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Cursed Knight (呪いの騎士 (カース・ナイト) ) is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


In YGGDRASIL, Cursed Knights were designed to have the backstory of being corrupted cleric-knights who had been cursed, and they were considered to be a very strong job class. However, this class had a lot of drawbacks, so they were not very popular among players to invest levels in.

The prerequisites to become a Cursed Knight is that the person must at least be level 60 or higher.[1]

Known Cursed Knights

Abilities and Powers

Among the skills Cursed Knights could learn, there are ones which gave them the ability to release waves of darkness, inflict cursed wounds which could not be healed by low-level healing spells, instant death curses, and so on. According to Ainz, to have learned all of these skills meant that the Cursed Knight is level 70 at a minimum.

The penalty from possessing this job class was that Cursed Knights are given the passive skill, Blood Frenzy by default.[2]


  • Destruction of Low Level Item: In the Web Novel, Cursed Knights have the natural ability to damage magic items that are level 40 or lower if they equipped one.[3]


  • In the New World, there exists a legendary set of weapons famously known as the Four Swords of Darkness once owned by the Black Knight of the Thirteen Heroes which had powers comparable to that of the Cursed Knight class.[4]


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