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Damage Per Second or DPS, is the acronym term used to identify the amount of multiple damages a character can do in YGGDRASIL.


Damage Per Second identifies how much damage one could do in a second. For players with the role of an attacker, it was considered to be the most important thing to them in the game of YGGDRASIL.


When someone pulls off offensive maneuvers on someone or something including the items within their own guild base, the YGGDRASIL system can still register it as some sort of attack done by characters. It will begin the complex calculations of measuring between the character’s attack strength and the person's or object’s defensive strength getting attacked by. This way, the system is able to determine the final total of damage inflicted overall.[1]

Theoretically speaking, one could enhance the character's DPS by embedding damage-increasing data crystals into their ultimate weapon with high data capacity. However, weapons like that were said to be unwieldy and would result in fewer attacks due to the difficulty of using them. As a result, when the weapon is equipped and used in battle, the wielder’s overall DPS would go down. In addition, as monsters went up in level, they could greatly decrease any DPS that were inflicted upon them by players.[2]


  • According to Ainz, when he got transported to the New World, the damage value icon of DPS cannot be seen anymore.
  • Players like Ulbert Alain Odle, Nishikienrai, and Warrior Takemikazuchi have their respective characters specializes in dealing the highest amount of DPS possible contrary to Ainz's role-playing build.[3][4][5]
  • There are some classes like Craftsman and Commander that are not built for combat. Hence, they are likely to do very low DPS if not for having other levels into offensive-oriented classes.[6]
  • There were also Races like Slimes for example, who are no exception to this DPS problem. In order to properly deal DPS as a slime, that character needs to heavily specialize in certain classes that can either deal damage or kill someone in one hit.
  • While training a Jack the Ripper to be a hairdresser at the Beauty Parlor, Ainz believed that the summon could try using DPS to improve his haircutting skills.[7]
  • According to Touch Me, having a high DPS holds a trick in crushing bosses.[8]


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