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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Date A Nazarick II (デート・ア・ナザリックⅡ) is a collaboration game event in Mass for the Dead with characters from Overlord and Date A Live. It was released on January 15, 2021 to February 15, 2021. The event was re-released on April 22, 2022 to May 18, 2022.[1]


Spirit. A special disaster-designated life form that appeared through the Throne of Kings.--The first case in which a guest from another world who returned once again revisits. Momonga is pleased with the reunion, but they announce... a threat is approaching.[2]


A few days after returning from the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Shido Istuka and his friends slowly returned to their daily lives in Tengu City. While walking through the streets, Tohka Yatogami is running her mouth on her experience in Nazarick and its wonderful facilities, especially its kinako bread. Shido listening to his classmate's banter for the tenth time reminds her that she had already told them this. Tohka though claims that it was in fact for Yoshino Himekawa and Yoshinon's benefit. Yoshino does not remind the repetitive story as it sounds to her that Nazraick was a wonderful place to be. The puppet Yoshinon worries about the numerous monsters that live there, however Origami Tobiichi assures her that the denizens of Nazarick, despite their gruesome appearances were unconditionally kind and trustworthy, unlike the organization, DEM.

Origami is more interested in being alone without any interruptions with Shido, though the young man tries to avoid her advances. Tohka seeing her rival making moves toward Shido, laments that the Eight-Edge Assassins are not present to get her away from him. Yoshinon seeing Origami and Shido, urges Yoshino to not to lose pace as well. Kotori Itsuka returning home from school joins them, humored at the noisy harem fighting over her step-brother. She reminds Shido that they need to head to the underground facility, but then notices Yoshino. Yoshinon who explains their presence that they were going for medical check-up and met with Shido and the others en-route. Finding that acceptable, Kotori breaks up the tug of war with Shido between Tohka and Origami, though the two promise that it's not over.

Unknown to the group, Kurumi Tokisaki is watching them atop a building. A siren soon rings out and several passersby and student hurry to head to take shelter from the approaching spacequake. Kotori realizes that the spacequake is happening near them, and a Crack emerges and begin sucking them into its mouth. Tohka quickly goes into Spirit form and stabs her sword into the street and tells her friends to hold onto her. The grip on Tohka and the embedded sword doesn't seem to be enough to keep Shido and his friends from being pulled into the Crack. Several gunshots go out and the group find that the movement of their bodies is slowing down. Kurumi reveals herself to have used her power to slow time around the anomaly with her [Second Bullet Bet]. She urges the women to combine forces to break from the gravitational force of the Crack, as there is no certainty that if they go into the Crack it will take them to Nazarick. However a figure from within the anomaly uses [First Bullet Aleph] and causes time around the Crack to accelerate and resume pulling the teenagers in. Everyone is sucked in leaving no trace of them.

In the Throne Room of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Momonga and Demiurge are conducting another summoning experiment using Chaos Stones to gain more information. Their experiment leads to the Crack in the room activating and spitting out Shido and company on the ground in a heap. Shido getting his bearings sees a nearby Death Knight on standby and is relieved to learn that they are in Nazarick once again. Greeting Momonga warmly the young man is happy to see an old friend. Momonga is shocked to see Shido again but first makes Shido confirm his identity as Shido Itsuka who visited Nazarick in the past. When Shido's identity is confirmed, Momonga and Demiurge see that they have a first time situation where individuals from another world have been resummoned. The experiment though having unexpected results, Momonga is glad to see his friends from another world as it has been a long time. That is not the case as both Momonga and Demiurge are shocked to learned that only a week has passed in Shido's world since they last saw each other.

Momonga decides that they need to exchange information and relocates the party to the Round Table Room. There Shido and his friends have a joyous reunion with their friends from Nazarick. Momonga seeing the interaction is pleased as he hopes contact with outsiders will hopefully change the NPCs hostile perception. However Albedo and Demiurge as well as Origami misinterpret the meeting as a gathering of those that previously interacted with Shido and his comrades to confirm their identities to ensure they are not simply imposters in disguise. The shrewd thinking of Momonga is hailed as genius by both his subordinates and guests alike, making Momonga aghast on how deep everyone read into his intentions. That being aside he notices a new face or faces of Yoshino and Yoshinon. Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore are initially confused by Yoshinon who seems to be just a puppet, but Momonga having been informed by Shido explains that Yoshinon is an independent consciousness of Yoshino and yet shares her physical sensations. Aura notes Yoshinon's upbeat and loud personality and Yoshino's meekness reminds her of another duo, much to Mare confusion.

