifts were made in the "Dark Warrior's" image to instill loyalty in the young minds towards the Sorcerer Kingdom. Later at a Christmas party to celebrate the protagonist's and his allies success in curing the illness in E-Rantel, Demiurge was present with Aura when Momonga gave a toast.[109]

In a management meeting with Momonga over Nazarick's gains and expenses in its operations in E-Rantel, Demiurge and Albedo voiced excitement at the fruition of their master's plan. There was concern from her master on the approaching year's end which would bring about "New Year", an event Demiurge recalled little in the previous year due to being under some kind of mental influence. Even so he recognized the potential threat of the "New Year" as the mental effect was deemed to be a volation on the Floor Guardians minds. He agreed with Momonga's plan to conduct "general cleaning" of all floors to find any anomalies. Demiurge conducted a search of his own floor but found not traces of anything. Momonga passed his patrol through the 7th Floor, and Demiurge gave his report but also recommended that resources for repairs on his floor be re-directed elsewhere since it was the least damaged during the Incident. Demiurge accompanied Momonga back to the 9th Floor where they had a startle when two maids where holding out mochi and almost mistook them to be under the "new Year's mental effect. Eventually Momonga decided that the "New Year" event should not be avoided but embraced considering that in the previous instance no one was harm and that he hoped to see the entity known as Shiro again.

Under Albedo's suggestion a Kakushigei Tournament was hosted and Demiurge became the leader of Red Team for the tournament. His match was the third and last one, and was against Albedo, the leader of White Team. The debuts started out with a collaborated firedance that he and Albedo planned together. During the dance, Demiurge snuck a hairpin with the image of Momonga on her person. Due to the item, it limited Albedo's ability to fight ass she did not wanted to damage it. Despite the handicap, she managed to hold out on her own against Demiurge, so much so that Momonga declared the mock battle to be a tie. The unexpected happened, with the entire audience and participants in the Amphitheater being teleported into the Chaos Zone containing the Bishamonten Shrine. At this point Demiurge hypothesized that the reason why everyone was brought to the realm was because they accidentally summoned the area because of the "celebration ceremony" which may have acted as a ritual.

In the unknown realm, Demiurge and a few others stayed behind to protect the general maids, while Momonga took a team to find the mastermind of the phenomena. In the aftermath of the death of the White Mochi King's death, Demiurge found himself returned back to Nazraick. There she formally met with Shiro the new Ruler of New Year, who was welcomed by Momonga as a friend. Demiurge accepted the new friendship with Shiro as it was the will of his master, though he was also assigned by Momonga to interview Shiro on any scrap of knowledge on the Sea of Possibilities and his creators.[110]

In another summoning experiment to bring forth some new visitors to Nazarick, Demiurge mistook Momonga's musing for a wish to have the visitors remain permanently in the dungeon so that their strength could supplement the tomb. Sharing this with his peers, a plan was put forth to subtly influence their guests to make them wish to stay in Nazarick. Demiurge would also participate in a mock combat battle, pitting Momonga and the Floor Guardians against the visitors. When it seemed Momonga was close to sealing the deal to have one of the visitors remain, an unknown entity froze time to retrieve the two visitors and spirit them back to their original world. Due to Demiurge using time countermeasures he was unaffected the the stopping of time and observed his master allow the visitors to leave and to properly say goodbye. Afterwards Demiurge and Albedo were disappointed that their efforts were for naught.[111]

A report from Wrath that a new vein of adamantite was located in the Abelion Hills prompted Demiurge to present a proposal to Momonga that he and Albedo drafted together. Momonga having glanced through the memorandum, gave his approval which led to Demiurge and Albedo in planning a National Foundation Day Ceremony, to officiate the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The two Floor Guardians would present the plan to the other Floor Guardians. Though the Floor Guardians were unsure of the ceremony, Demiurge got their attention by informing them that the event would showcase the first of a new line of statues of Momonga.

Since the ceremony would be an exercise with newcomers to Nazarick acting out as guests, Demiurge offered the honor of having the statue installed on the floor of the Guardian that displayed the best diplomatic tact. Almost immediately the idea was accepted by the others. While the other Guardians began making time to study and practice their manners, Demiurge took Mare to the Abelion Hills to acquire the adamantite ores for the statue. Once he and the dark elf cleared the vein site of Chaos Beasts, Demiurge returned to Nazarick with his materials to begin the crafting.[112]

However during the crafting process, Demiurge hit a snag. He tried asking some feedback from his Evil Lords and even Abyss Demon but they were unable to add anything concrete so he called for the Overseer Guardian as she was known to have an artistic flair with her dakimakuras of Momonga. When ALbedo reviewed his work, she quickly found his problem, Demiurge was too focused on using exact numbers and thus his need for accuracy was clouding his passion for artistry. Once the hurdle was determined, the two collaborated together in a frenzy to design the perfect model of Momonga. On the day of the ceremony for the commemoration of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Demiurge was present at the event in Fake Nazarick. Later in the ball portion of the event, dressed in a new suit for the occasion.

Near the end of the party, Demiurge unveiled his Sorcerer King Momonga Statue and was showered by praise for the masterpiece. A day later Demiurge was honored when Momonga decided to install the statue on the 7th Floor. He still had over a hundred prototypes in his inventory and when word broke out about the statues, it sparked a fury of requests by the NPCs to possess one.[113]

To test out a whether new character dolls released at the Adventurer's Guild would prevent the growing religious worship of the protagonist, Demiurge resumed his role as LittleMass's producer Demi P. Since they were going to include a new idol for the experiment Demiurge rebranded the group as LittleMasStar. Later on through the idol campaign that introduced Albedo as "Neutrally", Demiurge helped to devise new ideas for the dolls at the Adventurer's Guild like the cloth tags and lottery system.[114]

When a summoning at the Crack in the Throne Room produced a guest to return to Nazarick for a third time, this time accompanied by new faces, Demiurge learned about the time differential between the guest's world and the world Nazarick was in. Although it could be assumed that time flows different for the other worlds, Demiurge could not confirm this as this specific guest and his associates were the only examples Nazarick had where they were re-summoned multiple times. His expertise was called on again to explain why one of their guests underwent a radical personality change, in which he provided his insight given the information of the guests' original dimension.[115]

