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Crystal (華結晶) is one of the new guild members of newly-founded New Ainz Ooal Gown introduced in the Overlord Bonus Volume.


As a Gnator, Crystal is small enough to hide in the folds of a robe.


Crystal is not the least bit shy of withholding his thoughts. Especially on his views on science, dismissing it as a backward philosophy that imitates magic.


Forty years ago, when Suzuki Satoru, Keno and Scraea were scouting potential candidates to join his guild, Crystal was considered a heteromorph being who met one of the requirements to become part of their group.


The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc

Main article: The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc 

Crystal participated in an expedition to the Dolor Desert to discover the secret behind a gigantic tornado that appeared every thirty years. Traveling with him were Nurunuru, Keno Fasris Invern, and Suzuki Satoru. After the group reaches the center of the tornado, they found an enhanced view of the night sky.

The group determined that the tornado was a natural occurrence and decided to do some stargazing. Crystal and Nurunuru went for a walk within leaving behind Keno and Suzuki. Later teleporting back to their inn, he and Nurunuru decided to retire for the night.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Crystal was immune to spells which only affected demihumans or humanoids. He was also immune to spells that should have been effective on heteromorphs. He holds a thief-type profession, namely that of an assassin job class.

Main Equipment


Suzuki Satoru

Crystal got along with Suzuki with the latter allowing him to hide in his robe for protection.


He and Crystal had once clashed during a certain incident, but they became friends after yet another incident.


  • Suzuki Satoru still has his doubts if Crystal was really a heteromorphic due to its abilities.


  • (To his guild members): "Science is dumb, the stuff it makes can't compare to magic items."



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