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Count Iselk (ズエルク伯) is a noble from the Re-Estize Kingdom.


No information on Iselk's appearance was given.


Given that he has ties to Eight Fingers which he uses to fulfill his bestial lust it can be assumed that he a highly corrupt noble.


Count Iselk is one of the backers of the Royalty Faction. However he also back Eight Fingers, funding several brothels as a front for a slave operation, which he uses for his own gain.[1]


Overlord First Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord First Half Arc

Climb, after his encounter with Sebas Tian reported to Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself of a slave ring operating under the guise of a brothel. Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and her party, reached out to the Thieves's Guild to gather information on the slave operation, learned that it was operated by Eight Fingers and in addition were backed by Count Iselk a member from the Royalty Faction. Knowing that openly moving troops against Eight Fingers would attract attention from the Nobility Faction and possibly cause a conflict and weaken the Royalty Faction. Renner then decided to rely on Blue Roses for this task.

Count Iselk however required further consideration, as even if his business was removed, someone would still take his place in the slave trafficking. If Iselk was brought to trial, it would bring a worse situation. All of his crimes would be revealed and he would be exposed as a member of the Royalty Faction. Seeing him as a necessary evil, Renner planned to pressure him into cooperation and silence. Understanding that they were short on numbers, she sought the aid from Elias Brandt Dale Raeven. Once Raeven was convinced to participate in the raid on Eight Fingers using his own adventurers, he suggested that they convince the Count to cut ties to his brothels. To ensure that he was cooperative he agreed to speak with the count.

Abilities and Powers[]

Count Iselk was a member of not only one of the nobility factions, but also had ties to the criminal underground. The Count did not have much authority, but he did have quite a number of soldiers. Adding on several connections, in total he was quite the influential. Ostracising such a man will cause cracks in the Royalty Faction.[2]


  • In the Web Novel Iselk is a named backer of Eight Fingers, whilst in the Light Novel several unnamed nobles are associated with the criminal group.
  • Count Iselk does not appear in the Light Novel, however the plot in Volume 5 in which Blue Roses launches raids on the brothel is the same. However there was mention of a Count that Zero decides to bribe in order to free Succulent.[3]


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