Corpse Guardian (コープス・ガーディアン) is an undead summon of Ainz Ooal Gown in Mass for the Dead.


A hulking undead that seems to be a fusion of multiple skeletons. Its upper torso is comprised of several rib cages and six skull heads. On its right shoulder, it had a spiked ossified pauldron. Its upper limbs are asymmetrical as the right hand is skinny while the left is a massive four-fingered claw with a nail impaled at the center. The Corpse Guardian wears a tattered robe, that exposes his upper torso, while the bottom part is covered with multiple chains.


Corpse Guardian displays very little personality and mostly responds in groans. However, this appearance bellies his level of intelligence and is very loyal to Momonga. Willing to do the dirtiest tasks for his master and Nazarick.


Momonga hearing from a report that Cocytus is seeking to break through his limits and level with the aid of Prismatic Crystals. Knowing that it will be difficult for Cocytus to fight with worthy opponents, Momonga secretly prepares to play a role in holding a competition to raise Nazarick's overall strength.


Mass for the Dead Arc

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In an effort to strengthen Cocytus, who has been working with Demiurge to enhance his powers through Prismatic Crystals to break through the level cap, it was believed that he needed combat experience to complete the procedure. Thus Momonga created the Nazarick Fighting Tournament for this purpose. For the Nazarick Fighting Tournament, Momonga summons Corpse Guardian to act as a worthy opponent for the Floor Guardian Cocytus during the competition. He is introduced by Momonga near the end of the tournament, where many of the NPCs are astonished by his power. Corpse Guardian faces off against Cocytus and the Pleiades in the final round and is defeated.[1]

Abilities and Powers

An undead with warrior capabilities that can deal impressive damage. It is a massive undead composed of a collection of human bones, and its strength is comparable to the Floor Guardians. Its combat style uses a violent mix of power and speed.


  • Mass Grave Legion: It causes physical damage to all enemies and reduces speed.
  • Strong Slash: Deal physical damage to a single enemy.
  • Physical Enhancement (Medium): Increase physical attack power.
  • Quickness UP: Quickness improves.

Main Equipment

  • Halberd


Ainz Ooal Gown

Being a summon of Ainz Ooal Gown, Corpse Guardian is thus loyal to his master.


  • Corpse Guardian is the fifth new character from the game Mass for the Dead. He was added as an event character on December 9, 2019.[2]


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