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Connelier (コネリエ) was a competition originating in the Karnassus City-State Alliance.


In the aftermath of the "Great Debate," the City-State Alliance was founded, ending the bloodshed between the cities. Even so, it was still difficult for everybody to abandon their predispositions towards each other. Though a century ago was the past for the races with shorter lifespans, to some of the longer-lived races it was still a recent memory.

For this reason, a quinquennial tournament was held as an outlet for those who still held a grudge from the past. The competition is held every five years with each of the twelve city-states in the alliance taking turns hosting the event. At the competition, there are sixteen events, but the most popular is the Connelier — or mock combat. It was also known colloquially as the Mutual Wallop.[1][2]

Purpose of the Connelier[]

The main purpose of the event is to resolve old disputes. Every city-state sent ten of its strongest fighters who would then fight the other combatants under the protection of the magic item known as the Standard of Peace. It was the most entertaining and flashy of the events and was quite popular among the populace. It had come to the point where the majority of the people felt that it was fine to miss out on all of the events except for this one. That was why a city could not allow even the slightest of errors to occur during this event.

Fifty years ago the city of Bebad hosted the event under the reign of Ri Berun Kabelia.

Forty years ago an undead was suspected to be present in the city of Oaknys during the Connelier. The resulting panic led to a riot that caused numerous casualties and the title of "The Organizer of Oaknys" became synonymous with incompetence. Though a screw-up on any of the events could incite anger, the Connelier was the single event where not even half a mistake was permitted.



Around the time of the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, the city of Bebad was scheduled to be the location of the event again, under the watch of Ri Kista Kabelia within four years time.