After the protagonist raised an issue of illegal gambling in E-Rantel, it led to creating an environment to study the behavior. Demiurge was one of the main architects of the new 9th Floor area, Casino Resort Nazarick. While the new facility was to experiment and explore gambling psychology, Demiurge saw the casino as a new source of stable income that could be applied in human society and was eager to apply it in Nazarick's next policy.[116]

A problem with the manufacture of the "Dark Warrior" doll line emerged in E-Rantel, as the materials in the production originating from human society were of poor quality. After being alerted by the Adventurer's Guild on the complication, the protagonist and Slimeko reported it to Momonga, Demiurge and Albedo. Demiurge took the situation gravely as the pause in the production of dolls would severely compromise the idol project that they were implementing in E-Rantel. While a quick solution was to use the materials in Nazarick's inventory, Demiurge wanted a more sustainable way. A plan was drawn up to acquire fiber plants for weaving from the Tob Forests, which Demiurge supported as well as obtain information on fabric processing from the local humans and the neighboring lizardmen.[117]

Demiurge was present with Momonga and the Floor Guardians when Shalltear made a petition to resume [Gate] experiments to repair the teleportation traps on her floor. Momonga approved of the peition as he believed that [Gate] experiments needed to be tested in order to verify if the Cracks influence had waned and independent teleportation magic could resume. Though there were risks, Momonga used Demiurge's continuing experiments with the Cracks as an example of how the benefits outweigh the costs.

Demiurge used his expertise to simulate the experiment as it started originally before being halted. A test was set up to connect the 2nd Floor of Nazarick to the quarry under Nazarick's control. Instead the [Gate] connected to isolated island that Nazarick discovered in the first [Gate] experiments. While the results were unexpected the rediscovery of the island opened new horizons for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Demiurge wanted to use the island as a new foothold for the Sorcerer Kingdom noting it would be convenient to use as a port outside the influence of the Re-Estize Kingdom and Roble Holy Kingdom. However as they did not know the exact location of the island, there were concerns that other locals powers could be in the area. Still Albedo supported the idea to send an expedition to explore the island and pinpoint its exact coordinates.

Due to the lack of people available with aquatic combat training, Demiurge suggested that another water competition could be organized to train Aura and Mare who would be sent to scout the island. Albedo though discouraged the idea, as it would complicate things and waste time. Instead Cocytus's idea to ask the lizardmen to train Aura and Mare in marine combat was pursued. After Demiurge learned from the protagonist that Zaryusu Shasha expressed interest in joining the expedition to the island, the demon believed that the lizardmen could be useful in setting up a bridgehead on the island.[118]

During the incident that saw the Great Tomb of Nazarick transform into Nazarick Academy, Demiurge was mentally controlled and made to believe that he was a biology and art professor. In second period class, he instructed his students on comparative antaomy and also showed them how to use the body parts of other living creatures into piece of art.[119] After the incident was resolved and Demiurge's memory was restored, he tried to take the blame for his poor security of Nazarick, but it was rejected by Momonga who found no fault in him or the others for what transpired. After learning details of the incident, Demiurge believed that greater effort in studying the phenomenon of the Crack was needed.[120]

Just before the survey team was sent to the island, Demiurge as well as Albedo spoke to Zaryusu, thanking him for his participation. They recommended that the lizardmen collect as many souvenirs as a show of good faith, which would lead to the traveler in agreeing to convince his people to assist in building a base for the Sorcerer Kingdom once the island was deemed secure. After the conclusion of the mission, Demiurge was eager to start construction as he wanted to use the island as a site for some outdoor experiments.[121]

Demiurge was informed of the damaging slander from the guilds of E-Rantel towards the Adventurer's Guild, which threatened to shut down their merchandising market. Though annoyed by the ungrateful humans for their envy towards the guild's success, Demiurge agreed on the protagonist's proposal that the situation could be turned around through public relations by doing a publicity stunt of having the Sorcerer Kingdom sponsor Darkness into go out and retrieving the adventurer plates of Igvarge. After the success of the mission, leaving the Adventurer's Guild and public with greater trust in the Sorcerer Kingdom, Demiurge planned to develop a new idol plan for E-Rantel.[122]

The Floor Guardian latest experiment with the Crack brought forth new visitors from another world. Though this new summoning caused the visitors to be separated, one appearing in the Throne Room and the other missing. Nazarick took responsibility for the debacle to avoid drawing aggression from the new guest and offered help in locating the missing comrade. While Demiurge was willing to follow Momonga's plan, he proposed that perhaps they could use the other visitor as a hostage, but his idea was dismissed as Momonga did not want to make an enemy of the guests. Later when thought to be dead Demon King seemingly appeared with history with one of their guests, Demiurge and Albedo deduced that the entity was not the real one but merely a manifestation of the Sea of Possibilities born from their guests' subconscious fears which allowed Nazarick and their allies to defeat it.[123]

At the protagonist's proposition to host a Halloween theme festival in E-Rantel, Demiurge once again misinterpreting one of Momonga's past musings of Halloween mistook it to be an ulterior motive for a devious plan. With his master's permission he explained that the event would serve as a deceptive operation to convince the denizens of the New World that the Sorcerer Kingdom's origins traced to a well-known figure, the Boastful Sage. Additionally the event would serve as a lure for any other players in hiding. Once the festival was reported to be a success, Demiurge planned to expand the deception by producing a line of magic items that the sage had invented in the past. For Nazarick's Halloween Festival he dressed himself in a new black suit.[124]

Demiurge participated in Momonga's "Daily Household Magic Item Improvement Plan" by installing a refrigerator in the Bar with Sous-chef's permission. Later with Entoma, he devised a way to improve the loudspeaker magic item of the New World. After Tsuibayaya crafted the item based on their specifications, he and the maid presented it at the "Sorcerer Kingdom Daily Household Magic Item Fair". Though their item greatly enhanced sound, it still required much work.[125]

