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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Date A Nazarick III (デート・ア・ナザリックⅢ) is a collaboration game event in Mass for the Dead with characters from Overlord and Date A Live. It was released on May 1, 2022 to May 15, 2022.


Spirits. Appearing from the Throne Room, a special disaster designated life form. The name of the boy who has been summoned again with three new spirits is Shido Itsuka.

Since it's their third time they are used to it. In the days of their peaceful stay there is no major confusion……until threats come from unexpected places.[1]


Shido Istuka having returned from the Great Tomb of Nazarick to Tengu City again, a few days later is seen walking with Kaguya Yamai and Yuzuru Yamai after school. The two sisters seeing that they have Shido to themselves then express their happiness calling today anniversary to celebrate their shared possession of Shido. Shido spots Natsumi Kyouno and calls her over to join them. Despite the girl’s self-loathing attitude, he greets her warmly. Natsumi taking notice that Shido is missing members of his harem, inquires on their whereabouts.

The twins explain that the girls: Tohka Yatogami and Origami Tobiichi are undergoing medical examinations to see if they experienced any changes during their trip to the other world. Shido having already had his examination earlier was allowed to leave. The twins ask Natsumi why she is out and about alone. As it turned out, Yoshino Himekawa having finished a medical examination, asked Natsumi to spend some time with her at a bookstore. Natsumi though being uncomfortable of traversing through the city alone, decided to tail Shido and his group to meet up with Yoshino.

The trio find it touching that Natsumi is trying to be friends with Yoshino and come out of her comfort zone. The twins offer to walk Natsumi destination, while Shido plans to meet up with Tohka and Origami. Their plans are halted when the siren alerting the city of a Spacequake sounds. Shido has an uncanny feeling that this isn't a typical Spacequake. The twins immediately realize what Shido is referring to. In that it could be a another instance he will be pulled into the other world again. However Kaguya has her doubts that such a thing will happen a third time. She is berated by Natsumi, as usually when someone denies something won’t happen it normally ends bad. In this case she is correct as a Crack emerges from behind the group. The four have little time admire the anomaly as it sucks them into itself and vanishes.

The four are reappear and unceremoniously dumped on the floor of the Throne Room. Shido having got used to the summonings is the only member of the group to land safely on his feet. Taking account of his surroundings Shido is greeted by the sight of a Death Knight and Momonga who is a little bemused that he is welcoming the human to Nazarick for a third time. Momonga holds a conference in the Round Table Room with Shido’s group to exchange information.

From Shido, Momonga and his retainers learn some interesting details. During the period of Shido’s party returned to their world and re-summonning, only a few days had passed instead of months in case of the world Nazarick is situated in. In any case time flows differently between the two worlds. It is an oddity considering that members of Nazarick, had always assumed that time flowed at the same pace. This leaves Demiurge ask the question about if the other visitors from other worlds truly returned to their proper locations and times. Alas Albedo believes that they cannot confirm this. As there have no prior cases of groups being summoned repeatedly save for Shido's and his harem.

To Momonga, it seems unlikely to be just a coincidence. For all they know it could be due to the compatibility of their two worlds or even some intelligent design. In any case what they do have is very little information to accurately judge this phenomenon only know that Shido's group is unique. Shido understanding that they are under the care of Momonga's hospitality agrees to cooperate as they have done in the past. Momonga relates his relief that there appears to be no signs of trouble like their previous visits and asks that the group pay attention to their mental states during their stay in Nazarick.[2]

The next day, Shido's group are guided to the 5th Floor as part of their cooperation with Nazarick for continued study of their Angels. Whilst heading to meet the Floor Guardian, Natsumi, Kaguya and Yuzuru talk about how welcoming the inhabitants of Nazarick are, finding the experience in the tomb to be exactly as described by their peer Tohka. Natsumi though has reservation that their hosts are not all they seem, worried that they be trying to fatten them up. Shido hearing this tries to ask her to look beyond the appearances of the denizens of Nazarick as many are surprisingly friendly and would never eat the likes of humans.

