Daily Life of Solution (ソリュセバ日和) by 7zu7 (7zu7) is the fortieth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


During a carriage ride, Solution Epsilon asks Sebas Tian what she should do if a man actually falls for her. Though she is confident in handling men that be infatuated with her looks, how should she react if a man does not? Sebas Tian gives her words of wisdom he had heard from the Supreme Beings: "Some men simply cannot resist moe." Solution asks Sebas to clarify what a 'moe' is. The butler explains that he only knows a few types of moes: Himedere, Lolita, etc. He suggests that she try all of them. Using clothing borrowed from the Treasury, Solution dresses up as a Japanese high school student fro the Himedere. Next, she tries several outfits being a teacher, goth, doctor, swimsuit, qipao, and a bunnygirl. Despite trying out the different moes Solution still doesn't quite understand and decides to ask an actual human male. She then takes out a desiccated barely alive human corpse from herself only to find that his eyes have melted. From Nazarick, Ainz Ooal Gown is looking through the Mirror of Remote Viewing, wondering what the two are doing.

Character Appearances

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter possibly takes place during Overlord Volume 03 of the Light Novel Series, when Solution and Sebas are journeying to Re-Estize
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