Once the greetings are done, Momonga turns the main topic to the existence that caused Shido and his friends to get sucked into a Crack and return to Nazarick. Shido then gives his account of the being he saw in the Crack, which Kurumi adds to look like her five years ago. Albedo recalls that Kurumi has the power to create alter egos of herself and wonders if this is an existence not too similar from her ability? Kurumi admits that she does possess alter egos that have the appearance of her five years ago but this existence seems to be different as it was able to use [First Bullet Aleph] but such a thing would only be possible if it possessed the Angel form of Zafkiel. A clone of hers could possibly do it if the main body, Kurumi, loaded it with bullets in advance to do so but Kurumi never did.

Momonga the has Demiurge show a video clip of the Grim Reaper their guests. An explanation is given that the video is from a previous battle that occurred outside and is what Nazarick designated as the "Existence Behind The Cracks". The ones fighting it were visitors from another world like Shido and the rest. From their testimony, the Grim Reaper was lurking within the Crack that occurred within their world. They fought a similar being to it in their world, though its abilities differed as it possess "time manipulation abilities". Kurumi sees that a common denominator exists with the Grim Reaper, as the entity that pulled her and her associates also has access to time control. Kotori thinks that there might be something special in the space between Tengu City and the Crack in Nazarick and perhaps maybe what was in the Crack observed and used information on Kurumi to attack. From the information given, Yoshinon thinks perhaps Natsumi Kyouno could be responsible as she could reproduce the abilities of other Angels through Haniel. Momonga deems it unlikely that the entity responsible would actually be Natsumi, though states that whatever is hiding in the Crack, may have materialized a figure with power based on information on a specific existences it has seen from other worlds. Demiurge suggests that the only way to defeat it is to follow the example of the other group, by using a method from their world to defeat the base entity. For Shido it would mean that he would have to seal the Kurmuri clone by dating her. He then recommends to the visitors that a strategy should be prepared.[3]

The scene switches to the canteen on the 9th Floor, where Shido and his friends are enjoying the protection and comforts of Nazarick. Tohka especially indulges herself in devouring a dish of marbled dragon steak made from a Frost Dragon from Jötunheim prepared by the Head Chef. Yuri Alpha cratering to the guests promises to relay their compliments to the cook. As Shido praises the marbling and seasoning of the dragon teak, Kurumi comments on his knowledge on cooking, which Origami confirms that is due to Shido being an excellent cook and an trait worth noting when she gets married to Shido. The comment causes Shido to sputter on the suddenness of Origami's desire. The only one in the party that doesn't seem to be relaxed is Kotori as she is still worried about preparing for the date with the entity. Using her smartphone terminal, she shows that it can record Spirit wave reactions and geared toward the settings when they first encountered Kurmuri, but is concerned on whether or not it will work for the clone. In addition just sitting and eating seems not right. Yuri tells Kotori and Shido that they need not worry about being a burden, and while usually Nazarick has its guests help them in patrolling Cracks, there is some fear that if Shido and his friends approach one it will attract the clone like with the previous guests and the Grim Reaper. Hence keeping them away from the Cracks and comfortable is for their own safety. Instead Yuri invites Shido and the others access to the many facilities on the 9th Floor, and experience Tohka is willing to enjoy to show Yoshino the bathing areas after their meal. Yohsinon seems interested but warns Shido to not peek, which the young man denies ever doing so in the first place. To Origami, Tohka warns the perverted girl to behave herself to avoid an embarrassing situation like last time in the men's baths.

