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Craftsman is the generic term used to refer to those with the capacity to craft items in the Overlord series. Besides being a job class name for some, individuals not belonging to the class can still be classified as one to some degree by making things through other means elsewhere.


In the New World, the amount of money a Craftsman earned for their salary is 1 silver coin per day.[1]

By YGGDRASIL standard, the humanoids called Dwarves had bonuses to craftsman-type classes.[2]

Players with levels in craftsman-type classes usually spend their days at their workshop while making things. Most of the craftsmen made scrolls or wands and staves, which were frequently used by magic casters, and which they could use as well.[3]

Known Craftsmen

Known Classes

Known Craftsman-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

Craftsmen are said to possess some degree of skills when making handmade items out of the materials they used for it. Among the Craftsmen, some of the dwarves from the Dwarf Kingdom utilize either Tier Magic or Runecraft for carrying out magic item enchantment.


  • It was normal for craftsmen to have a union guild. This was to avoid stealing business, and to regulate the prices for goods and services.[4]
  • Demiurge technically doesn’t possess a Craftsman class, however his skill in carpentry is a result from his creator adding it to his backstory. Since there never existed a Furniture Craftsman class in YGGDRASIL, he is able to apply it in the New World without any setbacks.[5]


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