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Crusch Lulu (クルシュ・ルールー) is a white albino lizardman and the acting chieftain of the Red Eye tribe.


Crusch is an albino lizardman with snow-white scales and spotless purity. She has round bright red eyes like rubies and slim limbs.


Crusch possesses a strong will and was willing to not give up so long as there is hope. Before Crusch met Zaryusu, she was quite shy because of her albinism and did not seem to leave her home on a regular basis. She also had a low sense of self-esteem and believed that all other lizardmen would look at her with disgust. She deeply cares for those around her and would do anything to keep them safe.


Overlord II EP02 087

Crusch leading a rebellion

Crusch Lulu was born an albino which normally would mean that in the lizardmen community, she would be abandoned. In Lulu's case, however, her parents decided to raise her even with this genetic fault. Over the course of time, she proved herself to be a strong practitioner of magic.

When the famine in the Wetlands occurred, Red Eye managed to stave off extinction through fratricide. However, unable to bear with the guilt and shame, Crusch led a rebellion against the previous chief. Her rebellion was a success and the mantle of leadership was passed down to her making her the chieftain of the Red Eye Tribe.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Crusch speaking to Zaryusu

Crusch Lulu meets the envoy of the Green Claw, Zaryusu Shasha, who fell in love with her at first sight. He immediately proposes to Crusch right away, causing her to become befuddled at his display of emotion. Later on, they would both seriously discuss their race's current predicament in the upcoming invasion. After some degree of urgency and subtle use of blackmail, she was thoroughly convinced by Zaryusu to have her tribe, Red Eye in joining their tribal alliance. Both Zaryusu, Rororo, and Crusch then make their way to appeal to the Dragon Tusk Tribe.

By coming there, however, they are met with hostility from the Dragon Tusk Tribe and it is particularly Zaryusu who gets their attention. As many members of the tribe were also former tribesmen of Yellow Speckle and Sharp Edge, tribes defeated by Green Claw in the resource war. Then Zenberu Gugu, leader of Dragon Tusk appeared and challenged Zaryusu to a duel before gaining his tribe's participation in the war and completing the tribal alliance. Crusch watches from the sidelines and witnesses Zaryusu's victory over Zenberu Gugu. After healing the two warriors, Crusch and Zaryusu are treated to a banquet.[1]

All three representatives travel together and rendezvous at the Razor Tail village where the rest of the tribal leaders have gathered. There Crusch was introduced to her future brother-in-law Shasuryu Shasha. At the tribal chieftain assembly, Crusch was placed in charge of the tribes' druids to strengthen the alliance's defenses. Crusch and the other druids prepared the tribal war ritual to strengthen the alliances' morale. She played a vital role in summoning the Swamp Elemental and supporting Zenberu and Zaryusu in their battle against the undead army.[2]

After the battle, she and Zaryusu spent a romantic night together. The next day she alongside Zaryusu witnessed the arrival of a second undead army. After Zaryusu and Shasuryu returned from a parley with the invaders, she learns of the duel that will decide the fate of the lizardmen. Before Zaryusu departs, she spends one last night with him so that she may bear his child.[3]

Inevitably, the loss goes to the lizardmen when all the tribal leaders and strong warriors are slaughtered by Cocytus, ending with Crusch in becoming the de facto chieftain of the Lizardmen Alliance. Cocytus brings her to the Monument of Ruin, before Ainz Ooal Gown. She offers the official surrender of the lizardmen and fears that the lizardmen will be enslaved. Quite to the contrary, the Overlord assures her that he will ensure the prosperity of her race with Cocytus ruling in his stead. The female lizardman is offered a chance to have Zaryusu resurrected, in return, she would act as Ainz's eyes and ears for any plans of rebellion by dissidents.[4] Crusch accepted Ainz's offer and is later present during Zaryusu's resurrection.[5]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Crusch is mentioned by Zenberu to have been impregnated by Zaryusu and is expecting to have a child.[6]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

It was around this time that Crusch's hatchling was born, it was a boy that had inherited the same albino skin as his mother. Ainz also met with her and Zaryusu when he visited the lizardman village as preparation to search for the dwarven nation. She had noticed that Ainz was looking at her baby with interest and was worried he might take her child away from them but was assured he would not. He gave both the newly formed parents his blessings before setting out on his quest.[7]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Some time after the protagonist permanently migrated to E-Rantel to coordinate with the Tripartite Alliance, Crusch as acting deputy chieftain of Red Eye joined the nascent Lizardmen Alliance. At the time she had already became close in relationship with Zaryusu Shasha and would be teased by him and her fellow chieftains. She would be introduced to Cocytus. Crushc was made aware of the alliance's current mutual relations with the Great Tomb of Nazarick and the Supreme One. She learned from Zenberu Gugu of how three agents of Nazarick in red clothes saved the Great Lake from freezing over. At the meeting with Cocytus the other chieftains of the lizardmen she and her colleagues affirmed to work hard to return the aid the Supreme One showed them numerous times asking the Floor Guardian to relay their message to his master.[8]