The group is later led by Yuri through the 9th Floor corridor to lead them to Spa Resort Nazarick. Tohka is eager to show Yoshino the wonderful baths there and the latter is happy to see it. A white flash engulfs Yoshino's vision, and stumbles. Everyone save Yoshinon think she may have dripped due to the flooring. When asked by Kotori if she is alright, Yoshino states that it is nothing. They are about to resume their way to the spas with Yoshino lagging behind. Suddenly Yoshino bumps into another body dropping Yoshinon to the ground. The person Yoshino bumped into is revealed to be Cocytus, who she attempts to apologize but without Yoshinon she becomes mentally unstable and upon seeing the Floor Guardian she reacts negatively casts her ice abilities on him. The ice is easily broken by Cocytus, and though Yoshino tries to apologize, Shido and the others fear that it is too late for apologies. To their surprise Cocytus is more interested in seeing a new face among Shido's friends than angry at being attacked. Yoshino apologizes for not paying attention to where she was going, though Cocytus states it was no trouble as ice attacks don't harm him, adding that he faces problems of being too focused to pay attention to his surroundings. Furthermore he informs the party that Momonga has two requests for them in the future. Upon noticing Kurumi, Cocytus asks what she is doing here having no forgotten her previous actions on her last visit, which the Worst Spirit states that she is a valuable guest in Nazarick. Yoshinon suddenly has an idea that needs to be discussed with Yoshino having an idea after meeting Cocytus.

Later in the day, one of the request to Shido was to meet Cocytus on the 5th Floor to test out the ability of Yoshino's Angel ability of Zadkiel. Yoshino in her Siryon form attacks Cocytus with her ice abilities who after experiencing a few attacks is satisfied with the small duel. He then allows Yoshino to revert back to her normal form and thanks her for allowing him to test her abilities on him. Shido and the others watching are glad to be of assistance and eagerly wish to return back to the 9th Floor. Before going with the others, Yoshino and Yoshinon bond with Cocytus calling him a great warrior and "Cocytus-kun". In addition they duo proceed to ask Cocytus to listen to them as they have a favor to ask.[4]

A few days later, at the request of Momonga, the Shido and his friends were heading to the fortress city of E-Rantel. After approaching E-Rantel, the party gets off the wagon they were traveling and move out on foot. The main focus of the request though is odd as it requires Shido to successfully date with a woman in this world. Even Kurumi finds the request bewildering though Solution, under her alias of Soi, believes that the experiment will be useful in formulating a plan to intercept and date the "Eyepatch Kurumi Tokisaki". Additional such information will be useful in expanding their skills especially since they have two trump cards like the real Kurumi and Shido on their team. Narberal Gamma traveling with the group also agrees with her sister. Their words however make Kurumi suspect that they are hiding something.

Shido notices that Yoshino has been quiet since they left Nazarck and asks if there is anything wrong. Yoshino tries to brush his concern away though this draws more concern from Shido. It takes a chirp from Yoshinon that he is attempting to hit on Yoshino to finally back away to prevent a misunderstanding. Origami jealous of Shido hovering over Yoshino takes the opportunity to fake her leg being hurt, but when only Tohka reacts with concerns she quickly resumes to normal as if nothing happened disappointed in the reaction she received. Whilst the young women are bickering, Kotori asks how long until they finally get to E-Rantel, which Soi states about an hour. She informs the party that the protagonist is making preparations locally at the city for their arrival. Narberal reports that Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts plague the area and warns the party to be on guard. Soi invites Kurumi to partake in mopping up the beasts when they encounter them which the Worst Spirit happily agrees.

After arriving at E-Rantel, Shido is seen waiting at the holding area designated by the protagonist, while Kotori and his colleagues were watching him from a distance. Kotori uses an electronic voice piece to stay connected to Shido to monitor his progress on his first date with a local woman. Kotori and the others are in an alley where they are greeted by their old friends the protagonist and Slimeko. The duo are then introduced to Yoshino and her puppet. With introductions over Slimeko reminds everyone that they must avoid being noticeable. Soi then divides the group in following Shido. Placing Kotori, the protagonist and Slimeko together. While she, Kurumi, and Yoshino form another group. And lastly Tohka and Origami to move with Naberal. Before the start of the operation the group agrees to vote on what action to take to help Shido's date progress. Narberal though asks the protagonist who he set Shido Itsuka up with for this "date". The woman for the "date" soon appearance before Shido. The woman tells the visitor from another world that she works for the city and is named Clementine and received a request from a friend to guide him around the city.[5]