The group finally come before Entoma Vasilissa Zeta and Cocytus who welcome Shido and his companions to the 5th Floor. To start Cocytus wishes to test the power of their personal abilities. When asked how, Entoma reiterates that it would involve a game where the girls would directly attack the Floor Guardian. Yuzuru is hesitant to participate in such a test as the power wielded by their Angels is dangerous. Cocytus assures them that all will be fine as he could handle anything they throw against him and promises not to retaliate. Seeing his resolve, the girls relent to Cocytus's game.

The three Spirits then manifest their Angels: Raphael, Elohim Tzabaoth and Haniel. The game proves to be enlightening for Cocytus and the guests. Natsumi though still remains suspicious of the insect, albeit she opens up when she hears Cocytus had bonded with her friend Yoshino. Shido observing at the side is glad the three girls are getting along with members of Nazarick. Suddenly Shido experiences some physical discomfort. The scene does not go unnoticed by Entoma who asks if Shido is alright. Shido having recovered states that he is fine, chalking it to just being in the cold temperature of the floor.

After the verification of the guests’ abilities, Cocytus reports to Momonga at the Round Table Room. There he describes the Spirits abilities such as the Yamai sisters power over the wind. And Natsumi’s ability to transform substances. The girls abilities though are clearly worrying as each could be a disaster to Nazarick. In regards to their guests long-term stay, Albedo raises that if the Spirits become mentally unstable then the power sealed withing Shido could become an issue. That being said, Momonga questions Cocytus on the three girls mental health, particularly Natsumi who the Floor Guardian notes to be quite anxious and suspicious, not warranted especially given the circumstances. Momonga is relieved that Shido was present to make communication between groups easier.

Though he warns the people in the room that they should not reveal too much of Nazraick's dark side to their guests as it would clash with their human sensibilities. To which Albedo believes would be counter-productive if they forcibly hide too much from Natsumi. Seeing her point Momonga states that they will not actively show that they commit harm towards humans. Though make it be explicit that they do so "if necessary". While it may not be easy, Momonga prays that their guests stay will be peaceful. To enough his wish for a peaceful time does come true for a few days when trouble began.[3]

A few days after the re-summoning to Nazarick, Shido is walking with his group through the hallways of the 9th Floor, being guided by Solution Epsilon, Narberal Gamma, CZ2128 Delta and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta. There is an ongoing conversation held between the maids and Yanami twins. The topic being in the contention of seniority by the maids CZ and Entoma which the draw parallels to themselves as the sisters are beings who were originally one being and split. Since they have trouble agreeing who is on the original.

Shido watching the interaction is approached by Natsumi. She notes the boys pale complexion and worried that Shido could be ill, though Shido assures her that he is fine. He still takes her advice to return to his room to rest. Solution then offers to escort the human to his room, leading for the two to break away from the group. It was only for a brief moment did they separate that Shido collapses on the floor. Albedo who so happens to be in the area stops to asks if everything is alright. Seeing the human's condition, the Oversee Guardian gives instruction to Solution to fetch Pestonya Shortcake Wanko. Albedo is left alone with the human, but soon Shido seemingly recuperate. His first instinct though is to make advances on Albedo. Before he can touch her, the demoness, physically punches him, knocking Shido across the hallway.

The action is witnessed by Solution who has returned with Pestonya and Shalltear Bloodfallen leaving them stunned at the scene. Albedo though tries to order them to help her restrain Shido, but is reprimanded by Shalltear for harming one of Nazarick's guests. Before they can argue further, Shido gets up from the blow, unscathed. All four women present immediately recognize that to be impossible given that a human should not be still standing. Furthermore Shido odd behavior sends signal warnings to Albedo that the human is not himself. The members of Nazarick are all in agreement that the boy needs to be restrained. Shido seeing himself the attention of the beautiful women continues to flirt despite the dire situation though apologizes that he must resist capture.