At a general meeting with Momonga and a few Floor Guardians, Demiurge was reintroduced to Shiro when the boy came to warn Momonga about the approach of New Year's. Demiurge was among those unaffected by the New Year's mental control, due to being in physical contact with Shiro. When he witnessed the effect he was horrified at the thought that he was under its spell once. The demon was able to postulate a direct connection to the gathering of the Seven Lucky God Key Items and Shiro's power. He advocated in gathering the items to prevent the new Ruler of New Year from gaining them. Later after the crisis was over, whilst everyone was watching the live performance of LittleMasStar in the Amphitheater, Demiurge, Mare and Momonga secretly met to discuss about the danger Shiro posed to Nazarick. To Demiurge he believed that Shiro's presence in Nazarick was the cause of the repeated New Year's events and action needed to be done to ensure the dungeon's safety. For now he obeyed Momonga's order that Shiro will be unharmed and only monitored.[126]

During the meeting prompted by the protagonist to discuss about the drop in chocolate sales in E-Rantel, Demiurge wanting to best effectively use the remaining stockpile of the goods, suggested to the homunculus to collected as many opinions from chocolate enthusiasts to find out how the current chocolate product could be improved. After Momonga left the meeting, Demiurge and Albedo surmised on why their master did not mention anything about Valentine's Day as it was related to chocolate. They both came to a conclusion that this was a test for the Floor Guardians to see how well they can independently think and collaborate. Demiurge reviewed the opinions on suggestions of improving the chocolate candy such as breaking it into smaller pieces. After the development of Golden Chocolate In A Bottle, Demiurge confirmed it was safe to eat the insect resin coating on the candy.[127]

During the reconstruction of E-Rantel, some time after Demiurge staged attacked as Jaldabaoth, Demiurge was glad to hear that the humans were mental recovering from the trauma his inflicted as he was worried that his actions were a tad too stimulating and their mental health would have hindered Nazarick's plans. After and incident involving the remnants of Zurrernorn creating a Super Giant Sanitary Slime to destroy E-Rantel which was resolved thanks to the efforts of the protagonist and the city defenders, Demiurge at a meeting told Momonga that several Shadow Demons were monitoring the sewers to ensure another mutate slime would not arise. Though he expected that things would soon return to normal for the Sanitary Slime population.

To address the continuing threat of Zurrernorn, Demiurge knew the general whereabouts of the leaders, though he stated that they did not sanction the attack on E-Rantel and that those who committed the act were rogue elements of the cult. He was proud to see that Momonga had knew such things would turn out for the incident, and was happy of how the humans were so dependent on the Sorcerer Kingdom. When the protagonist reported that the resident of the city took a liking to the swimsuits worn by the adventurers during the operation, Demiurge considered this idea for reference in incorporating the idea into future idol projects.[128]

While having drinks with Cocytus at the bar, Demiurge his colleague was depressed about not being able to contribute to Nazarick, like the other Floor Guardians who had various field missions. Demiurge tried to impress him that his contributions to Momonga was noteworthy such as his management of the lizardmen, though Cocytus craved more opportunity to prove himself, making Demiurge wonder on how he could cheer his friend.

As it so happened, there was a demand from humans in E-Rantel for new chocolate sweets, causing Nazarick to hasten the development of "Chilled Chocolate" which Cocytus volunteered without hesitation. Though Albedo casted some doubt on Cocytus's abilities, given his incompatibility with human taste, Demiurge vouchered for him, convincing Momonga to given Cocytus the task. After the meeting, he met with Cocytus again at the bar where the 5th Floor Guardian thanked him for sticking up for him. To celebrate they toasted using a chocolate liquor drink made by Sous-chef. Once Cocytus left, Demiurge had a smile on his face for seeing his friend happy.

Demiurge was called for a private meeting by Albedo to express her concern over the task given to Cocytus, and demanded an explanation from him for supporting Cocytus. Once he explained, Albedo asked Demiurge is he believed Cocytus would succeeded, leading the demon to say that they had to trust in Cocytus and Momonga's decision. The task left to Cocytus and Narberal was aided by Demiurge ad others, by giving the two practical knowledge on chocolate making. This was done by hosting a reenactment of the chocolate taste party where Narberal tried all the dishes to express the exquisite taste of each dish. From this review, Cocytus then conceived of the idea for Chilled Chocolate Confectionary which was accepted by Momonga and became a bit hit in E-Rantel. Later Cocytus and Demiurge shared some drinks to celebrate the success, before the former joined Narberal on a sword practice session, leaving Demiurge smiling.[129]

At another summoning experiment with the Crack, Demiurge witnesses Momonga's latest experiment in transferring a peddler and his pet bird. When the two attempted to escape, Demiurge used his skill to command the human to stop, though it appeared that the bird companion was unaffected. He later released the human at Momonga's order so as to have a conversation with their new guest. After the initial negotiations were completed, the peddler and his bird were given a room for their stay in Nazarick.

Demiurge believed that his master had some sort of plan for the visitors. He took a liking to the human guest as he showed proper attitude towards Momonga, fawning at the feet of the undead during his negotiations. Later he witnessed the visitors return back to their world wit the assistance of Momonga, and praised his master's wisdom of managing the guests.[130]

To address the standard knowledge on human monetary system, Demiurge agreed with Momonga that it was a concept that the denizens of Nazarick lacked. A money lecture was then organized with Pandora's Actor being the main lecturer. Demiurge then made arrangements to find participants which included himself, the Floor Guardians and the Pleiades. Later he helped Pandora's Actor prepare his lecture content at the Guest Room.

At the lecture in Casino Resort Nazarick, Demiurge learned from the lecture that without money, food, clothing, and shelter would not be stable. And that money was used since resources were limited and so tended to fluctuate. He also listened to an unexpected briefing at the lecture by Albedo and Shalltear who explained the organization structure of Nazarick for the benefits of those participating. From the discussion, in a business model, Demiurge realized that he could be seen as the executive director, who is also responsible for planning. He found the discussion provided by the two female Floor Guardians to be educational as it clarified the chain of command.