Outside the Adventurer's Guild, Clementine explains to Shido its significance and its purpose in society. Shido hearing about the work of being an adventurer muses that its like a fantasyy, causing the saint to be confused. He quickly makes an excuse that it was something he heard from the protagonist after they raised the adventurer ranks in such a short time. Clementine asks if Shido is interested in becoming an adventurer. From the suggested answers provided on the terminal, the date support teams go with Shido responding that he is more interested in what is under Clementine' clothes. The answer was in support by the protagonist as it was a quote from one of the Supreme Beings, Peroroncino. Shido parrots the quote to the saint who instead of being fluster answered candidly of how sharp Shido's is as expected of a comrade to the protagonist. Clementine proceeds to show Shido what is under her clothes, two stilettoes. The sight of the weapons make Shido reflect perhaps he said something wrong. His obvious fear is unnoticed by Clementine who she explains that they are just weapons of self-defense. Kotori notes that the terminal indicates that Clementine's favorability of him has slightly increased which indicates that the woman sees Shido as a talented partner. Slimeko though states that this is perhaps due to Clementine always being on the look out for individuals that can help E-Rantel. Clementine proceeds to sheathe her weapons and continues on with the tour of the various guilds in the city. Shido mentally wonders if what he is doing can be really called a date and if Momonga has some other intention for him.

Later in the street, Clementine informs Shido that her guidance of the city has ended as she is needed. Instead another person will resume the tour. After excusing herself, Shido is informed by Kotori that he is doing good over the wire. Though is disappointed that the favorability of Clementine did not rise or fall. Kurumi states that it was because Clementine's heart was like an iron wall and was more than just a pretty face. Still Soi believes it was insightful as she learned an interesting technique about "dating". Tohka notes that Shido doesn't seem to be enjoying himself drawing in the perverted quips of Yoshinon and Origami which Shido begs them to stop.

Narberal asks the protagonist if there will be another opportunity to show Shido's true potential. Her answer comes when Leinas Rockbruise arrives at the spot where Shido is to take over where Clementine left off. The Imperial Knight having received a request from the protagonist took the assignment as a favor to her colleague. Though the older woman warns that he may be disappointed in being with her. To demonstrate, Leinas takes a moment to use a handkerchief to clean the side of ugly her face. The morbid sight of the disfigured face disturbs Shido. Leinas explains to her charge that the condition is chronic on the right half of the face, hence why her bangs hide it from view. She allays his fear that it's not contagious, but Shido states that he is not worried. From his support team he answers that no matter what Leinas is still pure even with what her hair hides.

The knight is momentarily taken aback by the response before she tells Shido they should take a break if he feels sick. Shido however declines as states that his real intention is something else and tells the woman that he thinks Leinas is still really pretty. He continues to shock the knight, while he cannot tells anything about himself, Leinas reminds him a little of one his friends. Someone who is not confident in many places, whether it's due to appearance or personality, and yet she has a lot of charm. And a person who understands the feeling of longing for something that she doesn't have, she though is someone who would think it's a waste to just look at it and not notice what you have now.

Yoshinon overhearing the conversation sees that Shido is referring to Natsumi Kyouno and asks her alter ego if she is jealous. Yoshino does not mind as Natsumi is a close friend. Back to Shido's conversation with Leinas, he claims that makeup is a weapon, so I think it's okay to call it attractive, which causes Leinas to grimace at the comparison. Before the two could proceed any further, the city shakes and the skies above turn purple. Cries ring out through E-Rantel as many of its citizens collapse where they stand. Shido is resistant the strange phenomena, but Leinas falls under its influence, but not before warning him to escape as she falls into unconsciousness. A shrieking laugh is heard and Shido at last sees the culprit. He calls to the Eyepatch Kurumi if this is the work of her City of Devouring of Time. But he only is responded with another cruel laugh.[6]