Capturing Shido proves to be more difficult as Shido evades their attacks. Just as they were in the midst of battle, the Pleiades and Shido's companions appear around the corner. The sight of Shido fighting against the members of Nazarick causes waves of confusion to the audience. Albedo trying to mitigate the situation calls out to the maids and guests that they are trying to subdue Shido.

Upon witnessing Shido’s womanizing behavior there a hint of recognition by the visiting females. Albedo senses that they may know something and plans to get to the bottom of it. For now in the present the Overseer Guardian takes out 3F and attacks Shido. Though she attempts to reduce the blow, the halberd still causes an explosion of dust. As the dust clears, Albedo quickly calls out to the Pleiades to be ready to apprehend Shido. To her dismay the dust clears up to reveal five identical Shido’s.

It takes some time for Shalltear and Albedo to process what happened, but they deduce that the doppelgängers are actually the battle maids who were present who were transformed by Shido using Haniel to give them the slip. Shido's mocking voice is heard around a corner which Albedo and Shalltear pursue only to come face to face them with three more copies of the quarry who turn out to be the protagonist, Slimeko and a general maid. Realizing they have been duped. Unable to tell which one is the real Shido, the two unaffected Floor Guardians detain the clones in order to screen them. However by the time they had finished Shido was long gone from the 9th Floor.[4]

Momonga has his advisors and guests convene at the Round Table. There the guests from another world explain to him and his Floor Guardians of how the Paths that connect the Spirits are sealed with great spiritual power called Reiryoku. After Shido seals a Spirit, the power circulates normally circulates through his body however when there is a disruption, it can cause a state of overload. The Reiryoku that is released manifests as abnormal physical abilities. Since Shido has sealed eight different Spirits he may be in a precarious situation if left unattended. Furthermore Shido lack of inhibitions towards women is a symptom of this condition. Momonga hearing this now understands the danger Nazarick faces with a being on the lose with the power of eight Spirits. Though he laments that they failed to contain Shido, with Albedo trying to accept responsibility, he is just thankful that their attempts to capture Shido did not trigger an outburst of Reiryoku.

Demiurge seeing that that need to avoid the worst possible outcome suggests that they give Shido's capture a priority, a thought that is shared by everyone. The Floor Guardian finds it odd that their previous guest Kotori Itsuka did not share this information before as they had no idea that Shido had such a potentially dangerous condition that could spell doom to Nazarick. Albedo though surmises that Kotori withheld it intentionally so as not to but distrust from her hosts. Still Demiurge raises questions on how to prevent an outburst of Reiryoku from Shido, and proposes that maybe killing the boy would prevent it.

This shocks the girls, but fortunately Momonga is not that afraid to warrant such action and asks his three guests if there are any alternatives. Natsumi answers that a kiss would normally seal Shido’s Paths like a Spirit. If they proceed with a date and kiss it should be doable. In this case it's odd as Yuzuru noted that nothing abnormal showed up in Shido’s medical examination, so the question remains as to why is it happening now? Demiurge hypothesizes that perhaps it may be due to the fact that Shido is in this world, rather than his native world. Since has access to the power of five Spirits, which would normally circulate among the Spirits, here in the current world the energy cannot properly stabilize hence causing the Paths to open to release pressure. Likewise the Paths of the three girls may have also been altered in some way during the summoning. In any event everyone agrees that they need to restrain Shido, and put out the Great Forest of Tob as a primary location to relocate him at least until the group is re-summoned back to their world. Both parties agree to the first step of plan, and move unto the next step, finding Shido's whereabouts. Given the boy has access to the powers of multiple Spirits, its not unbelievable that he may have fled into the Neighboring_World like with the case of Dark Tohka. Momonga though has an idea by using bait to draw their quarry out.

