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Court Council (宮廷貴族) is a group of various nobles who were once in-charge of administering the Baharuth Empire's governing body before the ascension of the Bloody Emperor.


Originally, at some point in time, the administration of the Baharuth Empire was supposed to be left in the hands of nobles who are tasked to manage it. Particularly, it was the intellectual kind of nobles who are well-off and educated. Each one of such nobles have been given a role respectively in the Court Council due to the background they hailed from.

However, due to the Bloody Emperor’s purge of numerous nobles within the group, the amount of officials and bureaucrats had been greatly reduced than they were before initially. Because of that change brought forth by the Bloody Emperor, they have suffered from a lack of manpower when carrying out their work.

For instance, it was said that the amount of work managed by the Council had only further increased for its current remaining members who have not yet become the next target of the purge.

Consequential as it may be for the Council, this could only be meant that the workload of everyone else involved with assisting Jircniv on the purge had increased explosively as well. In that regard, the Bloody Emperor himself was no exception to the change he had done to the group.


The Court Council was the original administration who governs the Baharuth Empire. Having a position in the Council allows a member to naturally have access to several benefits bestowed to them.

According to Jircniv, had he missed the chance, his authority to command the knights would have been stripped away from him by the nobles in the Council, and his father’s death would have been meaningless in the end.


Seats on the Court Council were entrusted to those who had been educated since birth to handle them. Otherwise, those with enough money can invent an appropriate reason to be awarded such responsibility.


  • Jircniv was the person who is heavily responsible for causing the Court Council to lose many of their nobles. They didn't suffered any massive member losses until Jircniv came into power as the Empire's Emperor.
  • Prior to Jircniv's purge, he noted how there were a lot of worthless nobles that are members of the Council.[1]


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