Eyepatch Kurumi is surprised that Shido is here in E-Rantel as she was plotting to say hello to him just after she finished her business in the city. Kurumi Tokisaki makes her prescene known greeting her double and asks the clone what she is. Eyepatch Kurumi laughs at the irony of the question as she is obviously 'her" any yet not. Eypatch Kurumi asks Kurumi what she sees when she looks at her clone, which the original states that she sees Zafkiel. Eyepatch Kurumi and the real Kurumi soon trade [First Bullet Aleph]s, Kurumi's shot hits the clone, but Eyepatch Kurumi vanishes proving it was not the actual enemy but a copy. Clones of Eyepatch Kurumi appear which the Worst Spirit responds in kind by producing four clones of her own but even the latter can see that this false imitation of her can overwhelm her. Kurumi is not alone as her allies come in their Angel forms to aid her. Despite destroying several clones, Eyepatch Kurumi is unfazed and summons even more copies of herself until the heroes are surrounded. Eyepatch Kurumi's gloating is short-lived as a powerful slash cuts through the copies. Cocytus in full equipment appears with God Slaying Emperor Blade in hand to help. With Cocytus's aid the Spirits are turning the tide. Eyepatch Kurumi seeing that the battle is no longe rin her favor then prepares to retreat. Kurumi is unwilling to allow her to escape but is stopped by Cocytus who tells her to let her go. The clone says her goodbyes before she vanishes into the shadows, and with her the effects on the city are lifted.

Once everyone is safe, Kotori demands to know why Cocytus is even in E-Rantel, as he is not supposed to come to the city as his appearance could cause a commotion. Then directing her attention to Yoshino she inquires if she had something to do with Cocytus being present. Yoshino and Yoshinon admit their part in the collusion and offer to explain. Soi however tells her allies that they need to leave soon as a human unit is returning to the city. Cocytus promises that all will be explained once they retreat to a more secure location and they scatter. Soon after members of the Sunlight Scripture arrive led by Nigun Grid Luin and Ian Als Heim. The priests are shocked to find the entire city to be unconscious. Nigun orders his men to check to see if the inhabitants are still alive. Ian though takes notes of a collapsed Leinas and hurries to ensure she is fine. Nigun sees that the city has fallen into some sort of coma, and from what his priests tell him no one has died. Those outside the perimeter of the city seem to be recovering fast. Nigun still is concerned on the well being of the citizens of E-Rantel orders the Sunlight Scripture to gather all who have fallen without prejudice. They are told to take the severely afflicted to temple to make sure they do not succumb to death. Unknown to the Scripture, Shido's party ran out of E-Rantel from a gate different. There Cocytus tells them that the risk of being seem by the inhabitants was minimal given that everyone within were unconscious. Kotori still asks why he would still take a risk, but Yoshinon answers that. By stating that she and her partner came from the future to prevent a calamity.[7]

Starting a dozen days ago for Yoshino and Yoshinon, at the Round Table, Momonga had received a report that E-Rantel was destroyed from Albedo and Demiurge. According to the Shadow Demons that were hiding in the city, most of the city's inhabitants died. Strangely the Shadow Demons were unhurt by whatever affected the city, but they witnessed strange shadows sneaking up at the feet of the inhabitants causing them to immediately faint and die. While the lives of the inhabitants of E-Rantel were not a big blow, Nazarick's current plans have now gone awry. Due to the scale of the damage and the abruptness, Albedo thinks that this is possibly something that previously attacked Nazarick and killed them, or a sign that it will happen again. Momonga though thinks the incident is related to their guests and enemy, believing that the "Existence Behind the Cracks" is responsible.

At the Guest Room Yoshino listens to how Kurumi was interviewed by Nazarick, who she described to on her abilities such as her City of Devouring Time. Based on her testimony Nazarick believe what happened to E-Rantel was affected by something akin to Kurumi's City of Devouring Time. Since the effect only is target at creatures with a lifespan, Shadown Demons are unaffected as they are heteromorphic beings with indefinite lifespans and thus not possible to absorb life fore. Origami warily asks if E-Rantel's fate was caused by her, but Kurumi states she has not been allowed to leaved the dungeon. All evidence now points to the five year old Kurumi. Just when Shido mentions their target, Eyepatch Kurumi appears behind the original. The clone says hello and finally goodbye. Shido tries to get Yoshino out of the room before a gunshot is sound and everything goes blank for the girl. Yoshino is then later awoke by Kurumi and finds herself outside of Nazarick. Yoshinon confused on the surroundings asks why are they in such a place. Kurumi visibly upset tells the two that a lot has happened and it will be a lot to take in before she goes on what happen to Shido.

