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Deep Darkness Dragon Lord (ディープダークネス・ドラゴンロード) is a Dragon Lord, one of the most powerful dragons in the New World.



Nothing is known of his personality, however being confirmed to be part of the alliance that certain True Dragon Lords formed to combat players, it can be assumed he has a deep hatred for them, as well as based PDL statement he also seems to be a laid back dragon and prefers to spend most of his time sleeping at his residence.


Five hundred years ago, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord was a Dragon Lord who did not bother to participate in the war against the Eight Greed Kings. It is not certain whether this means the Dragon Lord was born after the battle or it simply ignored the war altogether. As a result, he was, fortunately, one of the few to have remained alive during that time period even after the war ended with the majority of his fellow Dragon Lord killed by the group of players.

According to the author Maruyama, three hundred years ago, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord encountered a player from YGGDRASIL in battle. It ended with Deep Darkness Dragon Lord's victory against the player it slain. It possesses one of the Twenty World Items called ????? in his possession.

Two centuries ago, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord was part of a loose alliance of six Dragon Lords. He joined this alliance in hopes of preparing himself for a fight against the next wave of players.

Currently, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord has apparently been dwelling in a large subterranean cave underground while living there ever since. According to Platinum Dragon Lord, he has no clues what Deep Darkness Dragon Lord is up to as it never bothers to leave the cave or adventured outside.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

When Rigrit suggests asking other surviving Dragon Lords for their assistance, Platinum Dragon Lord was doubtful that Deep Darkness Dragon Lord would cooperate with him in combating the new hostile existences from YGGDRASIL. Platinum Dragon Lord notes that Deep Darkness Dragon Lord has kept itself secluded from the outside world, having not the slightest idea what his colleague is doing inside that cave of his.[1]

Abilities and Powers

According to the author Maruyama, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord is deemed to be a powerful being in his own right. He killed a player before but what kind of player including their unconfirmed levels and class build remains unclear. The nature of how Deep Darkness Dragon Lord killed the player is currently unknown. While the Eight Greed Kings' era had came to an end, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord needed to work together with the other surviving True Dragon Lords to take on one threateningly powerful player. As it requires multiple True Dragon Lord to stand a fair chance against such an opponent who exceeds their power, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord cannot hope to best a player without grouping up with his colleagues to defeat one like five centuries ago.

In addition to that, his unique magic was said to be very strong to the point that both his offense and defense are regarded as flawless in its own right. However, while Deep Darkness Dragon Lord's use of Wild Magic is not as vile as Elder Coffin Dragon Lord's spell [Soulbreaker Breath], it is still regarded as being effective nonetheless.[2] In a way, Deep Darkness Dragon Lord would have a slight advantage over defeating most of the Floor Guardians, except for either Gargantua and Shalltear Bloodfallen, in a one to one battle standoff. Based on the fact that he is unable to defeat these two Floor Guardians, this implies the said Dragon Lord's magic affinity is likely ineffective against non-living entities.[3]

Main Equipment

  • Unknown World Item: Deep Darkness Dragon Lord has an unknown World Item that the author Maruyama termed as ?????. This said World Item is also classified as such to be one of the "Twenty," a one-time usable item.


Cure Elim Los Malvar

Two hundred years ago, the two Dragon Lords were part of an alliance as brethren.


  • Besides Platinum Dragon Lord, Deep Darkness Dragon lord was one of the two that are known to have slain a player.
  • The author Maruyama classified Shalltear as the Dragon Lord's "nemesis," suggesting that the vampire's power may likely be a hard counter to his magic.
  • In the D&D Beyond lore, there is a similar being called the "Deep Dragon" who also lived a subterranean lifestyle as Deep Darkness Dragon Lord. They are portrayed as being master manipulators whose aim was to triumph over other creatures through misguidance, mental domination, and deception.



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