An emergency soon came up for Nazarick, Demiurge at the session provided a report to those at the meeting that the luxury chocolates that were stored in a warehouse in E-Rantel were eaten by slimes. Due to the goods were promised to a noble who was hosting a party, Nazarick had to coordinate to replace the chocolates with a new batch of sweets which Demiurge called required them to utilize the functions of "organization" and "division of roles" that they have all learned just recently. While the rest of his colleagues were out gathering ingredients or preparing the sweets, Demiurge took charge of guarding the upper floors of Nazarick with his Evil Lords and some Vampire Brides.

Once Nazarick successfully created a new chocolate confectionary worthy of their noble client, Demiurge was relieved that they were fortunate to have used the knowledge they learned from the lecture and applied it. Momonga was pleased with the positive outcome as it brought about positive change in the way where everyone works at Nazarick which Demiurge defined as "workstyle reform". Later he rolled his eyes upon witnessing Albedo and Shalltear fight over Momonga's affections.[131]

At the conclusion of the child slave trade incident, Demiurge was present at the meeting when the protagonist provided his report. Demiurge noted that among the slave broker's clients were not only from the Kingdom, but also from other countries...nobles and merchants.[132]

At a meeting with the Floor Guardians, the protagonist and Momonga, on the topic of the identities of Shalltear's attackers, Demiurge analysis concluded that the group that fought the vampire were at least as powerful together against her. Worse it seemed that many of the attackers may have survived when they retreated after mind controlling her. He later listened to a proposal by the protagonist to move forward on gaining more information on the Incident by seeking long-lived races that lived in the Azerlisia Mountains under the guise of opening diplomatic relations with the Dwarf Kingdom.

Later he was in the Abelion Hills with Evil Lord Wrath, selecting the elite demi-humans in the area for an upcoming project of his. After the protagonist successfully made a deal with the Frost Dragons and dwarves, the demon hailed it as a success as the entire mountain range was now under Nazarick's control. Additionally they gained some knowledge on the Incident through the dragons.[133]

When communication with E-Rantel was cut off, around the time when two armies of the Kingdom were about to clash, Demiurge learned of the situation from the Shadow Demons that were stationed outside the city and reported this to Momonga. News began to creep in that the the city was being overrun by Chaos Beasts which Demiurge theorized may have been due to Cracks forming in E-Rantel and was triggered by the large concentration of military force. Expecting that the worse was coming Demiurge raised the alert for the dungeon and all its resources on standby. Much later he reported that the Shadow Demons had snuck into the city and found that their agents had vanished.[134]

In the aftermath of what would be called the Calamity of Cracks, the disappearance of the protagonist, Solution and Slimeko, were covered by the Sorcerer Kingdom, using the shapeshifting abilities of Greater Doppelgängers to assume their roles. The imposters maintained the ruse to fool the entire city. During the reconstruction of the city, the fake protagonist was approached by the city leaders of E-Rantel to host another Greetings and Victory Festival. Said proposal was then passed to Momonga and his advisers Albedo and Demiurge. Demiurge noted that the humans were now relying on the Sorcerer Kingdom now more than ever as since the disaster, the city received a wide range of tangible and intangible aid and could even be experiencing a renaissance of sorts if not for the loss of talented people.

The festival was approved by Momonga, though one of the special requests of the humans was to locate the adventurer Shall as she had a powerful impact on the people in her previous visit and was believed could be beneficial to the festivities. Since Shall was the adventurer identity that Shalltear created there was some concern for sending out the vampire by Momonga as Nazarick had yet to determine who Shalltear's brainwashers were. Demiurge and Albedo agreed that there should be such caution, though admitted that they needed to take action as doing nothing will not change anything. The demon also believed that they needed to take the chance and even use the opportunity to sending out Shalltear so perhaps not only to keep the humans in their thrall but also lure their attackers and gain more knowledge on the World Item they have in their possession.

The decision was left to Shalltear, who was then lectured by Demiurge on why her presence at the festival was so vital. Demiurge instead of thinking Momonga wanted to leave the decision to Shalltear believed instead his master wanted to use Shalltear as a decoy to bait the enemy players or her attackers. His reasoning was accepted by Momonga and Shalltear who wanted to commit herself in bringing those who wronged her in. Before Shalltear left with Aura to fetch Kyuko, the demon provided her some advice of how to avoid speaking of what "Shall" has been doing since leaving E-Rantel by using a story of misfortune to dissuade prodding. After the mission Shalltear reported that Demiurge's advice helped her nail the "heartbroken noble story" to the citizens of E-Rantel.[135]

Months after the attack on E-Rantel, Demiurge was delighted that the aftermath saw to that the Sorcerer Kingdom influence was expanding and that their human collaborator Princess Renner was making headway into turning the Re-Estize Kingdom into a puppet state. Though there were still costs which were lamented by Momonga as the entire team of Darkness and half of the Pleiades who were stationed in E-Rantel at the time of the attack had vanished to parts unknown. Despite the loss of their comrades, Demiurge assured that those lost did not waste their efforts in vain and that it would be best to linger on sadness but honor their sacrifices by moving forward.

Miraculously the protagonist returned to Nazarick bringing word to the higher-ups that personnel who were assumed lost were actually incapacitated and trapped on the "other side" of the Crack. Additionally when the protagonist requested a private meeting with Momonga with information for his ears only, Demiurge along with Albedo protested as they were wary that the protagonist may be under the influence of an outside force given his time away from Nazarick. His objections were overruled and Momonga permitted the private audience. Afterwards using the information the protagonist gave him on the aspects of the "chaos environment", the 7th Floor Guardian worked with Pandora's Actor and the Chief Blacksmith to utilize the research on Chaos Stones to develop protective gear for the rescue team.[136]

At the return of the protagonist and the members of the Pleiades from the "other side" of the Crack, Demiurge and his peers were made aware that the homunculus was not really a creation of the Supreme Beings, but an idea that was realized through the power of the Sea of Possibilities. In addition they learned that he may have shared a possible connection to Enhela Read Gahi who claimed that they were compatriots, serving Kuyō for some specific purpose. Demiurge was concerned about this particularly about the news that Enhela was now aiming to bring the protagonist under his custody, something which could not be allowed as the homunculus knew too much about Nazarick. Mind alteration was suggested as a means to erase the protagonist's memory by Momonga, however his master lamented that he was not on a level where he was confident at altering memories, prompting Demiurge to prepare more human guineapigs for Momonga to experiment on.