In the present, out on the road out of E-Rantel, Narberal and Slimeko are stunned by Yoshinon's account of the timeline where Shido was killed. Shido barely comes to grips with the alternate future. Yoshinon explains that this was possible through the Kurumi of the future sent Yoshino's mind back into the past. The events that would have happened came to Yoshino when the girl seemingly fainted on the 9th Floor. Kotori is unsure if the words of the future Kurumi in the other timeline could be trusted. Many of Shido's harem find it hard to believe that he was killed. Yoshino and her puppet though say that it was not a lie as Kurumi's sadness was true. Shido asks why Kurumi wasn't able to send her whole body into the past, which Yoshinon states that Kurumi had exhausted herself in fighting the clone and was thus only able to send back a consciousness back in time and is a power different from Kurumi's Twelve Bullets. And to make things worse in the alternate timeline, Nazarck suffered some losses.

Yoshinon explains that Eyepatch Kurumi invaded Nazarick from the shadow of the real Worst Spirit creating a route into the dungeon itself. Given her connection to the clone, to avoid alerting the clone of her changing history the future Kurumi opted to have Yoshino change it as she was the only one left to be still alive. The group come to terms with the possible future they escaped, however suspicion turn to Nazarick as it is seen as a breach in trust when Cocytus shadowed the group in the city. Yoshinon states that Cocytus was acting on his orders by Momonga, which the protagonist confirms as Momonga had been informed of the alternate future after Cocytus spoke with Yoshino.

Slimeko adds that in preparation for the day when E-Rantel was attacked in the original timeline, Momonga position Yoshino and others, and all of Nazarick to be ready for the attack. The "dating" request was just an excuse to get Shido to E-Rantel in the time for the raid against Eyepatch Kurumi. Shido sees the plan but wishes Momonga could have at least informed them. Yoshinon goes on to state that secrecy was needed as Shido any mention of the plan could inadvertently be transmitted to Kurumi and her clone. The group admit that it was necessary for the deception as to now what they need to do about Eyepatch Kurumi, Yoshinon is convinced that the entity is similar enough to a Spirit and can be sealed. With that the puppet urges her owners' friends to begin a date battle with Eyepatch Kurumi.[8]

After sharing all necessary information, Shido and Kurumi were waiting for their quarry at the Great Forest of Tob. While waiting for the Eyepatch Kurumi to attack, Kurumi asks what exactly is the plan as none of her temporary allies have told her anything significant. All Shido can say that she will understand soon as there is still a possibility that Eyepatch Kurumi will emerge from the original's shadow. The date plan, though was outlined by Yoshinon who claimed it was from Future Kurumi herself. Eyepatch Kurumi soon emerges from the shadow as expected. The clone gloats at finding them once again. Shido though shouts to shut up which startles both Kurumi and Eyepatch Kurumi. The young hero tells the Spirit that if she will not go away then just follow him for now. When the women before he question what he is doing, he emphasizes his assertiveness by smashing a hand on a nearby tree. Shido gives one option to date him or he will discipline her.

Elsewhere at the Temporary Outdoor Command, Kotori is monitoring Shido's date progression to which she finds Shido's forcefulness to be a bit abrupt to start. Narberal observing with her believes that the date is progressing. Origami at Kotori's orders to Tohka is being restrained as the former is drawn to the boldness of Shido's new attitude. Back at Nazarick, Momonga observes the date with Demiurge an Albedo. Demiurge muses that the team is using the plan that involves a strong male lead with a fetish for maids. It was recommended by Yoshino and Yoshinon after reviewing material left behind by Peroroncino. So far Eyepatch Kurumi seems to be responsive to the strictness of Shido. However the theme gives Albedo and Shalltear ideas who beg Momonga to discipline them much to his annoyance.