Upon receiving a personal invite from Cocytus to attend the Sorcerer Kingdom's National Foundation Day Ceremony to cement the lizardmen as part of a nation, Crusch was wary of the idea given her Cocytus's masters always kept their base secret. Her concerns were brushed aside by Zaryusu as he believed that it was a way for their benefactors to express their gratitude.[9] The lizardmen were transported from the Great Lake region to Fake Nazarick via carriage. Though Crusch's companions found the ride to be pleasant, the Red Eye chieftain noticed that the ride took numerous turns to make ascertaining the location of the kingdom difficult. Crusch and her friends were greeted by Yuri Alpha and the Pleiades and brought to meet the other guests attending the event. At the ceremony, Momonga personally addressed the lizardmen, acknowledging their alliance to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Furthermore Momonga was aware of Crusch and Zaryusu's upcoming wedding and promised to give them a wedding gift afterwards something which touched the female demi-human to let go of her suspicions. Crusch and her party would be guided to the banquet of the venue where they enjoyed the delicacies provided, made small talk with Cocytus and participated in the ballroom dance. Before returning to the Great Lake, Crusch was able to admired the newly unveiled Sorcerer King Momonga Statue.[10]

The lizardmen were graced by a visit from an entourage from the Sorcerer Kingdom when the village was celebrating Zaryusu's union with Crusch. The visitors included not just the usual faces, but none other than Prime Minister Albedo. For a change the lizardmen were sought help from their patrons, concerning information on usable fiber plants from the Tob Forests that could be used for fabrics. Crusch was introduced to Albedo who took an interest due to her pregnancy the two eventually became friends after the druid explained the material of the tapestry of the symbol of Red Eye. Crusch provided some information on the type of grass used and method. This intrigued Albedo who believed that she could adapt it and offered to make the female lizardman a handmade rug as a gift for her upcoming child.[11]

Crusch was present when her mate brought the protagonist, Slimeko, Aura, and Mare in their home along with the other lizardmen chieftains after training with the dark elves in preparation for a scouting mission to the isolated island. Just before the party from Sorcerer Kingdom was about to leave, Zaryusu Shasha requested permission to join the expedition to the shock of his peers. A few such as hi brother advised against it due to Crusch's expecting to give birth to a child, but Crusch ultimately allowed her mate to go knowing his desire as a traveler to see new lands. She insisted that she would be alright in his absence and hoped that he would bring back a new heroic tale for their offspring.[12]

Before Zaryusu left the village with the protagonist and Slimeko who has come to pick him up, Crusch saw her husband off and asked him to be careful. After he returned from the mission to the island, and worked out an agreement for the lizardmen to use the island as a fishery to supply the village with additional food, he went to the chieftains and his brother to explain the new details of the agreement. He was initially afraid that his agreement with the Sorcerer Kingdom would be met negatively due to his traveler status and as he did it without the consent of the village. However the chieftains did not mind as they knew Zaryusu had the interest of their people. After being told by his brother not stop being stuck in the pay with his worry about his status as a traveler, and to try to move on with his life. Taking it to to heart, Zaryusu decided to focus on Crusch and his child.[13]

When a unconscious human girl was found in the Tob Forest by the village rangers, she was brought to the lizardman druid who tended to her. After their guest awoke, Crusch, Zaryusu, and Shasuryu learned that the human transported to the Great Lake area via a Crack and was from a place called Britannia and used a different system of magic in contrast to tier magic. Having no way to return their guest home, it was decided that they should notify the Sorcerer Kingdom. However the village was soon attacked by an unprecedented horde of Chaos Beasts that surged from Tob Forest. Crusch was asked by Zaryusu to evacuate with the non-combatants, due to her pregnancy, even though the female lizardman wanted to remain and fight, arguing they will need a druid to heal their wounds in the battle against the Chaos Beasts. She was finally convinced to evacuate after her human charge promised to take her role as a magic supporter and protect her husband Zaryusu.[14]

Some months after the Calamity of Cracks, Crusch and the other tribal leaders received a visit from Slimeko and Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself, representatives of the Sorcerer Kingdom, who informed them that the lizardmen's request for an ice room was approved. In addition, the representatives wanted to include an ice statue of Momonga inside it, a feature Crusch was unsure of.

