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Dead Tree Demon (枯れ木の悪魔) is a type of demonic creature from YGGDRASIL.


A Dead Tree Demon that looks to have a fiendish physiology. It has no head, and its body resembles a withered tree. It's height is two meters tall and has neither wings nor a tail. Nevertheless, it has clawed hands and its slender body possessed an unimaginable strength.


Despite possessing no head of its own, the demon was still able to sense its surroundings, and similarly it could even read. This demon could also use teleportation magic. These demons all possess the same abilities, but they are not very strong in their base forms. However, the problem arises when these demons are able to obtain the heads of intelligent creatures like those of magic casters.

In that regard, these demons could equip themselves with the heads of magic casters and use the powers of the heads’ owners. Their threat level rose exponentially if they managed to obtain the heads of exceptional magic casters such as Kelart Custodio. Still, there is actually a limit on how many tier spells which can be cast at. Particularly, each head can only use two magic spells at once. While so, multi-head demons cannot use the abilities of heads which do not belong to magic casters. For instance, they do not gain the abilities of warriors by equipping a warrior’s head.[1]



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