For now the protagonist would be forbidden from returning to Nazarick, and remain in E-Rantel as Territory Guardian, though Aura wondered if that was the right course of action as then it would make capturing the protagonist easy for Enhela. Demiurge supported the course of action, as then Nazarick could plan a trap on the priest, though it would need some time and planning as he estimated that Enhela was around a Floor Guardian's level.

When he and the rest of the Guardians were asked on their personal feelings about the protagonist, Demiurge argued that the protagonist was still a legacy of the Supreme Beings as he was a possibility that was envisioned by the creators nonetheless.[137]

Demiurge was seen speaking to Albedo and Momonga on the recruitment of Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself as a member of Nazarick. He showed that he admired her plan of using captured humans from when he was Jaldabaoth and used them to lure the elites of the Re-Estize Kingdom in a ploy to kill them and later fake her own death. Later on, when Renner cut ties with her homeland and used the Fallen Seed to become an imp, he was anxious to collect data from a mock duel between Renner and Albedo. Afterwards he attended the banquet, welcoming Renner and was happy to see that the other NPCs were getting along with the former human.[138]

After Lupusregina and CZ proposed using bards to promote the Sorcerer Kingdom internationally, Demiurge was receptive to their Bard Plan, as it drew parallels to the previous Idol Plan. He wanted to bring the protagonist on the team, but was denied by Momonga as the homunculus had a lot of things on his belt already. Later he and others were surprised when Lupusregina, CZ, and Narberal, who they recruited to be part of the Bard Plan, aimed to develop a rock band. While the choice of music was unorthodox, Demiurge saw the merits of using the anti-establishment theme of the music. He saw it would be useful to garner interest from the critics of the Sorcerer Kingdom and lull them with false information. The maids plan coalesced into Βγδth, and soon became a hit with the general maids. Demiurge took measures to ensure that the group would remain stable and recruited Shalltear to help the group vent out their frustrations on the Chaos Beasts and not on each other. In a final live show, Demiurge reprised his role as Demi P to announce LittleMasStar return to the stage and their duel with Βγδth.[139]

Along with his Floor Guardian duties, Demiurge continued the operation of Casino Resort Nazarick. One day he reported that the casino had increased in popularity due to the new prize item Albedo introduced to the prize case. The demon was happy that this led to the casino doing well. His interest in the establishment was more on the consumption rate of prizes, adjustment of the exchange rates, emission rates in each casino game, etc. To that end he wanted t conduct some small adjustment to the casino rules to for some experiments related to operation, such as how the player's emotions change by tampering with adjustable elements, and how this will lead to their willingness to participate in the game. To that end he placed a limit for the number of times individuals can play a game per day to not only act as a preventative measure but also add to the challenge of bargaining, as in knowing when to stop and win.

Later when Albedo and Lupusregina brought a proposal to do a new venue event at the casino to liven things up, by introducing new prizes, Demiurge was all for the idea. Not only that he wanted to temporarily adjust some of the rules. Before visitors to the casino were given complementary 1000 chips each time they came. However due to the gift of chips, it gave the visiting general maids less incentive to use them to play the games and just stockpile them to cash in for prizes. Thus he suggested they introduce the new prizes as "limited time items" to attract the interest of the maids who are on the sidelines just as they did in the Idol Project. Of course the chips the maids will be using will be special chips only available for the event so as to prevent the maids from using their stockpiles.

On the day of the "Rare Item Acquisition Day", Demiurge addressed the crowd of general maids and explained that the time limit that was in placed will be temporarily abolished for three days, before handing the floor to Albedo and Lupusregina. Demiurge for the duration of the event, observed from behind the scenes to collect data so that the results could be used eventually in E-Rantel. Once the experiment was over and deemed a success, Demiurge was among those praised by Momonga for his contributions. Demiurge was delighted by the fruits of the experiment as he looked forwarded to apply it to the human world and see them drown in greed as the Sorcerer Kingdom controlled them from the shadows.[140]

Demiurge was in attendance to a meeting on expedition beyond the fog surrounding Nazarick's newly claimed island. He was interested in the fact the island was part of the archipelago in the open seas and that it laid on the coast of an unknown continent. Not only that there were Chaos Beasts marauding around the islands, hinting that there was intelligent life somewhere.

At the beginning Demiurge wanted to lead the investigation unit beyond the islands so he could lead the negotiations with any civilizations in the area since his purview fell under external investigations. However it was argued that since the [Gate] connecting Nazarick to the island and the sea were within the dungeon, it was an internal matter for Albedo to handle. Though the argument was flimsy, Momonga ruled in favor of Albedo as currently Princess Renner was in charge of the solitary island and its operations, to have her change from Albedo to Demiurge as a superior would not serve Nazarick's best interests.

Demiurge expressed his concerns about Renner's cooperation with Nazarick, especially her escort Climb's involvment.For the mission, Demiurge was humored that Albedo took pleasure in the assignment especially with the new swimsuit she selected for her and Narberal to wear. Once the expedition returned with a discovery of a new Crack, new intel on Chaos Beast behavior and even deceiving Climb into trusting the Sorcerer Kingdom, all feats left the other demon impressed. With the new Crack now under Nazarick's control, Demiurge made preparations to have the anomaly guarded with his demons as well as Nazarick's forces for safety.[141]

Demiurge was bringing Momonga reports on Casino Resort Nazarick and the progress of the implementation for casinos in the New World. In order to move the plan forward, Demiurge wanted to start collected data from humans involved in gambling. Before he could delve into the matter, Momonga asked for his counsel on a developing situation with a illegal gambling den in the Re-Estize Kingdom that he heard from Solution. By coincidence the demon was also aware of the den and was just about to mention it to the undead.

The interest of the two on the den was the fact that it used strange mechanical money dispensers and was rumored to be run by a powerful man of the underworld. There were possible hints that a player was involved so Demiurge advised to Momonga on who to dispatch to investigate. He did not recommend Lupusregina or Narberal as the two were on their own mission, so instead the selected personnel were Solution, CZ and Kyuko which the demon believed to be Momonga goal of maximizing their compatibilities.