The clone is angst at why she would date Shido, only to be shrink back at Shido's confidence. The young man offers the clone to go on a date with him starting at a "Cat Café" in the area. The idea attracts both the clone and the original's attention. Said cafe is actually just a wooden table and chairs in the forest manned by Lupusregina Beta and CZ2128 Delta, causing the clone to be disappointed. That is until she spots the cat. The Worst Spirit deduces that the cat is actually Pandora's Actor in cat form as she remembers the Doppelgänger when he interviewed her to examine her Angel weapon. More cats soon appear around the "cafe" which are of course Doppelgängers. Albedo watching from Nazarick counted on the fact that the original Kurumi had a thing for cats thus it would be true for her clone. Eyepatch Kurumi denies that she is not enjoying herself to Shido, despite to the contrary as she pets the felines and feeds them.

After enjoying plenty of contact with the cats, the date continues. The next venues is an open-air market where Entoma Vasilissa Zeta and Yuri are manning several booths with goods. Shido following along offers to buy the clone a present. Though distrustful of the offer, Eyepatch Kurumi's eyes a piece of jewelry, a ring with a skull in the form of Momonga. The choice makes the NPCS watching thrilled as it is a piece that Momonga selected to be displayed at the shop. Demiurge especially attributes to the success of this part of the date due to Momonga's 'insight" causing Momonga to be embarrassed. The next items in the story that the clone takes interest are loli outfits donated by Shalltear. In addition she spots some piece handcrafted by Demiurge. In the end she buys a maid outfit in the design of a "Japanese Goth". Lastly Yuri shows her examples of lingerie Albedo provided, though informs the woman that they are not for sale and only for display as they are items belonging to the Supreme Beings.

As Eyepatch Kurumi admires the merchandise, Kotori notes that Shido is doing well as his stats are showing that the progress is good , though finds that his favorability level is a little strange on the terminal. Kurumi watching her younger self has mixed feeling as she views that part of her past to be a bit disappointing. Her observations make it clear that whatever the clone is, it is not simply just a clone of her past but an aggregate personality.

The clone suspecting that this is the stage of where she will be seal, ends the politeness and decorum of the date. She informs Shido and the watchers that she already knew that this was a trap. The being that they see before them is not simply a clone with the appearance of Kurumi Tokisaki, but something that inherited her power and weaknesses. With all the cards on the table, Kurumi asks her clone what kind of being is she really. The clone explains that she is Kurumi's past that the latter threw away. A being made of her unconscious fears from an unfortunate collection of bodies and victims who imagined their existence as "what if". An existence that was born from the psychic power leaked out of their world and permeated into what could be called the space between the worlds. Where "something" lurking there gave the psychic power substance to that possibility and used it to create her form.

Without resistant the clone announces that she is the past of the Worst Spirit. A possibility of grudges born from the past. As for her animosity towards them it is only natural, as her specific directive is against the original. Her very existence only calls out for revenge on Kurumi. The clone then conjures copies of herself. The act is more than enough Momonga to order Cocytus to engage.

The forest soon becomes a battle ground between Eyepatch Kurumi's clones and the Spirits and Nazarick forces. The clones are pushed back in the one-sided battle, allowing Kurumi to engage the entity alone. Eyepatch Kuurmi is struggling to fight the real Kuurmi. Shido watching the battle is unsettled by the situation, and calls out to the clones if she only just feels hatred towards Kurumi. To him, when they were on their date Eyepatch Kurumi seemed more faithful to her will. The clone insists that she has a grudge to fulfill and killing Kurumi would be the only thing that matters for a copy like her. As the clone finishes her declaration, she is overtaken by convulsions. To the shock and horror of the combatants and viewers in Nazarick, Eyepatch Kurumi transforms into the Grim Reaper.[9]


Cocytus swiftly attacks the reaper, but his sword slash has no effect to the entity. Momonga contacts Shido via a [Message] and informs him that normal attacks will be ineffective though he believes only option is left to defeat the Grim Reaper. Shido understand that he must be the one to defeat the Grim Reaper by sealing Eyepatch Kurumi. As Momonga understand Shido can borrow a power from his sister Kotori to grant him a powerful regeneration ability. Shido believes that he needs to coax out Eyepatch Kurumi from within the reaper in order to seal it. Momonga warns that his regenerative ability would only be effective for as long as he can maintain its power and risks death. Shido though states that they have no choice. Momonga agrees and has Cocytus open a path to the Grim Reaper for Shido.

