Compliance with Law is a World Champion Class equipment once owned by Touch Me.

Description Edit

Compliance with Law was Touch Me's personal armor. After he retired from playing YGGDRASIL, he passed it to Momonga. Momonga kept it instead of using it and treasured it in the Nazarick's Treasury, inside the most important room where the Avataras are stationed.

Appearance Edit

It's a shining white armor with a helm that has a huge sapphire embedded in its chest, radiating with pure and divine light.

Abilities Edit

The power of the armor is suited for a World Champion and surpasses that of a Divine Class item, rivaling even a Guild weapon. This armor is able to easily withstand a direct hit from Shalltear's Spuit Lance the moment Ainz equipped it in battle.[1]

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References Edit

  1. Overlord Volume 03 Chapter 5: Player Vs Non Player Character
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