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Crispy Delicious Bites (涅色齎す霹靂 (くりいろもたらかみとき) ) is a dish prepared in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


A chocolate confection created by both Albedo and Narberal Gamma for a taste party devised by Mare Bello Fiore and hosted by Momonga.[1]


An plate of blacken chocolate treats.


Despite its charred appearance, the dish is quite edible and was described to have a texture like Fried Golden Potato Slices and yet with a chocolaty filling. According to Cixous, the chocolate used in the recipe is similar to "fondant chocolate". Uniquely, the dish was said to have been made by using lighting based attacks such as [Lightning] and [Electrosphere] to give the treat its flavor and texture.


  • According to Kyuko, it bears resemblance to dragon charcoal.
  • Its Japanese name translates as "dark-colored haze".