A order is issued to investigate Shido's location, and a large amount of summons are dispatched to search all the floors. The surface is not excluded, where Lupusregina Beta and Yuri Alpha are standing guard. The pair see several Skeletons exit out of the main tomb which Yuri then direct to comb the area before mentioning that their target has the ability to transform and that he could be using a disguise. Heeding her words, Lupusregina, strikes two of the summons with a fireball. One of the Skeletons stutters upon the near miss, causing both maids to single out to be Shido who then drops the act. Half-impressed by their master's shrewdness as Momonga was able predict his next move and to play him. Despite being at a disadvantage, Shido still insists that he will be leaving but both maids block his path.[5]

The two members of the Pleiades attempt to capture the human, but are impaired by his attacks. Yuri being hit by an ice attack seemingly stunning her, giving Shido the chance to take to the air and fly away. After he left, both maids access the situation, finding that they played their roles well. They note it was generous that Shido was had no intent to harm them and that they were holding back. It turns out that Shido's escape was able predicted by Momonga, who order the maids to resist Shido's escape but ultimately allow him to leave so as to prevent the human from damaging Nazarick. The maids send a [Message] to Momonga that the plan worked, allowing the remaining Pleiades to pursue and track the fugitive.

Shido makes his way to E-Rantel's city square where he makes a scene of himself by wooing various refugee women of all ages. His antics are noticed by Saint Clementine who recognizes him from their previous encounter. Shido having seen the saint then begins making advances on her as she steers him away from the public zone. When they are joined by Gagaran curious about the commotion, which the Shido turns his sights on the muscular knight and flirt with her. Hearing the praise that she is beautiful, Gagaran nearly invites Shido out to a room at an inn, when Shiod's friends and members of Darkness arrive. Surako makes an excuse for Shido's behavior to be the result of being something he drank to the two humans who accept the story and allow the young man into their care.

The group go to the Black Market to talk him in peacefully returning with them. Shido knowing that Momonga will step if things get out of control agrees under some conditions, which getting some dates. To Natumsie, Kaguya and Yuzuru they find in a similar situation as before when Shido behaved like this, dating him and getting him excited allowed Shido original personality to be restored. Though they complain that unlike those previous dates they do not have Ratatosk to monitor them. To solve that Shido present them his smartphone which has features to measure likeability and excitement on his dates. The protagonist listening to the conversation offers Nazarick's resources at their disposal, finding an interest in the game Shido wishes to play. All parties seeing a common goal then agree to move forwardd.[6]

Two hours later, the group have move to the Great Forest of Tob. True to the agreement, Shido is provided with three dates: Narberal, Lupusregina and Solution. The others including, the protagonist, Slimeko, Entoma, Natsumi, Kaguya and Yuzuru have set up there as well, though acting in an advisory capacity for the maids via wire tape. The first date Shido has is with Narberal, who is doesn't hold back her contempt for the inferior human through her insults. The insults though only cause Shido soak them up like praises to Narberal's annoyance. Next is Lupusregina, who starts their date, pulling a prank on Shido by having him fall into a pit she dug. And then jokes about pouring a rain of slimes on her date and setting fire to the forest. Shido leaping out of the hole, once again ignore the threats to his life but focuses on hailing the maid's mischievous behavior to be exciting. At this point the indicators from the observers' terminal show that Shido is receiving his dates positively. More so on the last date with Solution, who allows the young man to touch physically touch her bare chest. The bold act shock the three female comrades of Shido and even find themselves jealous. The protagonist tells them not to be as Solution's skin is acidic and will melt the boy's hands. This does not happen due to Shido utilizing his sister's Kotori's regenerative abilities. The session is enjoyed by Solution, in ecstasy of the burning sensation of the human's skin and bone and like wise Shido experience not only pain but pleasure. As the observers and couple gush over the details of the date, they are soon approached by a figure in the shadows declaring that the have a new opponent.[7]

