Count Granberg (グランブレグ伯) is a noble from the Baharuth Empire in the Web Novel.

Appearance Edit

Count Granberg had a fine figure and was a person who seemed to be a warrior.

Personality Edit

Count Granberg is said to have a warm smile on his face, however those that know him say he possesses another personality. Unlike the Five Great Nobles, he was more discreet in his actions as he knew full well that they would attempt to marry their daughters to the Archduke. He had no intention of fighting them, but decided to have his own daughter marry a subordinate of the Archduke to gain influence.

Background Edit

Count Granberg was a well known aristocrat in the Empire. After the war with the Kingdom, Count Granberg celebrated it as a victory.

Chronology Edit

Overlord Second Half Edit

Count Granberg was among several nobles that secretly met with General Ray to discuss the Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown. He congratulated Ray on his victory, and the two discussed the annexation of E-Rantel and the Archduke's effect on the nobles of the Empire. The main purpose of Granberg's meeting however was to offer his daughter'a hand in marriage to Ray.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Relationships Edit

Ray Edit

Count Granberg and Ray were noted to be familiar with each other. He offered his own daughter to be his wife.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of the seven nobles that Ray met, Count Granberg was the sixth person that congratulated Ray after the Massacre at Katze Plains.


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