Crooked Tusk (クルックド・タスク) is an orc tribe that reside in the Abelion Hills.

Background Edit

In the Web Novel, Demiurge, at the command of Ainz Ooal Gown, Demiurge scouted out the Abelion Hills. The Floor Guardian and his minions summarily subjugated the tribe and occupied their land. The tribe’s current location now serves as base camp for Demiurge’s interspecies breeding experiments.[1] 

Strength Edit

Given how the tribe was enslaved and later exploited, it can be assumed the Orcs Strength were inferior to the denizens of Nazarick.

Trivia Edit

  • So far this tribe has only made its appearance in the Web Novel.
  • The Tribe was forced to participate in breeding experiments, mating with humans. However the Orcs were mostly uncooperative as their aesthetics on beauty were vastly different from humans.

References Edit

  1. Overlord First Half Chapter 77: Gaiden: Come Everyone to Demiurge’s Ranch
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