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Count Naüa is a noble from the Re-Estize Kingdom that rules the city of E-Naüru.


Count Naüa appears to be over forty. He had a tanned body and a scent that was more akin to that of waves crashing upon a skerry than that of a warrior’s. From the smell alone you could tell that he was a man whose life depended on the sea.

The top of his head was completely bald, but the sides and back of his head still had remnants from the lusciousness of his youth. He would try his best to comb them upwards to cover up the wasteland that is the top of his head. Though resembled a fisherman, his garment was that of a first-class noble’s; thus, one could easily distinguish his status.


The count appears to be somewhat incompetent, his leadership skills have much to be desired. His tone did not match his appearance at all and was generally undignified. Even when pressed against the wall with the threat of a battle, he had fanciful ideas that everything would be fine. He laments that he wished that the war with the Sorcerer Kingdom would have happened in five years from now, as then his son would have to be dealing with this. Though he can be quick-witted at times, he understands that running would not solve anything and thus refused to flee from hist city as his conscience would weigh heavy for those left behind.


Count Naüa’s lineage had been researching seafood for generations in order to secure the bragging rights that they had the best seafood in the entire Kingdom. He has four children; his wife gave birth to his eldest son and third son. While his concubine gave birth to his second son and eldest daughter.

For the last Annual Wars, the Count only sent some trusted subordinates along with his levy. Thus neither he nor his family participated and experience the traumatic Massacre at Katze Plains.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Count Naüa with adventurer Skama Herbelot observed the subsequent invasion force from of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Using his influence he called all magic casters from various organizations to participate in the defense of the city. While the noble was hopefully that they would survive this, Skama was more realistic and thought that the best strategy would be to run given that their opponent was the Sorcerer Kingdom. Though the count rejected the idea of running away. As they discussed from what they heard from a surviving baron and his family surrender would also be unlikely as the populace that were left behind were converted into zombies. This in mind the two came to realize the possibility that the Sorcerer Kingdom did not intend to allow any of the residents of the Kingdom to live. However, before they could go on they had to attend to their gathered forces who had noticed their absence. During a rally of his soldiers, Four Armaments and the Magic Caster Unit he promised to reward them with money and amazing rewards for participating in the war effort. Among the items that he offered was the Five Colors Holy Sword. He eventually got into an awkward conversation with Lilynette Piani, after he made a comment of wishing to make her his son's concubine. The perverted priest tried to sell him the idea of marrying her to his twelve-year-old son. Their conversation was brought to an end by Skama who diverted their attention to more serious concerns.[1]

Abilities and Powers

A noble, the count appears to have full control over his territory. Additionally, he was without any combat prowess.


Skama Herbelot

The two appear to be comfortable working with each other. Despite Skama looking down on his abilities, he doesn't hold it against her.

Lilynette Piani

The count was initially entranced by her looks and wanted to make her his eldest's son's concubine, however, after being exposed by her pedophile behavior, he had second thoughts. He grew more disturbed after she revealed how acquainted she was on the information on his youngest son.


  • Said family research produced a sauce, made by mixing soy sauce and honey, used to glaze over other ingredients. Heat had to be controlled precisely during the grilling process to prevent the sauce from burning. All of this accumulated into the creation of E-Naüru style grilled fish, a story that was quite widespread.
  • It was said that the Count’s eldest son was a suitable replacement for him, he was not as outstanding as his father. That said, there were people who believed that his son could gain a leg up on him with enough experience.


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