The demon advised Momonga in giving permission to Shizuni and Ku to infiltrate the gambling den to obtain more information. Once the team infiltrated the casino and passed word of its operation, Demiurge along with Albedo were amused by a blood sport know as Rat Killing that humans played. After the investigation team captured the boss of the den, who turned out to be Succulent, the demon attribute the mission's success to Momonga's wise selection of people. Demiurge was readily happy to have their newest captive in the Frozen Prison as he believed Succulent will be pivotal in improving his casino strategy.[142]

Demiurge was called to the Round Table Room along with Albedo by Momonga to discuss the protagonist's suggestion in gathering information on the dwarven bathhouses to help alleviate the people of E-Rantel's physical and mental trauma. Demiurge found the topic interesting, though admitting that even though their nation traded with the Dwarf Kingdom, they knew so little on their bathing habits. When Momonga suggested that they investigate this topic to see if there were any gains in the market for new trade items, Demiurge was intrigued his master wanted to expand into the dwarven market. Since they needed information on dwarven bath customs, Demiurge suggested they reach out to Yuri and Entoma as they were doing an audit at the lizardmen village. And in said village was Zenberu who had visited the Dwarf Kingdom.

Once they relayed a confirmation from Zenberu that the dwarves do indeed have a bathing custom, Demiurge was disappointed they did not learn more from the lizardmen, such as how the dwarves drew water to the or if the baths had any special minerals. A follow-up expedition was to be sent, led by the protagonist. Demiurge cautioned his master that they could not allow the protagonist out of their sight and that Sebas should accompany him. In regards to the situation of the Dwarf Kingdom, from Demiurge's intelligence reports he stated that the Frost Dragon ruling Feo Berkana had not moved and does not appear to look down on the dwarves now occupying the city. After the expedition returned, with tributes from the Frost Dragon, the demon commented that he did not expect the dragon to give them so much treasure, and subtly praised Sebas for getting such a result.[143]

When a request from the lizardmen came before the members of Nazarick, for a ice house and a statue of Momonga, Demiurge suspected that Cocytus probably told them about the implications of a ice house, though the reason for the statue of Momonga eluded him. However it was eventually revealed that the lizardmen were impressed by Demiurge's Sorcerer King Momonga Statue at the Sorcerer Kingdom commemoration ceremony, left the demon in awe at the approval.

He wanted to create a replica of his masterpiece for the demi-humans, though Momonga declined for have Demiurge give up another "masterful work". Still Demiurge was in favor of the idea of offering a statue of his master to the lizardmen as part of an idol worshipping experiment. Though the idea for the statue was deemed to be closed, Cocytus reignited the idea with a proposal of giving the lizardmen as ice statue to be installed in the ice house. Demiurge was in the majority who supported the proposal, forcing Momonga to approve it. After hearing the positive reactions of the lizardmen from Renner, the demon wondered if this experiment could be implemented in E-Rantel. Later to celebrate Renner's success, a Christmas part was hosted on the 6th Floor, which Demiurge attended. By the end of the banquet, Demiurge called Momonga to give a toast and a speech.[144]

At New Year's Eve, Demiurge wearing his kimono, was surveying the holiday decorations done by the elder liches in Casino Resort Nazarick. Since it was close to New Year's and it was improper to wash as it would "wash away the good luck", he ordered a sign to be posted outside Spa Resort Nazarick about it being temporarily closed. He then greeted Shiro and Momonga when the visited the casino, and offered Shiro to play a game, which the boy won and was gifted a Giant Sesame Dumpling. Due to the experience made between them, one of the Seven Lucky God Key Items appeared, the mallet, which Shiro absorbed strengthening him.

Since the key item was the sixth of seven items, it was expected that the final one would be at the Throne Room, but sadly no new Chaos Beasts appeared for them to fight, and neither did any mental effect appear, atypical as the phenomena usually appeared around New Year's. Demiurge then switched to his normal clothes to attend a meeting in the Round Table to discuss the delayed emergence of the White Mochi King. To make sure that all the Floor Guardians were on the same page of Shiro and his relationship with New Year, the demon provided a brief summary of their ally's origins. So far with one key item still missing, and the advent of the raid boss halted, the meeting concluded that all they could do was prepare and debate on what new New Year's activity to conduct for Shiro to participate in so that the key item would appear.

After Shiro, Aura and Mare came back from Ashurbanipal, with a possible New Year's theme event to bond over, being the "first sunrise", Demiurge looking at the lore they found, concluded that such an event would need to take place outside Nazarick in the Azerlisia Mountains. Demiurge was in approval of the idea, though expressed shock when Momonga decided to go with Shiro to the mountains. He accepted Momonga wish to go outside Nazarick in order to symbolically oversee his domain, as it was the start of a new year. And since this would be the first time Shiro would be venturing outside the dungeon, the demon wanted to collect data on whether outside inhabitants would be affected by the unusual New Year's effect like those in Nazarick.

Once Momonga left with Shiro to go to the Treasury for some New Year theme equipment, Demiurge spoke with his peers on Momonga's decision. Demiurge expressed his wish that he hoped Entoma would have been allowed to accompany Momonga, though admitted that her not being included could be related to Nazarick's defense. Though he did not like Momonga leaving Nazarick, he nor anyone was not foolish to refuse the Supreme Being. He passed the time exchaning ideas of why Momonga insisted on going with Shiro, his being that Momonga and Shiro had a "bond" that was fostered ever since Shiro was killed by Momonga and reborn. And that the bond would be necessary for defeat the new White Mochi King.

The demon was among those who saw Momonga depart from Nazarick. Upon his return, Demiurge was in his kimono and was intrigued that he came back early, bearing gifts from the Frost Dragon. He then observed how strong Shiro had become after he clashed with Shalltear in a mock duel. Once the last key item was made manifest and absorbed by Shiro, Demiurge participated in a raid on the Bishamonten Shrine where they came across some Kadomatsu Type Beasts. Demiurge seeing them wanted to conduct a Kagami biraki, before joining his peers in fighting the monsters. Demiurge was thrilled to acquire more data and witnessed Shiro defeat the White Mochi King, before reverting to his base form. Demiurge surmised that the situation was like Kagami biraki in what he read.