Her peers though believed it would be a good feature as they could pray to their benefactor, to which Crusch stated that she prayed for everyone's safety. From this her brother-in-law Shasuryu asked if it was mostly for her husband, causing her to be ruffled by the statement. Due to having guests, the priest apologized to Renner and Slimeko for the inappropriate sight, but the imp and slime did not mind.[15]

Afterwards, the lizardman village received a surprise visit from the Sorcerer King, on his way to the "first sunrise", bringing New Year's gifts of fish made from using magic. When Momonga questioned the chieftains if there were any odd occurrences in the area, Zaryusu reported that nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Zenberu seeing Lupusregina had come last time when the village was in trouble had dressed in red, similar to her priestess attire she wore currently. This earn him a punch in the gut by the druid, who apologized for Zenberu's rudeness. Albedo took the chance to greet the female lizardman, offering her consideration to her child. Later when the Sorcerer King delegation departed to the Azerlisia Mountains, Crusch said good-bye and to be careful.[16]

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Abilities and Powers

Crusch Lulu is the strongest of all the magic casters that exist within the lizardmen tribes. Her magical focus lies in controlling nature and summoning spirits to assist her in different ways. Due to her albino nature, however, Crusch burns easily in the sun, thus she is very weak against sunlight, forcing her to wear a ridiculous bush outfit during the day.

Racial Classes

  • Awakened Elder Blood Lizard Man (1)

Job Classes


  • Earth Bind: By using this spell, numerous chains are created from mud and then flew at the target to bind it.
  • Heavy Recover: A 3rd tier divine spell used for healing the person as long as the user has sufficient mana provided.
  • Lion's Heart: The spell provides only a single target with complete resistance to fear.
  • Middle Cure Wound: A low tier healing spell used to cure certain wounds.
  • Protection Energy - Ice: Provides limited protection from ice attacks.
  • Summon Beast 3rd: A 3rd Tier summon spell used to summon low ranked beasts such as a Snap Grasp.


Zaryusu Shasha

Crusch's lover and husband. They met when Zaryusu visited Red Eye to form an alliance and he was captivated by her beauty. It was love at first sight for him and he unintentionally proposed to her. After his death at the hands of Cocytus, she made a deal with Ainz to revive him. She has recently given birth to their son and the couple is happy.

Zenberu Gugu

Zenberu and Crusch have a somewhat friendly relationship. Crusch respects his strength as a warrior and position as a fellow chieftain. However, she dislikes his simple-minded way of doing things. She hates how he makes lewd jokes at her and Zaryusu's expense. She also doesn't like the nickname he gave her, Plant Monster. He doesn't seem to be aware of the slight disdain she has for him.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz made a deal with Crusch Lulu where he would revive Zaryusu in exchange of her keeping a close watch on whether there are lizardmen thinking of rebelling. Even after the assimilation of her tribe, Crusch is still fearful of Ainz, as when he inquired about her and Zaryusu's newly born child and thinks that Ainz will take their child away.


  • Because her racial class is listed as Awakened Elder Blood Lizard Man, it is possible she is a descendant of a Dragon Lord.
  • Sometimes, lizardmen like Crusch occasionally appear in the Red Eye tribe. When they grow up, they develop some form of special ability.
  • Crusch Lulu's English voice actress Amanda Lee has sung English adaptations for several of the anime's opening and ending themes on her YouTube channel. This includes Clattanoia and Voracity.


  • (To Zaryusu): "Thank you for your courtesy. I am the acting chieftain of the Red Eye tribe, Crusch Lulu."
  • (To herself about Zaryusu): "Saying something like that to me, but he's still so calm... Perhaps he frequently proposes to other people?! Or perhaps he is already accustomed to this having proposed so often?... Although he certainly is rather dashing... Ah, what am I thinking! This is part of his plan, it must be, intending to control me, making a proposal to me and proclaiming love. P-p-proposing to someone like me..."
  • (To Zaryusu): "Zaryusu... I understand the danger in evacuating, but I think keeping our lives is more important than losing our freedom."
  • (to Zaryusu): “In just a week you won my heart, and now you want me to watch you die?”
  • (To Zaryusu): “Meeting you was my fortune, and also my misfortune.”
  • (To Ainz): "...What do you wish of me, your humble slave?... My body?"
  • (To Zaryusu): “Impregnate Me!"



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