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Death Warrior (デス・ウォリアー) are level 35 undead summons originating from YGGDRASIL. In the New World, they become one of the pillars of Ainz's growing military might.


Death Warriors were known to carry what seems to be long-bladed swords. In addition to that, what they also have with them are other various kinds of weapons hung on their waists. All of them bore countless dents and scratches which was said to have served as proof that they had been heavily used before.

They were roughly two meters tall, and the leather armor they wore was comparatively light. Their bodies were clad in leather armor made from the hide of some unknown beast. Their tattered armor, both arms, and parts of their faces were covered in spell-strips — strips of cloth covered in arcane runes.


Death Warriors are equipped with all sorts of different weapons within their arsenal to be used for arming themselves in combat. Such weapons were said to include the likes of hand axes, maces, crossbows, whips, shortspears, pikes, and many other similar-looking weapons. Based on the aforementioned weapons that have already been described from the list, Death Warriors are most likely suited for fighting mid to close range. They're as powerful as the Death Knights.[1] Some appear to be dual-wielder and interestingly the weapons thrown at a target can be magically recalled, reappearing in their hands.[2] 


  • Death Warriors have visages similar to the group of Death Knights.
  • In the light novel, Ainz Ooal Gown brought around 300 Death Warriors to mount 300 of the 500 Soul Eaters while the rest are used by the Death Knights.[3] 
  • In the anime, no Death Warriors or even Soul Eaters had ever made a first-time appearance alongside Ainz Ooal Gown's undead army of Death Knights in the Katze Plains and the city of E-Rantel.[4][5]


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