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Cyclone Axe is an axe that belonged to the Warrior Captain of the Air Giants, a member of the Thirteen Heroes


The Axe of Cyclone is a weapon used by Warrior Captain of the Air Giants during the time when he was part of the Thirteen Heroes while fighting the Evil Deities.[1]


As the name implied, this weapon should be shaped a bit similar to that of an axe.


The kind of axe that when swung with this weapon, it is able to create a storm out of nowhere.[2][3]


  • In the Web Novel, an adventurer group called "Axe of Cyclone" (Swords of Darkness in the Light Novel) was named after this weapon and they are searching for it.
  • Minotaur Sage is also using a similar weapon or axe that can do the same thing as the Warrior Captain of the Air Giant's own.[4]


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