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Dark Elves (闇妖精) are close kin of the wood elves and can be found in the New World and YGGDRASIL.


According to Igvarge, he had heard that the large settlements of the Dark Elves were located in the great forests to the south, where no man had set foot.[1]

On the other hand, Ryraryus Spenia Ai Indarun noted the dark elves used to be rulers of the Great Forest of Tob. This is also confirmed to be true by the members of the Slane Theocracy, who clarified that the dark elves relocated to the Great Forest of Evasha.[2] This was further confirmed by the Elven Slaves that the dark elves migrated from the north to the Elf Country.[3] Said event was known as the Great Migration, which saw the race journey to the southern forest.


Similar to wood elves, they possess all the beauty and grace inherent in the elven race, though dark elves possess darker skin complexion.


The dark elves are a race that does not lean towards the notion of absolute good or evil. Unlike their cousins, which maintain a code of honor, they tend to be more flexible.[4]

Dark elves lived in forests just like baseline elves, as originally their race came from the same environment before diverging. However the culture of the dark elves was not so different from forest elves, aside from skin color, forms of animal repellent they used, and other trivial customs.

Like forest elves, elf trees are the center of their lives and serve as shelters for them in the dangerous Great Sea of Trees.

Though in dark elf villages, they use an animal repellent that produces its avoidance effect by using scents. They were taught this precious bit of wisdom by the treants and other inhabitants of the forest where they were living before moving to the Great Sea of Trees.

By using the potent smelling herbs that are planted around the villages, it creates and spreads out a special drug that repels animals, although its powers has to be considerably divided between duration and area of effect—using druidic magic. The dark elves found the method to be extremely effective in the Great Sea of Trees and compared to other elf villages—excluding the Royal Capital— the dark elf villages were considered safe. The method was never disseminated to the other forest elves as if it were to spread, the repelling effect produced by scents would drop as the monsters would soon learn that the repelling scents were places that prey lived.

While memory of their time in their original forest has faded, they nevertheless still treasure their origins as evidence by the Archery Tournament. During this competition. promising dark elves are awarded the few composite bows made from material of their former homeland.

Are for their relations with other races, they are mostly neutral. While not exactly on friendly or fierce conflict with other races, there are times when the dark elves stand in opposition trying to occupy a safe place in the forest. But there are also times when they have to cooperate because the monsters are their common enemy.[5]

Dark elf naming conventions are different compared to their forest elf cousins, as their surnames are named after fruits and are normally the first part of their name while the last part are their personal name.

Additionally they appear to have an oral tradition.[6]

Dark elf children learn from an early age of the harsh reality of their environment. The children are given rules to follow to remain safe, However, the elders and their parents leave it to the choice of the children to follow the rules, hence they never bother guarding the children from the dangers of the forest and allow them to go at their own peril, which often results in deaths. While it may seem heartless, the adults believe that such casualties are necessary sacrifices to show the young the consequences of violating the rules of the adults and exposing themselves to danger. If one child dies and the rest survive, it isn't regarded as a substantial loss. On the contrary, the idea of their children growing up without knowing the dangers of the forests is more frightening.


Dark elf cuisine possess fresh ingredients from the forest. Meat and blood from animals are collected from the game they hunt and use in their cooking. However, blood is rarely taken back to the village in fear that it will draw predators. Offal from their kills are collected, depending on the size of their catch. To preserve their food, the dark elves use preservation magic of the druids, rather than salt.

Using soil a similar spell to [Earth Surge], soil is directed to climb the tops of the elf trees where household gardens are established. There, a variety of vegetables are grown. The produce from the gardens are adequate, but lack sweetness.

As for cooking preparation, meals are composed of cooked meat, either roasted or grill, dried fruit, salads, and insects, such as caterpillars. Though their food is said to be fresh, to an outsider's taste, it is considered little gamey and needs seasoning.


Dark elves enjoy a variety of games, most of which are contests of athletic ability, such as tree climbing etc.

Children play several games to entertain themselves, such as:

  • What's In The Leaves: A variation of Hide and Seek.
  • Playing House: A form of make believe where children take on the roles of a family. Though the game is considered to be for younger children.
  • Dark Elf Heroes: A variation of Playing House.

Village Hierarchy[]

Traditionally dark elf culture functions as a gerontocracy, where age is regarded as a qualification for leadership and so their villages are ruled by its elders.

The pillars of authority in the village are the Master of the Hunt, the Council of Elders, the Chief Pharmacist, and the Rite Master. The Council of Elders is composed of three people, so altogether there are six people. Any number higher than three elders is regarded as abnormal.

Though the political structure of the dark elves has served them well for many centuries, more recently, a movement has been growing through the villages, involving members of the younger generation who have begun challenging the authority of the eldership. They question whether age has to be a prerequisite for leadership and instead they call upon skill and ability to be more vital.


The exact general strengths of dark elves are unknown. So far, only two abnormal specimens have been shown in the Overlord series.

However, Ryraryus was wary of a single one commenting the dark elves are strong opponents. And Pinison Pol Perlia admitted that dark elves are skilled archers, showing little surprise at Aura's rain of arrows.[7]

Known Dark Elves[]


  • In the Web Novel, there is a nation of dark elves located at the southwest of the Re-Estize Kingdom.
  • In the Web Novel was said that wood elves dwell in the forest, their cousins, the dark elves, prefer to make their homes in caves or underground.[4] Though in the Light Novel, it was stated that dark elves are not underground dwellers.[8]
  • A tribe of Dark Elves once lived in the Great Forest of Tob, but were driven out by the Evil Tree Zy'tl Q'ae.[9]
  • Due to the isolation of the dark elves, they have yet to be enslaved by the forces of the Slane Theocracy. Furthermore, they appear to be unfamiliar with humans as a race. Even King Decem Hougan never recalled ever trying to impregnate any dark elf women before.
  • In Norse Mythology, Dark Elves lived underground in huge caves and tunnels.
    • Because of this, it is believed that "Dark Elves" was really another name for Dwarves.


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