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Continual Light Lamp is an item from the New World that can be used to light the user's dark surroundings.


The lamp was widely used, considering it is noted by Climb to be an expensive item sold and bought in various shops. Even if it was for light, illuminating something in a tower made of stone, with its poor air flow, was unsafe. That was why almost every room was provided with a magic light source like the lamp, despite the initial development costs. Villages did not possess the magical illumination of these type which could be found in cities.[1] For instance, the city of E-Rantel have several main roads that were lit by streetlamps made from [Continual Light] spells.[2]

People carry lamps with them to wander through the night. Either that, or the lamps tend to be hung at evenly-spaced intervals on the walls in dark places like a cave.[3]


This item seems to be in the form of a lamp.


After responding to the keyword for activating this lamp under the user's command, it can then illuminate the inside of the room with a white light. It is a magic item enchanted with the ‘Continual Light’ spell.[4]


  • Among the users of this magic item, Climb happens to be one of them.
  • Rather than using the lamps, E-Rantel's Cemetery was said to be lined with candles enchanted with [Continual Light] spells.


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