During the last hours of New Year, Demiurge was at another meeting hosted by Momonga to discuss future actions towards the New Year's period. He wished to continue to focus their research on Shiro's potential combat power and abilities derived from the "Sea of ​​Possibilities." To that end he intended to have everyone, including Aura and her girlfriend Mare, help him on this.[145]

At a meeting in the Round Table Room, word reached Momonga and the Floor Guardians that the Anti-Imperial Faction was organizing a coup against Emperor Jircniv. Demiurge attributed the rumors of Fluder Paradyne's defection reaching the ears of the nobles to their boldness in attempting such a plan. Though given that the emperor was fully aware of their plot, the demon concluded that the faction sorely underestimated the emperor.

As there will be a party hosted by the faction signing a Blood Oath, New Six Arms was tasked by the emperor to steal it. Regi and Shizuni were volunteered by Zero to infiltrate the venue, leading Demiurge to ask why the two since he doubted they could present themselves as nobles. However after learning it was due to a practical choice as the women were not well known as members of New Six Arms. After the two undercover agents successfully completed their training, with Regi playing the noblemen and Shizuni as the servant, Demiurge was very impressed at their achievement in such a short time.

Later after the two Pleiades maids successfully claimed the Blood Oath for the emperor, they copied down all the names attached to it, and handed the information to Demiurge to analyze. From a cursory examine, the Floor Guardian found information on slave traders and arms dealers from the Empire and Theocracy. In the debriefing of both Lupusregina and CZ, Demiurge asked how the two were able to explain to Zero how they were able to learn noble etiquette, which Lupusregina explained that she provided to Zero some backstory of a noble being indebt to her in E-Rantel. Demiurge commented that the maids new skills would be useful in the undercover work in New Six Arms. As for future training of etiquette, Demiurge believed Yuri and Renner's help would be necessary again.[146]

The completion of the mass production of the Chaos Adaptive Equipment saw to the Quadripartite Alliance planning a pep rally to motivate the participants of the rescue operation to the "other side" of the Crack and also to show deference to the contributions of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Given that representatives of the four kingdoms were to appear, Albedo was initially proposed to serve as the Sorcerer Kingdom's representative.

This was changed by Demiurge, as he wanted a change of tactics, by placing people who would stimulate more evocative responses from the other kingdoms in order to study their behavior and acquire more information. Hence Aura and Mare were selected to gauge a response from the Theocracy on how they would react to elven delegates which was permitted by Momonga.

In and almost reactive response, the Sorcerer Kingdom received news that the Theocracy included the girl Shalltear befriend as an adventurer, the half-elf, Antilene. Antilene present various questions of what role she played in the human supremacist nation and Demiurge believed that Momonga had expected such a reaction by the Theocracy hence his approval of the twin Floor Guardians being included in the mission.

A change in strategy shifted from studying the Theocracy's reaction to learning all they could about the mystery girl with Shalltear being called again to reunite with Antilene in order to lower her guard. Demiurge was placed in charge of the operation, while Sebas and Narberal were assigned roles as undercover escorts to observe the interaction from afar. The demon was met by some criticism by the butler who believed Demiurge's plan to boldly approach the powerful Antilene was reckless and an endangerment to their colleagues.

Still Demiurge's plan was green-lighted by Momonga. The interaction with Antilene and the undercover operatives went well, though they failed to gather any concrete information on the girl and her history in the Theocracy. Demiurge unknown to his allies, altered his plan a bit by inciting three disenchanted humans to approach the Antilene and the group aggressively in a small experiment to see Antilene's behavior. The trio were easily defeated and spare as a show to Antilene to give her a positive impression of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Even so at the meeting to discuss the effectiveness of the plan, Sebas accused Demiurge of leaving the rest of the participants in the dark, calling it close to treason against Momonga's policy of transparency among themselves. Their bickering before Momonga caused their master to make a gregarious outburst of laughter, as it reminded him of happier times of his interactions with their creators. Instead of going over what could have and should have on the plan, Momonga decided that they should instead celebrate for their achievements in enthralling the human nations through their influrnce. Demiurge took to the idea, promising to plan a feast that surpassed the pep rally prepared by the Alliance.[147]

In the latest crisis of miasma spilling out and affecting every major city in the Three Kingdoms, Demiurge attended a meeting with his peers to monitor the situation. Demiurge like Albedo and Momonga believed that it was the work of Enhela. On the position of how Nazarick should proceed, Demiurge supported the protagonist's move to save E-Rantel. Despite the many incidents and massive amounts of resources that the Sorcerer Kingdom put in the city, Demiurge believed that saving it and the humans still served as a benefit in puppetizing the Three Kingdoms and using humans as convenient shields for events such as this.

And though their were worries that curing the victims of the miasma could in fact strengthen humanity in the future to be a possible threat to Nazarick, he was adamant that it would make humans more useful pawns and offer greater possibilities. At the time of Enhela appearance and the start of negotiations between him and the protagonist, Demiurge and his colleagues eavesdropped on the conversation via summons observing the scene. When he learned that Enhela claimed that the protagonist possessed similar ability in controlling the Cracks, the demon raise a concern for the giver of this power, Kuyō and that the entity had a aim to destroy Nazarick. He still was not sure who Kuyō even was, which caused Momonga to explain Kuyō's identity as the Devourer of the Nine Worlds from YGGDRASIL.

When Enhela used his "Hacking" ability to take control of Nazarick, Momonga sensing danger ordered everyone in the dungeon to escape via the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. Demiurge complied with the order and regrouped with everyone at the Central Mausoleum where he and the others came face to face with the mad priest. Demiurge was enraged that Enhela had stolen Nazarick as it was the dwelling of his creator and nearly lost restraint and urged to attack Enhela, until Momonga ordered him to compose himself.

