Crocdabal is a corrupted sword that once belonged to the Black Knight, a member of the Thirteen Heroes.


Crocdabal is one of the Black Knight's four Swords of Darkness. While this sword is originally from YGGDRASIL, it was once in the possession of a Cursed Knight. After its owner passed away, this blade enters into circulation for at least two hundred years.



According to the Swords of Darkness, they stated that by using this blade called Crocdabal, it is quite possible to inflict the kind of wounds supposedly impossible to heal onto a target. Ainz believed that these cursed wounds could not be easily healed by low-level healing spells is something which a Cursed Knight possesses among its various special abilities.[1]


  • It was said that Crocdabal is classified as a necrotic type of weapon.[2]


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