Shido seeing it to be Momonga is surprised, but is corrected when he receives a [Message] from the real Momonga who explains that the one present in front of him at the forest is actually Pandora's Actor since the Overlord is unable to leave Nazarick for the time being. Momonga seeing that Shido's heart rate is insufficient for him to stabilize his excess amount of Reiryoku, leaves Momonga that the only way to raise it is to have the human battle against his proxy. It's regarded as the perfect plan since Pandora's Actor can copy his strength which has enough power to help Shido consume excess Reiryoku. The human agrees to the plan and so the two relocate to take their battle in the Katze Plains in the area which was reduced to sand. At the initiation of their duel, both battle participants engage and trade fantastical attacks from Momonga's arsenal of spells to Shido's collection of Spirit powers. The battle seems to be working as the observers note that Shido's excitement level has exceeded 100. However Shido experience an intense throbbing pain in his head, and begins to exude waves of dangerous levels of energy causing the battle to cease.

The onlookers become worried that this is a sign of a critical overload, as Shido mind snaps crying out DEM. Momonga observing from Nazarick, realizes that Shido is shouting the name of an organization that troubled the humans and his friends in the past. It appears Shido is remembering some traumatic events concerning the organization and causing undue stress to his condition. Momonga then orders Pandora's Actor to help Shido, which the Area Guardian does by using [Control Amnesia] to remove the memory. The NPC upon accessing the memory is shocked at its contents, but understanding of how traumatizing it is for Shido. Unfortunately he is unable to actually remove it, but he instead urges Shido to channel the negative energy. Through Pandora's Actor's guidance, all the spiritual energy that was plaguing Shido is expelled and a Death Knight forms. Shido free of the burden finds relief as he collapses into unconsciousness while being caught in the arms of the undead summon.[8]


Upon awakening, Shido finds himself back in the Tob Forests, being overlooked by his friends and Hamsuke. The three girls are relieved that Shido is alright as they feared he had died. Shido has no memory of what exactly happened, until Momonga calls him via [Message] and gives him an overview of what happened. Once again in Momonga's debt, Shido thanks his host and also apologizes for all the trouble he caused. To Momonga, he found the situation to be an opportunity as it gave Pandora's Actor some battle experience. At the moment the Path stenosis has been abated but is not yet resolved so long as Shido is separated from his original world he will still be under threat of overloading which means Momonga cannot allow Shido to return to Nazarick. For now the best thing Momonga suggests is to wait it out in the forest, perhaps maybe until Shido and his friends can be returned to their world. Just as Shido was about to agree, a disembodied voice calls out, expressing surprise at Shido being re-summoned again for a third time. In addition the voice states its satisfaction is being able to view the situation for awhile and hopes to return their thanks. Immediately a white light shines in the forest and afterwards Shido, Natsumi, Kaguya and Yuzuru have disappeared.

Momonga having lost his [Message] connection with Shido deduces that the human and his friends have vanished. Though they may have returned to their world, the Overlord orders Entoma to scout the area just in case. Albedo hearing this finds it a bit melancholy as she hoped to speak further with Yuzuru. Momonga mulls over what Pandora's Actor found in Shido's memories as it shows that the human's life is more complicated than imagined. Though he worries for Shido on the future trials he may face, Momonga is confident that his human friend will overcome them so long as he has the support of "someone". The only thing that disappoints him was being unable to properly say goodbye.

Meanwhile, Shido and his friends find themselves back in Tengu City, They are all joyous about finally returning to their home dimension. Shido gets a call from his sister Kotori who he tries to calm down on his smartphone as his entire harem has been worried about him and the others since they vanished. Once learning about Shido and his group were summoned to Nazarick again, Kotori orders her brother to report back to base for a medical checkup.

Before heading out to Ratatoskr, a [Message] comes through to Shido. And much to his surprise Momonga is on the other line. The shock that they are able to communicate despite of dimensional distance, causes Shido to wonder if this was made possible through luck or perhaps as a form of gratitude. The two properly say their thanks and goodbyes to each other, in hopes they will meet again. Either if Momonga finds himself in Shido's world or Shido in Momonga's, bot agree to help one another. [9]


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