From the conversation with Enhela, Demiurge was surprised to learn that the spilling of miasma from of all the Cracks throughout the lands served a purpose in rooting out the exact location of the protagonist's main base of operation. After Enhela gave the ultimatum in that the protagonist will join him and fully wield his ability lest Nazarcik would be destroyed, Demiurge expressed his doubts that the priest would keep his word and opted Momonga's plan to raid Nazarick and reclaim it.[148]

END of NON-CANON content


  • In the Web Novel, Demiurge is the Overseer of the Floor Guardians instead of Albedo, who doesn't exist. Also, the author Maruyama states that Demiurge can conquer the continent in about 5 years, though he isn’t exactly sure how much damage Nazarick would sustain in the process.
  • The name Demiurge is the name of a being responsible for the creation of the universe in. In Gnosticism and other theological systems, a heavenly being, subordinate to the Supreme Being, that is considered to be the controller of the material world and antagonistic to all that is purely spiritual.
  • His assumed name, Jaldabaoth, is the name of a supernatural being considered to be a member of the Demiurges. The name Jaldabaoth means "traitor." It seems that Demiurge selected this name as he needed to fight against Momon with a fake identity.
  • Demiurge believes that all boys in Nazarick should wear skirts, due to a misunderstanding with Mare.[2]
  • Demiurge commands seven custom-made demons named after the Seven Deadly Sins. However, he was supposed to originally possess twelve of them. The names of the missing demons stated by Demiurge are Garira, Iabel, Belias, Kainon, and Abiretsia. Furthermore, when asked which domain Demiurge wishes to govern for himself after the world becomes Ainz's, he asked for the right to administer the sky on his behalf.[5]
  • Among all the people in Nazarick, Ainz and Albedo are the only people that Demiurge cannot read.[30]
  • After Demiurge's debut as Jaldabaoth in Re-Estize, various nations of the New World learn of his existence. However, Demiurge is disappointed that they have labeled him as an Archfiend rather than a Demon Emperor.[33]
  • When Maruyama was asked what would happen if Ulbert gave him the order to kill Momonga, he believed that the current Demiurge would gather all the NPCs in the Throne Room, then challenge Ainz to a head-on fight alone.[149]


  • (To Momonga): "A wise leader who makes decisions and acts on them quickly. Truly, a man worthy of the title 'inscrutable'."
  • (To Mare about Momonga and his successor): "Any great leader requires a successor, no? Momonga-sama may have stayed with us until the end, but if he loses interest in us one day, he may leave for another place like the rest of the Supreme Beings. Thus, there is a need for a successor to whom we can pledge our loyalty."
  • (To Momonga about world conquest):"If you wish, I will immediately bring the armies of Nazarick and take this jewel box. Presenting this gift to my beloved Momonga-sama would be Demiurge’s greatest honor.”
  • (To Ainz's Death Knight about the 7th Floor): "This land, this dominion was designed and created for me by Ulbert-sama, so it contains everything I need to perform my function. Indeed, it may appear as a mere ruin to you, and the center where we stand may seem like a little more than a barren waste, but many things are hidden within it. These tumbled ruins are the true expression of Ulbert-sama's love."
  • (To Albedo about human experimentation): "First are the healing magic tests. When we cut off an arm and heal the wound with magic, the severed hand disappears. Now, if we had them eat the severed arm and then healed the wound, would the nutrients derived from the arm vanish? If we repeated this over and over again, would the people who ate the arms starve to death?"
  • (To Albedo concerning his experiment on humans): "In addition, we allow them to vote on who should become the others' food, and who should be the one to cut off the food's limbs with a blunt ax. We do so by a registered vote."
  • (To Albedo in regard to the human experiment): "But of course. There will be a hierarchy among the prisoners, from those who will become food and have their limbs chopped off, to those who will chop the limbs off, and those who will eat those limbs. This creates hatred, and once they are gripped by that hatred, all we need to do is gently urge on the ones who were used as food. This encourages them to revolt, and the effects are very obvious. Beings that hate everything are truly fearsome."
  • (To Albedo about Humans): "That is what makes it interesting. You could enjoy the humans in that way too, could you not, Albedo? All you need to do is treat them as toys."
  • (To Albedo about their creators' preference): "Then. I will be off. Right...since you wanted to make boys' clothes, you might want to know this. Did you know that the Supreme Beings seem to prefer boys in girl’s clothing?"
  • (To Albedo about Ainz): "This is still too irrational, naive; a purely emotional judgment. Ainz-sama is the last Supreme Being who remains here. Knowing that he faces a situation where his life may be in peril, it is our responsibility to come up with a plan to remove that danger. Even if we will be blamed afterward, even if we will have to sacrifice our lives, we ought to step forward and act, right?"
  • (To Ainz): "Of course, we are butchering the dead livestock and feeding it to other livestock. Since it would be difficult to eat whole, we grind it up first."
  • (To Ainz): "...No, Ainz-sama's schemes are elaborate and farsighted. I cannot hope to compare. And I believe what I understand is only a portion of your plans."
  • (To the Floor Guardians and other NPCs about Jircniv): "...And so, I think the Emperor will try to put a scheme like that into practice. If he were more foolish, his actions might fall outside the predicted range, but I think the chances of that will be low. Reading the movements of a slightly-above-average intellect that imagines himself a genius is easier than trying to predict the actions of a complete moron."
  • (To the Floor Guardians and other NPCs about Renner): "...Perhaps we could use the Golden Princess to achieve similar effects, but that would be a waste of a trump card. She is a human being who is just as interesting ―no, perhaps even more so― than what I have determined from analysis of Sebas' intelligence reports. She will be an excellent pawn."
  • (To Albedo about Ainz): "I desire to display my achievements to Ainz-sama, so I do not wish to use such methods to contact him. While I can receive his praise through a [Message], in the end, I would still prefer to hear his voice in person. That is all...Is that not the shared dream for all in Nazarick?"
  • (To Albedo): "As, as expected of Ainz-sama. Someone like me could not hope to even approach him. He is truly a peerless and perfect master. Nobody else could have led the Supreme Beings. I cannot help but envy Pandora's Actor, even if just a little."
  • (To Cocytus): "Exactly, you're completely correct, Cocytus. To Ainz-sama, someone who's capable of planning on the scale of millennia and myriad years into the future, something on the scale of a few years is nothing."


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