After all the clones have been destroyed, Shido approaches the Grim Reaper alone. He tries to call out to the clone of Kurumi inside the entity but is attacked by the Grim Reaper, Not giving up he gets back on his feet and tries to call to her again. The Grim Reaper unimpressed continues to slash at Shido, who then activates his regenerative flames around him to heal his injuries. Tohka seeing Shido wounded tries to come to his aid, but is stopped by Origami to prevent her from interfering with the date. Cocytus lends his assistance by using himself as a shield to block the worst of the attacks from the reaper. As Shido calls again to the clone, he hear a voice from within the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper returns back to Eyepatch Kurumi, who is distraught at what she is, a mere copy and a fake existence.

To her absolute shock Shido tells her it does not matter, whether if she is the real one, an alter ego, or a fake. To him Eyepatch Kurumi was real enough for him. Even if she is just Kurumi's past he would say it again and again that she is Kurumi Tokisaki. The real Kurumi watching the scene recalls the time when Shido never gave up on her as well, promising to save her. Once Shido proceeds to seal the clone by kissing her lips, the latter muses that he is such an idiot and before turning to dust she gives her best wish to the original.

At the Round Table, Shido and his friends give their reports to Momonga. The Overlord of Nazarick is happy to have the situation resolved. He questions on whether the clone was acting on her own will or "something" else. Kototi thinks that her grudge for the original body may have been real. As for the feelings for Shido, Yoshino believes they were genuine as in the previous timeline, after the clone had killed Shido, she fled in horror at the action. Wariness is draw towards Kurumi, though the Worst Spirit assures the people in the room that though she and the clone share many traits, murdering Shido is not among them. She now understands that the clone was an existence from her unconscious fear and imagination. It took the form of what she feared, such as the possibility of Shido sealing her spiritual power.

Once they return back to their proper world Kurumi warns that they will resume being enemies promsing that she won't be as gentle as her copycat. Momonga notes her personality is similar to Ulbert Alain Odle who prides being a villain. Momonga informs Shido's party that they still have no method on how to return the party to their world. But for what its worth, Momonga feels indebt to them as Nazarick has now gained intel on the "something" hidden behind the Crack. It is an example of an existence that needs to be studied. Cocytus express his gratitude as well especially to Yoshino for assisting Nazaroick in the operation. The meeting soon ends and many of the party members soon make plans to enjoy their stay in Nazarick. Kurumi however still mulls over her experience with her clone, she confesses to Solution that she feels that the imposter may not be quite gone and worries that perhaps another attack will come through her shadow. As Momonga watches the two groups interact, he mentally hopes that the interaction would be a good benefit so that the NPCs can be friendly with the existences outside of Nazarick a second time. Suddenly a disembodied voice calls expressing its doubts that this kind of phenomenon will happen again. Shido and Momonga hear the voice in confusion as a white light engulfs the room.

Shido and his friends soon find themselves back in the streets of Tengu City. Now having returned home, the girls cry out at not having been able to say goodbye to their friends in Nazarick. Shido is more concerned that Kurumi is nowhere to be found. However they are interrupted by Natsumi shows up and demands to know where they have been, especially Yoshino as she should have had her medical exam ages ago. The older woman only gets more confused when Yoshino runs to her and cries in her arms at being unable to see Cocytus again. Shido promises to explain over dinner of their adventure.

In the shadows, Kurumi watches the group. The Worst Spirit finds that they have returned home, a blessing to her as now she can resume stealing the life force of the humans in the world. Something which she would have had difficulty in doing in the other world inhabited by species with no definite lifespans. Kurumi resolves to continue to go about her selfish ways and will do so, even if it means sacrificing Shido.

A clone of Kurumi appears exactly as Eyepatch Kuurmi reporting to the original. Kuurmi annoyed by the interruption recalls her alter ego back into her shadow. To her the "her" from five year ago is a part of her past that she would rather forget. If one were to look even in the world where magic exists Kurumi doubts anyone would feel the same embarrassment as she. The scene ends with a cameo of Pandora's Actor and Momonga in the Treasury.[10]


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